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Kanjani8 Eightertainment Live Tour 2016-2017 Setlist

*since I'm highly dependant on concert setlists that past fans has posted on LJ whenever I watched their concerts I thought I would share eightertainment setlists for future fans* *im not sure what songs they sing during the studio session if anybody can help out that will be great*

-opening Yakuza VTR-
1. Noroshi (non-band)
2. Brulee
3. Rage
4. Ukiyo Odoborito
5. Panorama
6. TWL
-Eightranger VTR-
7. Eightranger theme
-Rangertainment (8ranger sketch)-
8. Ousama Clinic
9. the Light
10. Tsumi to Natsu
11. Gamushara koushinyoku
12. It's my soul
13. Nagurigaki Beat
14. I to U (accoustic version)
15. Itta Janaika (ska accoustic version)
16. Roller Coaster (accoustic version)
17. Hadaka
18. Steal Your Love
19. Black of Night
20. King of Otoko
21. Maemuki Scream
-Studio Session VTR -
23. Tokyoholic
24. Zou
-Ohkura's talk-
25. Noroshi (band version)
26. Zukkoke Otokomichi
27. Kyu jo show
28. Musekinin Hero
-Final Greeting-
29. Omoidama
30. Takoyaki in my Heart (final encore)

Accoustic Session blu ray extra:
1. Tsubusa ni koi
2. Baby Baby
3. Candy My Love
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