stulti (stulti) wrote in kanjani8,

Okura and Takahashis ANN


I have been kind of away from the fandom for some time, but fell hard again because, actually I'm not that sure.... but who doesn't fall for those idiots ^^

so now I try to get my files updated, sadly Okuras radio show is nowhere to be found and even youtube has only the 2017 episodes, but I realized I miss almost all from 2016 and half of 2015 (kind of weird since I have been away from the fandom only since mid 2016 oO)

does anyone know where I might be able to find Okura Radio show to dl or just to listen to?
I'd be eternally greatful ^^ it would be the best way to get through my flight to Osaka this year... 10h of Okura being weird (and a pit hentai) xD well and as much as I missed i might even have enough for next years flight
Tags: radio shows, requests

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