Abdul Rahman Abdullah (abdulraveman) wrote in kanjani8,
Abdul Rahman Abdullah

Coffee Break lyrics translated

performed by: Kanjani8
lyrics/composition: Shibutani Subaru
arrangement: Peach

If I
Can spend it with you
Wonder if
Anything will change

Beginning of a new day
In the morning I am still a little sleepy
A usual scent
Your scent.

Again today
As usual
A temporary flowing time
A usual time
Your time
Little by little
I’ll wake up
Open the window
The warmth of the sun
The wind is gentle
When with you

Ahhh how nice!
On the day I spent my morning
Work also continues
Ahhh how nice!
All I can forgive
Thanks to you

Let's take a breath
Lunch time
Working from the afternoon as well
But before that
A moment with you

Work is piling up more and more
Getting tired & sleepy before evening
Here once again
Your strength

The work ends
With friendly partners
Dinner time the best time
In the end as I expected
Asking for you.

We spend these days
I wonder when did we became adults
Before I knew it
Without you

Coffee Break*

*the official lyrics ends here, sans Yasu’s moaning and Ryo being forced to drink coffee, sad really i wanted to know what they said lol*

(lyrics were translated by my friend any mistakes or corrections are welcomed)

*edit* one of my tumblr followers has improved and added the 2nd part of the lyrics. if anybody is interested please do check it out its really good here https://hey8ter.tumblr.com/post/166157483851/abdulraveman-i-love-your-blog-thanks-to-you

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