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Nishikido Ryo "88 Things" - Genki Ga Deru Live Tour Pamphlet 2015 translated

Hi everyone. I'm sharing the translated Ryo interview "88 things" from the Genki concert's pamphlet. The pamphlet was translated by one of the moderators of romanesquesubs also known as Eryotic on twitter for Ryo's birthday last week. I'm sharing it here with her permission. Original thread of the translation can be found here and here .

*All credits to Eryotic. All annotations and comments are made by original poster (OP). The transcript below are word for word of the original translation thread. Disclaimer: the OP wishes to emphasize that this is merely a rough translation*

Hope everyone enjoys it as much as i did.

[Spoiler (click to open)]


Ryo birthday project: Translation of Ryo's '88 things' in
the Genki ga deru concert pamphlet (a thread)

(God help me)

Disclaimer: not 100% accurate, also doing this to practice -
also because I love that idiot (happy birthday NSKD!)

Q1: if u can go on a trip w/the members where do u want to go?
Ryo: Hawaii! Lots of stuff to do & people understand Japanese, we can have fun.

Q2: What's your 'must-eat' food before lives?
Ryo: Acai smoothie. I make it myself as soon as we arrive at a venue.

Q3: What club activity do you like for girls?
Ryo: Tennis. It has a "The" feeling doesn't it?! (laugh)

Q4: What's the 1st group/celeb you became a fan of?
Ryo: If we're going by "I REALLY like them!" - Red Hot Chili Peppers & Saito Kazuyoshi.

Q5: I want to have sex appeal. What's sex appeal for you?
Ryo: For me it's something that's not seen by the eye, like words, smell, voice...

Q6: What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't Kanjani8?
Ryo: Probably drifting around. Ideally, the same work my dad would be doing.

Q7: Do you ever recognize fans' faces?
Ryo: Yeah, we do, totally. We even give nicknames to some like "Hyoron" or "Mystery Writer"

Q8: Until when will you be an idol?
Ryo: Hmm, hard to say, I don't really think of us as idols but we'll be idols as long as we're called that.
(Q8 is SUPER rough translation orz)

Q9: What do you feel when you hear the audience do the "Eito call" before lives?
Ryo: Nervous (...) as expected, a good kind of nervous.(...)

Q10: What food do you want to eat when you have colds?
Ryo: Yakisoba.

Q11: W/c member becomes totally different when drinking?
Ryo: No one, really. We're all normally pretty weird anyway

Q12: Would you accept if Johnny says "YOU will be the next president!"?
Ryo: I'll say "I don't want to".

Q13: Do you look at audience's clothes or member colors?
Ryo: I used to look a lot before but someone'd be wearing yellow but carrying an "Ohkura" uchiwa or something so I don't
really think much of it now (laugh)

Q14: Do you ever need to go to the toilet in the middle of a
live? What do you do?
Ryo: I do. I go.

Q15: What kind of udon do you like?
Ryo: Bukkake udon, sanuki udon.

Q16: Please describe your home! (What color, etc)
Ryo: Wood. I've always liked wood so a lot of my furniture are wood.

Q17: If you were female what kind of work do you want to do?
Ryo: Cabin attendant

Q18: What's the first thing you do after going back to the dressing room after a live?
Ryo: I take a shower.

Q19: When members are together is there a time when it becomes quiet?
Ryo: I think so, esp when filming from day to night &everyone gets tired.

Q20: If you were a host, what would be your host name?
Ryo: Rikiya.

Q21: Are you happy right now?
Ryo: I don't know. I want to think I can be happier.

Q22: Which girl from Canjani do you like?
Ryo: No one.

Q23: What food/drink are you into right now?
Ryo: Acai smoothie. I buy unsweetened puree & add a banana, apple juice, berries, etc--
Ryo: I'm not drinking it because it's healthy or because it's stylish, I just find it delicious.

Q24: Is there a food you've managed to eat recently (*that you haven't before)
Ryo: I don't think so...the stuff I don't like, I still

Q25: How many hats/kinds of hats do you have?
Ryo: Around 40? Mostly caps.

Q26: How many plain white T-shirts do you have?
Ryo: Around 50. Sometimes I lose new ones. 50 in my room & there are dirty ones piled up(laugh)

Q27: What's the best set of clothes you have that you can count on?
Ryo: Tuxedo.

Q28: Won't you dye your hair brown or blonde anymore?
Ryo: Maybe not...it'd be embarrassing now if I do. I think I would for work, though.

Q29: What's your desktop wallpaper?
Ryo: Shunga (erotic art).

Q30: Which appliance do you like best?
Ryo: A/V selector and power amplifier.

Q31: W/c member do you meet with the most in private?
Ryo: I don't meet them.

Q32: What have you cooked recently?
Ryo: Nothing, for almost a year now. I know I keep saying this but it's just acai smoothie (laugh)

Q33: If you can only have either mayonnaise or karaage in this world, what would you choose?
Ryo: Mayonnaise.

Q34: Left or right eye, which is easier for winking?
Ryo: Left eye. Rather, I can only wink using my left one.

Q35: Pls teach me how you make banana juice the Ryo way!
Ryo: I've tried lots of ways but the best one is cutting the banana, cooling the pieces in a tupperware & adding milk & honey.
**apparently the banana should be unripe-ish, sorry for the mistake

Q36: What ingredient should definitely be there in hiyashi chuuka?
Ryo: Just ham, egg, and cucumber is fine with me.

Q37: Which part of your face do you like best?
Ryo: Eyelashes. (embarrassed) I'm told they're long...this question is embarrassing! (laugh)

Q38: "If this is said to me I'll be mad!" NG word is?
Ryo: Depends on the person...some can say anything to me but some are the opposite.

Q39: What makes you happy to be doing what you do now?
Ryo: Getting to meet lots of different people. I've passed by Tom Cruise & even got winked at by Beyoncé. When Red Hot Chili Peppers were on MStation I watched them rehearse & had a photo taken w/Chad Smith!


Q40: Why do you always rest your elbow on Yasu's shoulder?
Ryo: It's unintentional. Maybe because he's the right height for it (laugh)

Q41: Are you aware that you pose a lot with your thumbs out &arms folded?
Ryo: Yeah, everyone tells me that a lot. (pic for ref. LOL)

Q42: Which costume do you like the most out of all the ones you've worn?
Ryo: The black tights for "Itta Janai Ka".

(lmao you ass)

Q43: What's something a girl you like MUST have?
Ryo: Big breasts. Just kidding (laugh) if it's big I guess the eyes... nothing, really!

Q44: This question is from a male eighter & husband! What's your ideal female body size?
Ryo: From the top: 88, 58, 90! (34, 22, 35 in inches)

Q45: Tell us what's your best pick-up line!
Ryo: Why would I say that here! (laugh)

Q46: Have you cried recently in private?
Ryo: Hmm, no.

Q47: How do you look like when relaxing at home?
Ryo: I don't really think of changing my clothes, I just strip down to my underpants.

Q48: What's your recent most embarrassing moment?
Ryo: At a drama interview I came out riding a horse in kimono & chonmage, so embarrassing...

Q49: This year you said you wanted to gain weight, are you close to your ideal body now?
Ryo: I managed to gain but maybe just a little...

Q50: Your English is good, how do you study?
Ryo: Just by the people around me, friends of friends are foreigners so I get the chance to speak.

Q51: What's something that was requested of you that bothered you a lot?
Ryo: When I get told to act cool or do cool poses during photo shoots

Q52: What's a good way of finishing things right away?
Ryo: Going along w/the planned schedule. Picture it in your mind & do away w/useless stuff

Q53: Which role would you want to act as, villain or good person?
Ryo: Villain.


Q54: W/c drama/movie was the turning point for you as an actor?
Ryo: I wonder? I don't know myself, but when I go overseas people always tell me that they've seen 1 Litre of Tears or Last
Friends the most.

Q55: When do you think acting is fun?
Ryo: It's not. When filming is over & I think 'that was fun' it's because together w/other actors & all the staff we made this thing together, but I don't think acting itself is fun.

Q56: What kind of TV program would you do if you'd be doing one by yourself?
Ryo: I like "Makeover! Dramatic Before & After" (*TV asahi)--
Ryo: Going around houses kind of show. I like houses, so something like that. As expected I'd want to do something that interests me

Q57: What kind of drama/movie would you if you're the director?
Ryo: Road movie. Or like "Saw", creating a movie from a situation sounds fun.

Q58: Are you unable to do something/do you have setbacks?
Ryo: Either I don't think they're setbacks or I can't recall. I probably changed.

Q59: What's one of the best things for you since becoming Johnny’s?
Ryo: Being told by my parents "Ryo, you're doing great" when I appear on TV.

Q60: Have you ever had trouble because of your drooping eyes?
Ryo: Not really but--wait, are you making fun of me?! (laugh)

Q61: What's scary for you?
Ryo: Isn't it loneliness?

(awww but he chooses to be alone lmao ryo y u like dis)

Q62: Who would you not want to lose against?
Ryo: The Ryo of yesterday. (laugh)

Q63: Do you watch your own dramas/movies?
Ryo: I do. I watch for the sake of improving (*context) from now on.

Q64: My older brother is called Ryo, too. Will he be a kind older brother like you?
Ryo: I hope so (laugh). If you're a kind younger brother, I think he'll be a kind older brother, too.

(this was cuuuuuute)

Q65: What trait do you have that's 'third son'-like?
Ryo: Huh, thinking 'I'm really a third son'? Who thinks of that! (laugh) I don't notice.

Q66: Compared to your Jr days w/c point do you think you've grown?
Ryo: Coming to understand that I don't have power/ability
(rough trans orz)

Q67: Have you ever thought "I want to be this, I want to do this" in Kanjani?
Ryo: If just thinking about it, if I'm included then it's fine.

Q68: Do you ever think of releasing your own lyrics/composition as a Kanjani8 single?
Ryo: No. If someone requests of me I'll do my best but it won't come from me.

Q69: Tell us your favorite moment during Kanjani lives.
Ryo: During band sessions & at the last note everyone goes "ja-n!" w/the drums.

Q70: Are you practicing the saxophone? Will you play in the future?
Ryo: Secret! I can't say right now. (laugh)

(and he already did :D)

Q71: What do you think of Yoko, Subaru & Hina?
Ryo: Senpai, of course. Each are amusing & I get spoiled by them sometimes too (*rough trans)

Q72: Before when asked w/c member you'd be OK kissing you said 'Sho-chan',what's the deciding factor?
Ryo: I wouldn't really! (laugh) I had to answer at the time so I just said it, but I don't have a reason for it!

Q73: What is Ohkura Tadayoshi to you?
Ryo: What kind of question is this?! (laugh) Ohkura is Ohkura. I don't think he's like a younger brother or anything. On the contrary I think he's a very dependable person.

Q74: Are Maru's gags funny?
Ryo: It depends on the situation. (laugh). "It depends."** Yeah.

(**this was written in English lmao)

Q75: Which hairstyle of Subaru's is your favorite?
Ryo: Long hair. It's cool. I thought that if I can stand growing out my hair that long, it'd suit me too but I can't wait that long. I
probably just think it'd suit me but it won't.

Q76: Why are you so tough w/Yoko? Please answer honestly!
Ryo: I don't feel I'm tough w/him but because of his kindness I depend on him a lot.

Q77: Who's the most 'oniichan' (older brother)-like member?
Ryo: Yasu.

Q78: "I like this about Kanjani" point is?
Ryo: The mood, right? I think the mood in our dressing room is different from other groups. Noisy, jabbering on, and when we're loud we're really loud.

Q79: What's something you make the most out of recently?
Ryo: Time.

Q80: What are you looking forward to recently? Work, etc.
Ryo: Well today I finish work early so I was thinking I could meet a friend for dinner... what? We start early tomorrow?! ...and just like that I have nothing to look forward to (laugh)

Q81: What's your favorite musical instrument?
Ryo: Guitar.

Q82: What's something you're told that makes you happiest?
Ryo: "You work fast huh~"

Q83: What are you not good at?
Ryo: Loneliness, like eating bento alone at home.

(yet he spends a lot of time alone...SOMEONE HUG HIM)

Q84: Is it alright when Eighters call you "Dokkun"?
Ryo: Yeah it's totally fine, I don't mind.

Q85: What's your fetish?
Ryo: I always have a hard time answering this question but I noticed one recently. I really like it when I see that small gap next to the
little toe when a girl is wearing heels. I want to squeeze in there (laugh)


Q86: If you can ask anything from the members, who would you ask and what would you ask for?
Ryo: I'll ask for 1million yen from each member.

Q87: What's the most delicious ingredient you can put in banana juice?
Ryo: The smile of the person making it. It's more delicious when you make it in front of the person you're making it for!

(ahahaha you goober)

Q88: Is your hairstyle when you're pumped up with your bangs combed back?
Ryo: Nah, it's just easier (*that way). I get told a lot to style my hair with bangs but I just do what I want to do with it.


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