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Ryo’s Hitsuji No Ki Screening Report

Roppongi Hills February 13

He was gifted with 80 kg of premium rice from his cast and crew and his first reaction was “it wont explode, wont it?”. He cant wait to eat mentaiko with it.

UNITED CINEMAS canalcity13 Hakata February 11

The Director said that Ryo reminds him of young Tom Hanks but couldn’t remember which Tom Hanks movie but he said it was the Tom Hanks Mermaid movie XD (Splash 1984). Ryo subscribes to Amazon Prime

Toyama  February 10

Maru surprised him at the screening. When asked his impressions of Toyama. He said he was happy it wasn’t snowing heavily during the shoot, he loves the yakitori but thought Toyama’s black ramen was too salty. Likes eating Akiyoshi yakitori but prefers to eat it at the bar near the grill.

When asked if he believes in superstitions, he said he heard abt taboos such as hiding ur thumb when a hearse passes by or nvr cut your nails at night but he said he still cuts his nails at night anyways even though it was bad luck to do so lol.

Umeda  February 4

Ryo isn’t afraid of heights but if he felt dizzy he wont say anything.

The first scene with Matsuda Ryuhei was a car scene which they spent 4 hours in it. The only conversation they had during the whole time was Ryo asking Matsuda-san if the air conditioning hot or cold lol

Nagoya Bay City February 4

When asked for his experience with costars he said it was very cold at Mt Fuji. In their free time they would gather around the heater to warm up

Ryo was really happy to hear his costar Ichikawa Mikako loves watching Gomen ne Seishun and has it on her hard disk.

Toyosu February 3

Ryo has two weeks worth of dirty clothes stacked at home but since he still has 50 pairs of underwear, he wont clean it yet.

Roppongi Hills February 3

When ask if he moved to a city where no one knows him, what kind of work wants to do. He said he really wants to be a plasterer. He likes to watch craftsmanship videos on Youtube and wants to hone his craftsmanship that goes beyond his senpais at TOKIO

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