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15 April 2018 @ 08:46 pm
ANN 180314  
I decided to translate last night’s ANN anyway. Kura was working so hard to give a cheerful front to the fans who listen so I’d like to reciprocate his effort by translating this anyway.

Kura starts by congratulating Yu-kun who had safely ended his tour. He was sorry that he couldn't attend Yu-kun's tour though. He sounds tired and nasally but cheerful (?) XD;. Yu-kun started drinking alcohol again and is very happy about it lol. The wine that Kura gave to Yu-kun on Yu-kun's birthday last December, Yu-kun brought it to his tour final in Okinawa and drank it there XD.

Yu-kun was trying to ask about Kura's drama filming and said it's okay that he didn't come since he's busy but Kura quickly divert the conversation back to Yu-kun and asking him about his throat condition since he had such a long running tour. Yu-kun said surprisingly, his throat is not in pain at all even after he sang for three hours straight.

Kura wonders if it's a type of talent (no, he's just better at disciplining himself such as not smoking and drinking alcohol during tour, you ought to listen to him Kura =.=). Recently, he went to do song recording (Musekinin Hero and Osaka Romanesque) I think, and from the very first song, his voice is all raspy and gravelly. So he wonders if he has throat polyp. Yu-kun said it's probably due to him drinking the night before. Kura said he did drink a bit XD; but then even when he went karaoke-ing with his friends, he couldn't use his throat well and there seems to be a feeling of something stuck in his throat.

Yu-kun said that Kura did went for some check up previously right? Kura said he did but it was for allergy test. He haven't check his throat yet but he thinks it's probably due to laughing too much though lol. He did test for 200 types of allergens and found out that he is 5 times more allergic than the average to house dust and pine pollen (lmao. He'd be even more of a clean freak from then on).

So Yu-kun told him that the reason for his dry throat is probably due to his hay fever. He said people react differently to hay fever. Some has itchy eyes, runny nose while some would be coughing or getting fever due to it. Kura said before the result was shown to him, people around him asked him to check if he has hay fever because he keep on having runny nose but he evaded them and said that it's just a bit of colds. When he saw the result, he can do nothing but admit the truth to himself in tiny voice lol.

So since he has filmings right now, he finds it hard to control his runny nose and keeps on asking tissue from his make up artist XD Poor guy. He said he was embarrassed to finally realize that he has hay fever through lab check up and he's also embarrassed when he ask for tissue and asked to be spoiled by his make up artist XD;. But since pollen production change by month, he said that it seems that he's starting to get better since it's not pine pollen anymore (the next pollen season is cypress tree). But he said if someone told him that he has cypress tree pollen allergy too, his mind would just probably accept it since he's an idiot XD. He said his hay fever got a lot worse once he found out his allergy through the test.

Since he felt that he got a lot weaker once he did the test, he got pissed off and said it's probably better if he didn't find out about it. Through the report, Kura also found out that he's allergic to nuts especially almonds and bananas (XD Wow, that's.... unfortunate since he has a banana juice loving bandmate-Ryo XD). But between level 1 to 10, he's only level 1 allergic to them (so it's not life threatening/anaphylactic shock level, no worries guys). But then, the moment he found out about it, even when he knows the level is very low, he said he finds it hard to eat banana nowadays XD.

Oh! Yu-kun is allergic to wine! X'D But Kura gave him wine for his birthday lmao (Kura didn't know before this)! It makes his skin red. But since the allergy levels are still pretty low, Kura and Yu-kun said they are waiting for CM offer for stuff that they are even allergic to XDDD.

Oh apparently Yu-kun went drinking with Kura after he came back from Okinawa (pretty sure Kura had told him something then because Yu-kun is trying his damnedest to be really talkative and supportive today). And also! He's trying again to get his Dragon Ball game application back! He wrote official email to the company, still waiting for reply lmao!

Yu-kun's movie (Honey) has a scene where he got angry to Hirano Sho-kun. So Kura said, "As his sempai, I can't forgive you for that!" XDDD

Yu-kun was like, "Ey wait! During private time, not even once did I ever got angry with Hirano-kun!"

Kura said Yu-kun's type of person are the type of people who are most scary if they get angry (XD Like Yasu who grabbed Ryo's neck one time when he get angry XDD)

So then Yu-kun's point is that, his voice didn't get dry when he sing for 3 hours but he voice got dry when he had to retake the angry scene twice. So from then on, he took a lot of interest in actors who use their voices for various purposes such as acting, singing etc. So he asked Kura how did he do it.

Kura said he don't know since he's not an actor but an idol (XD;; My heart hurts when I hear that word for now. Also I wish they'd stop saying Monte Cristo as Monkuri!! XDDD;; It sounds like dirty jokes ffs! XDD) Kura said to stop using the word "Monkuri" XDD

Oh, Kura said he had to said the word "Monkuri kuri" for Mezamashi Janken! I wonder it was recorded for which day. Tomorrow?

Yu-kun: Do cockroach appear in Ohkura-kun's house?
Kura: They do!
Yu-kun: Eh!! Surprisingly!! (Since Kura's house is very clean)
Kura: It's so scary! There are times when I'm not home for a long time such as during tour season. I came back home and saw something like a dead cockroaches. I was like, "Uwaaaah!!!" when I saw it. But when I got closer, it's actually a living rhinoceros beetle!
Yu-kun: Eh?! Isn't that lucky pattern?! a rhinoceros beetle in Tokyo XDD
Kura: It's my younger brother's doing when he came to my house. (I think Kura asked his brother to help look at his house while he's away XD) He said it gave the room atmosphere and I scolded him and was like, "It was your fault!" I was so scared!!!

Yu-kun's parents home is pretty deep in the greenery and when Kura stays there, that was the first time he ever met stink bug (what a city boy XDD). Yu-kun then talked about how his parents came to his house last week and was surprised that there's absolutely no bugs at all in his home in Tokyo lol.

Kura: Wait, there's something that I want to ask. You told me last week that your parents came to your house in Tokyo and listened to ANN last week right?
Yu-kun: Yeah, I do.
Kura: I said so many dirty jokes last week... did... did they say anything about it (in small voice like a kid about to be scolded XD)
Yu-kun: Why are you suddenly concerned about it now? XD
Kura: I keep on thinking about that as I went home in the car last week! I was like "OMG!!!!"
Yu-kun: Dude, they listened to this radio every week man. They are used to this already
Kura: XD; Ah really! Thankfully! XDD Okay back to your bugs story XDD

So then lol, the bugs were on his parents clothes and all and so when they came to his house, the stink bugs came to Yu-kun's house too!

Kura: That sort of animal follows people around?!!

And Yu-kun is afraid of stink bugs! XD So then, those stink bug came and breed in all the tiny corners of Yu-kun's house now XDD

Kura: I'm pretty much a city boy so this conversation is pretty damn disgusting XDD;;

Yu-kun said he's a village boy and yet he's still annoyed by it and catch it when it pissed him off. Kura said that was so cool. Recently he saw a spider crawling next to him in the car. He goes into mental breakdown lmao and opened the car window and sits as far as possible from it while screaming his ass off XD. His friend then said, "Well, shall I catch it for you?" the friend then gentlyyyy hold the spider and swiftly let him out of the window and then shut the window. It makes Kura think, "How did I manage to live until now?" XDD. I got so embarrassed even when both of us are guys. It'd be even be more embarrassing since I couldn't do what that friend do if I were to be on a date.

Yu-kun said recently he helped his female staff catch a grasshopper in the room. The staff is then like, "Ah! You're okay with insects huh?" Yu-kun then felt like acting cool and said, "Yeah! I'm cool with any bugs!" But then the bugs bit him in the finger and he bleed so much! So the staff then got nervous once she saw blood coming out of Yu-kun's finger and Yu-kun said he lost his coolness factor lol. Yu-kun was like, "It hurts!!!! ;A;" and the staff was all nervous saying she's bringing the first aid kit and scold him by saying, "I told you it's better to leave it alone!" XD

Kura: That is why I hate those beings! I don't know what they are thinking! (lol what!) I hate insects and birds (lol so unfortunate when his nickname from Ryo is birdy (tori-chan))

Kura said once during variety show, he has to work with Pelican and no matter what they do, the Pelican got angry with him. But the director was like, "Please go to them again". From then on, Kura got traumatized and really hates birds lol. Kura said the only animals he believes in are cats and dogs XD. But during variety show works, Kura had to hold on and do it anyway. But there was one time when he had to have large snake curling around his neck (Canjani with Hina) and at that moment he felt like he reached his limits and was like, "Do I have to go this far even if I am a pro?" XD

So Yu-kun was introducing his song Pride and Yu-kun was carefully selecting his words (I think in order not to hurt Kura since it kinda represent Subaru's situation a bit XD;) in creation of the song where it represents his feelings of frustration where at the age of 30s, there's still some many things that he want to try and achieve. "So for those people who are working hard, and for those people who believes in their dreams, I'd like the words in this song to echo with them" (I think Kura talked to him about Shibuyan.....)

Call from a nurse who is in her third year of service and is currently at a dead end since she's struggling so much with her job (she's OT-operation theatre nurse). She's currently thinking about changing her career to a photographer. (This is where Kura had started to get a bit weird but he still laugh)

Kura: Business wise, I think it's better for you to continue your job as a nurse. It's a very important job to so many people and nurses are as little as in this nowadays. But, emotionally and personally, I think it's okay for you to do whatever your heart want. I think it's okay for you to do what you like, since we live only once.

Yu-kun: But then, if you were to pursue a new career, I'd like it to be due to the fact that you actually really found a new passion and dream and positively face it rather that just running away from your current career just because you find it hard.

Kura: Yeah, what would you do if you were to really change your path to a photographer and you find that there's so many hurdles and difficulties in that career? People who are not in the particular career wouldn't know what sort of hardship each people in a particular career face. All careers have their own difficulties. It could be as hard as your current career too.

Yu-kun: Yeah, it probably is even harder than your current career. And what you love may end up being something that you can no longer love because it's so hard.

Kura: Yeah, but if it really is what you really want to do, then I think it's okay for you to move on. I mean, Japan is a really strange country. Some other countries, it's pretty common for people to change/discover a new career after 2-3 years working 1 job. For Japan, well, it's one of it's wonderfulness too I think, the moment people get a job, they'd end up thinking that they have to stick to/be loyal to this career for their whole life. And it became an accepted norm here. But, well, I've been saying this a few times already (his voice starts to waver but still remain calm), so, I think it's okay for you to pursue what you want to try doing. Even for parents, sometimes they told their grown up children that they want to give it a try to something new even when they reach that age. "Do whatever you want to try doing" is a very cool sort of education to the child. But for me, your career as a nurse is a really wonderful career. We are really grateful to nurses you know? It's a live saving career after all.

Yu-kun: Whether you want to pursue a new career or to stick to the current career, we won't stop you and will support you. But personally, we wish that you'd be able to find a reason or a passion that makes you stick to your current job.

(I have a feeling that Yu-kun and Kura is trying to convey the message to someone else other than the caller.....)

So Yu-kun read a mail from person who lives in Kumamoto (and at this point, it's obvious that Kura is exaggerating his cheerfulness). The writer said that at that time, she was full of worries about the earthquake of her hometown (2016). At that time, she discovered ANN, and it makes her found hope and light again. At that time, she can only see darkness in front of her and have nothing else but worries but when she heard Ohkura-kun's laughing voice, she felt that her world start to be bright again. From then on, she listen to ANN every week, and slowly her life starts to gain a sense of normalcy again. While studying, she listened to ANN every week and thanks to that, she had managed to enter the university that she wanted. Now she's a second year university student but ANN still gave so much cheerfulness to her. Every week, ANN will be her charging point for her to work hard for another week and she'd look forward to another week of recharging from listening to ANN again. Each week, she laughs a lot when she listen to ANN and she's thankful to Ohkura and Yu-kun for giving her the ability to laugh.

Kura: No, no, I am the one who should be thankful.
Yu-kun: This is the type of messages that saves us. Seriously.

Kura: When we were told this sort of thing, it makes me feel that there's a meaning/significance to this work and feel that it's meaningful to do this job.

Yu-kun: Well, well, listening to the previous call and then this, it makes us feel heated up right?

Kura: Yeah. Listening to this, it makes me feel like I must go on and work hard. Well, there's a lot of things happening, and in work and in life, there's a lot of painful things. I think everyone have felt the feeling of "I want to quit", even me (summary: 2011 earthquake- Kura had actually seriously considered quitting at that time as he suffered from earthquake PTSD claustrophobia. He suffered from it when he was a kid for 10 years and it came back in 2011. It got so bad that he end up staying at Hina's house for a few months in order to never be alone. He confessed about it in 2014's radio show). But when I got told stuff like what the letter said, it become a source of power and energy to me. And I think it's because of this that I could go on doing this job now (he's starting to sound really wavery from here on). It gave me an encouragement. For what happened in Kumamoto and Tohoku (earthquake disaster area), back then, there are things that I wanted to say and I want to convey, but I am in no position to say anything yet at that time. So right now, receiving this mail made me really happy (He started to cry from this part but tries to hold back). So, yeah, I want to go on making people feel that way from now on too (helping them laugh through difficulties). So, even me, and of course everyone else, we all have our insecurity and anxieties. So for all the people who from now on are going to face even more anxieties, uncertainties and insecurities, I really want to convey and say something that is I want them to face life head on and positively. So I want to convey it through this song, "Kanjani8's LIFE~ me no mae no mukou ee" (stutters)


(He tried hard to be cheerful again. XD; I really want to give this boy a hug for trying so hard)

Kura: So.... for Kanjani's announcement (usually he'd talk about upcoming tour and releases), please check at our website (So he was already hinting about today). As for drama, it's about to start on 19th of April! So please have a look at it.

He distracts himself by talking about the drama and the script writer didn't even write funny things today other than "Monte KuriKuri" XD. Yu-kun keep on teasing Kura with "Monte KuriKuri" (apparently said by Dean-san who is in the same agency as Yu-kun.) Kura was then like, "Stop teasing! He's from the same agency as you right??" XD

Yu-kun then asked Kura to do PR for Yu-kun's goods XD. He made Kura laugh. He gave Kura the goods. End. Thank you so much Yu-kun. I'm sure you're such a strong stone for Kura to hold on tonight. I'm really grateful to you. <3
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mayezinha on April 15th, 2018 01:10 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much for your summary! And poor Kura, even when we weren't able to see his face, he really did his best in a live radio show.

kirakirahoshi on April 15th, 2018 03:47 pm (UTC)

Thanks so much for translating the show! Honestly, I am still loss for words. I don’t know how to put my feelings into words, and am sure many Eighters feel the same. But, I believe that Subaru-kun has considered many things before making this tough decision. From now on, let’s support both Kanjani 8 and Subaru-kun 🙏

itsfanfiction on April 15th, 2018 04:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your summary
Tatsu really tried his best to suppress his sadness and entertained the audiences.
Subaru has made the gr8est decision
Let's support 6+1 members till the end
sonia_san on April 15th, 2018 05:00 pm (UTC)
Thank u so much for translating!
heart283 on April 15th, 2018 07:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing your translation of ANN. I appreciate your time and effort. Must have been so hard for Ohkura. Glad he had Yu-kun in person there!