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ANN 180421

ANN starts with a letter from a fan whose both parents and she are all eighters. Her mother who usually works up from day time to night time, who wakes up early in the morning to prepare their breakfasts, prepare their bento, do their laundry, who each year, the whole family goes to eito con each year. Her parents both supports eito and thanks to that, both of her parents are very close. Her mother is Subaru-kun’s fan. When her mother saw the press con, she was crying so hard that it makes the daughter wonder if there’s that much of tears in human. She had never seen her mother cry before and so she didn’t know what to do. But from now on, her whole family will always support 6 members eito and Subaru-kun too.

Kura: I’m really thankful. Right now there’s probably many conflicting feelings. And this is the first radio show after the press conference, so I was wondering about what I should do. Also, what will happen from now on, nobody knows it yet. But it’s not like we’re a group where nothing happens before. Now we work as a member of 7 persons but we were originally a 8 person group. A lot of things happen and this member named Uchi Hiroki left. But well, I can only talk about it now but we initially thought that he’d come back, and so we left the position open for him to come back (even in 2006’s activities, you can see an Uchi shaped space left by eito). But then he had his comeback concert, and when we saw it, we realize that there’s no ‘us’. It’s not exactly due to that but at that time we figured out that Uchi is going to move on alone. So we come to an united conclusion that we’ll move on as 7 person group. And it’s not like we forgot about Uchi.

And now, it’s Subaru-kun. Subaru of course knew and experienced well enough about this and yet he still come to this conclusion. So it’s not like we’d ever forget about Subaru-kun, and of course there’s people who watch us in the first place because of Subaru-kun and there’s a probability that it will always be that way too but it’s not like it’s necessary to erase it. It’s not like he disappeared for us too. There’d be moments when, “Ah… this is the part where he sang” for us too.

For us, this is a really big incident too. Recently, we were working together with SkaPara-san (Tokyo Ska Paradise) for Musekinin Hero and we made a big mail group with around 15 members in it. We didn’t tell SkaPara-san about this but (when it got revealed?) we received a mail from Yanaka-san. He said, there’s a lot of things had happened too in the 29 years of SkaPara’s formation. SkaPara-san said, “We too had experienced situations where 1 members quit and at that time, it was so painful that you feel you could die. But now, we are enjoying ourselves so much. So, if you have the feeling and mentality of, “Let’s enjoy this!”, we believe that definitely there’s a joyful roads ahead waiting for both of you (eito and Subaru-kun).”
Since I received the letter from someone who had such experience, I feel calmed. So, like, before we revealed it to the public, and even during the interview itself, there’s part of things that I could not come to an understanding, and the same probably goes for the members, and when I see the video of the press conference, I thought to myself, “I’m such a child! What’s with that comment and that attitude?!” but then, I realize all over again that I’m incapable of lying. And from now on, I don’t want to lie too. Of course, we do have ties of obligations too (where they couldn’t say things before the right time to talk about it), but the feeling of wanting to convey the truth to all has never changed. And that was the feeling of all Kanjani8’s members too. All of us believe that we should tell the truth to the fans from our own mouth so it becomes like that (the press conference with all members).

After that (press conference), after we talked about a lot of things, I feel relieved. It feels like, this is how we move on from here and the same goes for Shibutani-san too. Since this had happened, there’s nothing else we could do but move forward. Well, saying “I’m relieved” right now is probably an exaggeration, but, well yeah. If he has a dream that he wants to achieve….. Well, you know, I think it’s the same for you too, like initially when we have this dream that we have yet to achieve, a lot of people who worried for us were against us right?

Yu-kun: Well yeah, since we were always told that the probability of succeeding is low and there’s a lot of hardships to that road too.

Kura: The same goes for our parents and our friends too. In the midst of the words from those people who worried for us, we were still very determined and say, “No, I will try to achieve it anyway.”. Like for my parents, my dad told me to “Chase your dreams” while my mom told me to “Be realistic”. There are two conflicting opinions like that but eventually, my dad’s words echo stronger with me and I choose to go for my dreams. So right now, Subaru-kun is in the midst of that situation. Right now, I’m sure he’s feeling alone and lonely since he chooses to move alone. But, well, it’s not for me to say and I’m probably being wilful by saying this, but I hope that guy could be like that too (chase the dreams no matter what others said). But, now, after a few days passed, what felt the strongest to me was that, it’s okay, isn’t it a good thing to chase after your dreams? And in the end it makes me look back at how I used to be (Juniors days). Back then, I was that determined too. But for us, the 6 of us without Subaru-kun, of course, definitely, we must carry on forward. And on top of that, we definitely didn’t want people to end up thing, “Ah, since Subaru-kun had left….”.

And also, he is the main vocal after all. So, we must have the feeling of we would be able to overcome that as a group in the first place. Of course, since we had solidified into a form of a 7 members group, when one person left, there’d parts where it crumbles apart but there’s parts that comes together and unite too. The physical form was tattered but the feeling of “We must do this!” this time around is much more different than any other time before. So in terms of that, I’m thankful to that guy. Also, we need to look forward to the upcoming tour too.

Also, it’s not like it’s immediately the end. So his activities from now on (as Johnny’s), I would like you all to watch over him till the last day too. So, “What should I say today?” I was thinking a lot about that. But I can’t say what I don’t feel. Right now, everybody’s feeling is not settled yet. The same goes for me too. However, whether I like it or not, I need to settle down my feelings. The biggest thing for me is that, that person is striving towards his dreams, so I must think that we could not be defeated by that person too. Right now, there’s a lot of people who feel sorrowful but well, we too feel the same amount of loneliness and sadness too. But, I think we become more positive too.

Also, from now on, we appear on tv too. And I guess a lot of people think that, “Ah, this is probably what he was thinking at this time…”. But for us, we think of “Let’s enjoy this!” as we do our job. I guess it’d be weird if I asked you all to watch us with joy but I hope you can watch us normally, as usual and naturally.

Yu-kun: I feel relieved when I hear you say that. Since you have your obligation as your job is an idol who conveys hope and smile to the fans, I was worrying if you can’t express that you are suffering since you works hard to convey that hope and smile. You’re an idol but you’re human too, either Ohkura-kun and also the rest of the members. So, you guys must be thinking of a lot of things too. So, I worry if you had been eating well, if you had been sleeping well… (especially since Kura had lost a lot of weight and often have dark circles/puffy eyed under his eyes recently). For me as another human who loves Kanjani8 too, when I hear Ohkura-kun confess honestly that you’re feeling the loneliness right now too, it makes me feel relieved.

Kura: I think, everyone has different ways of expressing it. It’s not like I’m speaking for all of the members but for me, this is how I feel. But I think, everyone feel the same way. But I do regret that I couldn’t be more mature and adult about a lot of things.

Yu-kun: Well, I’m not trying to say pretty words but for me and I think for everyone too, if Ohkura-kun feels the same amount of loneliness and suffering too, and it can’t be helped too, but of course everyone wanted to support the future of both of you (eito and Subaru-kun) too, but since you said you didn’t want to lie about feeling lonely, so for Ohkura-kun, for listeners right now and for me too, within this current/stream of time, let’s together overcome this and this feeling of loneliness, until the day it change to a different feeling, let’s watch over each other forever.

Kura: I’m thankful. Right now, I can say nothing but this. No matter what I say, everybody will have different feelings about this. It’s not like this feeling will ever be any easier, and it’s not something that can be settled with time, and it’s not like we could pretend that this never happen and it’s not like we could stay this way too. But, that person who had always been a very precious person…. It’s not like he die XD;;. And like what Ryo-chan said, it’s not like we would never hear that person’s singing anymore too. But, you know how it is when somebody precious to you who had always been by your side is gone from your life, it’s not like the person becomes 0, that person will always be within you, a part of you. It’s that kind of feeling. So from now on too….. hmmm, right now, we couldn’t even say out, “We can do nothing but work hard…”

When we (recently) gather, we talk, we paused…. And *sigh* and we said, “Let’s just try to work hard…” and we felt like, we came back to a start point again. Right now, we’re not sure where we should head to and we don’t know yet what we should aim for. But I just feel, “Let’s work hard!” For me, it’s like my feeling is being reset back to 0 again. And I think it’s the same for Subaru-kun. From now on, it’s a RESTART for both of us. I said that he made a selfish decision, but right now, I strongly hope that everyone could support both of us (eito & Subaru-kun). Of course, right now, there’s a lot of minus and negative feelings but I hope even with all that, we could find the plus too.

So with that, well, I’ve been playing this for a few weeks in a row (3 weeks in a row before the announcement actually. Of course it’s for eighter too, but it probably more towards telling himself that they will be alright :’)), but I really think that this song suits us really well, so this week, I’m playing this song too, LIFE~ me no mae no mukou ee.

So after the song, ANN goes to special corner. Kura tries hard to be cheerful. :’) Aish, this guy… but he was coughing after that. XD;; I guess the hay fever got worse instead of better. How could we not worry about you when you’re like this? XD;;
Kura revealed dirty jokes talk with Arai Hirofumi-san (Kura’s Monte Cristo co-actor) XD;; And righttt after that Yu-kun told Kura that he watched Monte Cristo. What a timing!!! XD;;

Kura: Eh, like, I’m sorry!
Yu-kun: Why are you apologizing?!
Kura: Eh, um, thank you, I’m happy!
Yu-kun: I have high expectations for it and I really enjoyed watching it!
Kura: I’m really thankful. And definitely, the director, the staffs, the directors, they were all really wonderful. It’s a really good team And I’m really happy that I get to be in the midst of that.
Yu-kun: There’s so much happenings too in the first episode!
Kura: There’s a lot of people who are suffering right? (In that episode)
Yu-kun: Yeah, and every character introduction and expression was done with fine details. Like for example, Ohkura-san’s expression of suffering, and also that moment when you slammed down your beer and said, “We’re (Sumire and I) not like that!!” (Way to go Yu-kun! You even memorized Kura’s lines, what is this bromance XDD) and I was like, “Ah, that seems to be the turning point”
Kura: I look forward to when the revenge starts too.
Yu-kun: I’m really looking forward to the next episode!
Kura: Thank you for talking so much about the drama. I’m sorry too XD;; (Whyyy is he sorry?? He said it twice already XD;;)

Kura said right now they had filmed up to the third episode and indeed, the content of the story is very deep. It’s the storyline that I had never seen in dramas before and when I read the script, I think, “It’s (The storyline) is so alive!” It’s more similar to foreign dramas storyline and I was surprised that it could go that far. And I think that I’m really happy to be able to be in a team that took this much of challenge! Kura said he watched the drama real time and when he see Dean-san’s scene with the mouse, he couldn’t sleep after that (XD This neat freak lol).

Kura: But I often become like this (unable to sleep) after I watch action and horror dramas since I love it so much. So when I become that way (after watching a drama that I’m a part of) I think, this is so cool! And I think, we created a really good production. So, I’m really ask for your help (the audience), please do watch it!

Yu-kun: It’s be something to look forward to once a week for all those people who had been working hard.

Kura: If it becomes something that makes people look forward to the week, it’d be really nice. Right now, I’m in the constant cycle of being awake and being asleep (without realizing it). And the staffs are like, “Ohkura-san, your part is coming soon!!” and I was like, “Ahh!!” XDD and dreams and reality are getting mixed up right now XD;.

Yu-kun: Ah, it’s like that?? XDD

Kura: Without realizing it I accidentally fall asleep. Since I’m not used to waking up early XD. But well, what I’m trying to say is that if people look forward to it, then it becomes my motivation! Like, there was a time for me when I think that this is really so painful (during filming).

Yu-kun: Ah, waking up early?

Kura: That… and a few other stuffs XD;. There are times when I go, “Ahh…. I couldn’t be like this!” and if people look forward to it, then it really is a source of encouragement to me.

Kura said that each scenes, he think of it as “This is my last filming scene” as a motivation to give his best. And it makes him gives his all. And he was like, “I need to do this, I can’t be embarrassed!”

Yu-kun said he learned a lot from Kura’s facial expression when Yukio saw Dan and Sumire making out at the beach lmao! Kura said, he was like, “Why I must watch this??! I want to be the person at that side!” when he took that scene XD (OI! Don’t ruin the sadness of that scene for me! Now I’ll be laughing when I see that!!).

Yu-kun: That will be a matter of changing role altogether!! XDD And also the scene where everyone is having fun at the wedding and you alone were sad.

Yu-kun said as the tour has ended. He took the chance to be relaxed and eat out alone. Yu-kun said he wanted to invite Kura out but he knows Kura is busy. Kura said he’d go if Yu-kun invite him, it sounds lonely to him when Yu-kun went eating out alone after the tour.

Lmao, dirty talk again!

Yu-kun says it requires courage to buy porn book and Kura says he naturally buy it without thinking much. It’s like buying comics he said XDD

Yu-kun bought porn book, gratin and juice.

Kura: ….. why? XD??

Director-san why you play Yu-kun’s PRIDE right after that porn book talk?! My feelings are all messed up now! XDDD

So the first caller is from Aomori and so both her and Yu-kun are from Tohoku. Their Tohoku slang comes out and Kura was like, “Your slang are all out. Shall I leave the two of you to talk alone?! XDD”

She couldn’t get a boyfriend at all and she didn’t know why. Kura said he knew the feeling because when he first entered junior high school, he couldn’t make any friend at all within the first 6 months of schooling (You see how much this guy is afraid of strangers?! XDD). And when he looked back, he realized that it was due to him who created a wall that prevents people from entering his life and coming close to him. But at that time, he couldn’t understand why everyone around him are already friends with each other and why he couldn’t be in that circle.

Kura said he likes girls who’s plump XD.

The girl choose Flowers Company song and Kura said he really loves the song too.

LMAO! The second caller is talking degree in English which is the same course as what Yu-kun took and when Kura asked him to talk with her in English it was, “Yo what’s up? How are you?” and “I’m fine thank you!” and Kura was like, isn’t that school level English? Yu-kun said since it had been a lot time since he graduated, he forgot already XD.

She lost her phone. Kura got reminded of the time when he got drunk at Shippu Rondo filming location. He drink every night after the filming there and lost his phone the next morning and found out that his hard, cold phone hidden under the snow that the staffs help him shovel XD (He talked about this before). He was like “Where’s my phone~ Where’s my phone~” in a rhythm lol. And he was like, “I’m sorry! I lost my phone…. (;A;)” to his manager XD. He thank the staff who shovel the snow and as he put the phone next to his bed at night, he was like, “I’m so sorry…” to the phone XDD.

The girl lost her key too so Kura was like, “Ah, you’re type of person? Yokoyama-kun type of person?” XDD What’s the bet that Yoko is listening and is ready to smack Kura XD (I oddly have a feeling that a few members are listening to Kura radio tonight (Maru did say he listen to ANN before). Especially with his way too honest mouth in this emotional time XD;)

Kura said he talked about people like that but he’s like that too. He had to search for his phone every morning. He sometimes found it on top of his closet XDD. It’s not like he could miss call his phone so he panics alone while going “Where’s my phone~ where’s my phone~ah here it is!!” as he search for it. It sounds like a song already lmao! And when he found it he was like, “Gawd, I’m so dumb!” XD.

Yu-kun said he often search for his glasses even when he’s already wearing it lol (I understand! XDD)


Next week they will play for the first time Musekinin Hero Gr8est version where they made collaborations with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Kura said it was a very precious session with Tokyo Ska Paradise who had been supporting eito emotionally and mentally.

Kura: Yeah well, as long as we are alive, a lot of things bound to happen right?
Yu-kun: A lot of things will happen!
Kura: From now on, a lot of things are bound to happen too, even for both of us.
Yu-kun: A lot of things are bound to happen but we will protect each other nonetheless. No matter what happened
Kura: You’re right… it’s be nice if we live protecting each other as things continue to happen, the same goes for the listener too. Otake Shinobu-san messaged me with, “You’ll get through it somehow (Nantoka naru yo)” It was a nice words and coming from Otake Shinobu-san (who many things had happened to her too and I think she messaged that while listening to ANN tonight), make me feel that, yes, I can go through it
Yu-kun: It gave you confidence and also makes you feel lighter too.
Kura: It indeed made my heart lighter. So now, it’s the timing for us to start all over again so I’d like to think, “Well get it through somehow”. So, let’s work hard together!
Yu-kun: Yeah, let’s continue on talking about all sorts of things here (ANN) too

I think it’s been a long time since I heard Yu-kun and Kura say “Good night” so lightheartedly. X3 Somehow listening to ANN tonight makes me feel much, much lighter. We couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened and we couldn’t pretend that we could push things aside and let it settle itself but I think it’s a good thing to accept the sadness and the loneliness as accepting is a step towards overcoming it. Like what Kura said the sadness may never fade away but let’s work hard and like what Otake-san said, “You’ll get through it somehow” <3
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