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List of Kanjani8 CHRONICLE episodes

I'm an old-new fan of Kanjani8, and a very new fan of Kanjani8 Chronicle.

After hearing Subaru's departure, it brought me back to this old LJ account of mine and am touched seeing the J-Ent communities are still well and alive here.

With that said, thanks to this community, hitorik & tat_chan91 sharing all the Chronicle vault, I found myself watching all 155 episodes in just 5 days. Because the show produce different segments every week, it was kinda confusing for me when I wanted to find that episode and search for that particular corner.
Since I couldn't find any masterlist out there (if there were do let me know), I ended up writing one myself :p

The list is here if you guys are interested:
Chronicles of 関ジャニ∞クロニクル

This sheet is for View only. But do let me know if there's any error here and there, and will try my best to keep up to date with it. If else, do nudge me, if you like to add in more details yourself <3

*Updated until 2019-Jan-26th - Terrace House fan may recognize today's guest
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