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I was giving my best rewriting Kura's words but at the same time trying to not be rude to Jweb. But I feel like I need to get Kura's heartfelt request to be spread out to as much ppl as possible. As a fan, this is the only thing I could do to help him 💚 (;A;)

A letter from Ohkura Tadayoshi to people who didn’t follow the rules

He said he wrote this after weighing the pros and cons of the matter. He’s aware that their work is to be in the media, public figures that are under scrutiny all the time. And he’s very aware of this thing so called, “The price of fame”

Their work makes their schedule very visible to all fans especially in matters of participating in a tv program (fanclub sends letter asking if you want to join to be audience) and each time there’s plenty of ppl waiting for them at tv stations & airports.

However, some of the fans are so obsessive that they cause public nuisance to other people, shove things into eito members bags and grab their arms. Kura confessed that the self centered behaviour is starting to cause him emotional stress. He’s not sure if he could continue putting up with it.

Once he was eating out with a friend and at the table next to him, he saw a familiar face that always follow him at the station and at airport. He’s asking if it’s okay for a woman to stalk a man and do man really have to put up with it and had it been a man who do that, it’d be considered as a crime.

He’d like his feelings to be understood. Right now, he says the only ones who knows how he feels are his members. He know this is a price as a celebrity and he think he should just ignore it but he finds himself unable to stay quiet about it anymore and so he’s writing this down in order to find some relief. He feels that this stress had been killing him and it had been told to him that illnesses with unknown causes are majorly caused by stress.

Each time he has to go for Janiben filming in Osaka, he’d always get extremely depressed the day before he has to fly in Osaka. He could only think of the stalking and he honestly didn’t want to go because he’s getting scared.

But he thinks of the staffs who are waiting for him and making sure that he’d enjoy a filming that is comfortable and safe. He thinks of the fans who follows the rule and waiting for them and he has nothing but thankfulness for those fans. That is why he’s frustrated because he feel bad for the fans who come to see him while following the rule if he didn’t go. He didn’t want to let them down.

He gave up on creation of a law and is thinking if being “a normal person” might help him get away from the stalkers, then he’s thinking it might be easier to just be a normal person already.

He confessed that he’s at the end of his rope already.


Please spread this 'letter' as much as possible not only to eighters but to all J&A fans. If the idols quit because they have different dreams and ambitions now, it's sad but it's easier and less painful to let them go that way instead if them quitting or doing self harm due to FANS themselves destroying the idols with their behaviours.
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