halfway to the sky (tillaire) wrote in kanjani8,
halfway to the sky

Old Radio Uploads

I found so many Kanjani8 radio shows in kj8er clubbox. ^_^ There's more than 400 of them so far! It's so hard to find radios so I was so excited when I saw these! Obviously I can't download them all, but I wanted to download some of the older ones with Uchi in them since I've never heard him in a radio show before. And then I just randomly downloaded some more with other members in them. So far I've tried downloading mostly Kikujani∞, but they have Recomen, Kanjani Tsushin and many others from when the guys go guest on other radio shows.

Anyway, please spread the word about this clubbox because the more people who are downloading, the faster our downloads will go! I've uploaded the ones I've downloaded.

I've added a couple more uploads.

( Kanjani8 radios here! )

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