abdulraveman wrote in kanjani8

Dorobou Yakusha (2017) & Hitsuji no Ki (2018) softsubs

Hi there! I found soft-subs for Maru's movie Dorobou Yakusha and Ryo's movie Hitsuji no Ki. These are neither my subs nor do I claim any credit for them, but i wanted to share them in case anyone in the community were looking for them.

  1. Dorobou Yakusha's soft-subs were made by @TL_SkewedS All credits to @TL_SkewedS
  2. Hitsuji no Ki's soft-subs were made by @EricParoissien All credits to @EricParoissien 

Dorobou Yakusha 

softsubs: here

raws: here

Hitsuji no Ki

softsubs: here

raws: here


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