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Segodon (2018) Raw & softsubs

Hi everyone i'm sharing the links of Segodon the 2018 Taiga drama where Ryo was cast as Saigo Shingo (later Saigo Judo) the younger brother of the lead character Saigo Takamori (played by Suzuki Ryohei) if anybody is interested.

Ryo appeared in 22 episodes overall. If you're only interested in the episodes where Ryo appeared in, then the episodes he appeared are episode 1, episdoe 22, episode 23, episode 25-28, episode 30, episode 34-47 (end)

Disclaimer: Neither raw files or the softsubs are mine. I'm only sharing the links. Do not claim them as your own. Please credit them if you used them in any capacity

If anybody wishes to mirror them, please do. It'll help us a lot!

Raw Files (mega) by leeyj80; click the segodon tag to view all episodes


soft subs by Avallac'h at d-addicts (requires a d-addict account)



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