minacchi wrote in kanjani8

Looking for Juugosai concert ticket for Tokyo

Hi, fellow Eighters~ =)

I will be in Tokyo on September 1-4, and I'm really hoping that I could watch any one of the September 1-3 Tokyo shows.

This may be my last chance/attempt to watch an Eito concert ='(((, so if you have an extra ticket you could sell or if you know of someone who does, please do help a fellow fangirl out m(_ _)m

I was able to attend Genki ga deru LIVE and Eightertainment before through ticket.co.jp and the help of a ticketing service, but it seems like things got harder nowadays because of the new electronic ticketing system, so if you have any  info/tips on how to go about it, I would also greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you! =)


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