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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 21 to 30

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 10/25 vol 21:

(15sai) BOY's secret
Do you know that there's individual differences and different parts of their body?

Kurasumasu 10/25 vol 22:

Kyanjani-chan's secret:
It takes 2 hours to do their make up

Kurasumasu 10/25 vol 23

Let's take a bath
Not the shower kind but occasionally let's soak in the hot tub
Adding the bath salt, while humming under one's breath, stroking the left foot.
Rising from the bath tub, use an expensive face mask tonight

Because it had been one good day~
After stretching the body, once entering the futon,
thinking of may I meet the handsome guy at my workplace in my dream
Good night, all the people of the earth


Kurasumasu 10/25 Vol 24:

It had gotten colder right?

(Pic of his Kanjanizm blanket!)

Kurasumasu 10/26 vol 25:

Here is more or less, generally a closed place so it's fun!
Feel like I'm having fun with my inner circle (of friends/family) lol
Speaking of which, it'd be nice if this place could be a new SNS platform for Johnny's fans!
For me, I cant continue with this (jweb corner) for a long time
If I'm drunk, I feel like I'm likely gonna say strange thing
So I'm never going to create a SNS account
There's advantages too to not create a SNS account
Because I have my own personal opinions and ideals
And so let's make this a place
to make dreams come true!


Kurasumasu 10/26 vol 26:

A new record of chaos In one day, 24 posts
It's one hell of a new record
I'm calming down lol
I had fun with the comments!
You wont give strange comments right?
You cant!
Ohkura-kun will feel hurt.
If it's funny, there may be reactions
A cycle of letting one guards down
Please teach me the mechanism of how the muscles throughout the body may shrink?
With that said, I probably had sleep paralysis for the first time in a while


Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 27:

I've read the comments, thank you to all those who wrote seriously!
Other than that mostly are just teasing me!
But whatever type of comment it is, comment to me~!
When I read the comments,
I confirmed all over again that there's a lot who couldnt get the 47 ticket.
You can follow us in many different ways~
Let's work hard okay~
Those who hit the ticket, we're going to you guys so please wait in your town ^_^
Well, it's a tour that takes 6 months, most probably there will be changes to hair and body shape
throughout the months.
Other than that, I wonder what other changes will occur


Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 28:

The goods for 47 are cute~
Usually it can only be used for a few days, looks good
Also, there's goods that makes you feel that kanjani8 are always with you?
Rejuvenation of goods?

Wh- Whut?

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 29:

My broken bone finally fully heal huh~
As expected, my right ankle is larger than my left now
Ha~ pretty ankles


(Pic of his ankles. The right one (the one that broke before) is kinda... a lot larger than the left)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 30:

There's a comment
That says the best height that fits me
for the "resting my chin on someone's head" is 153 cm
Is it truly the 'best'?
Isn't there other stuff like

pulling the sleeves of someone's shirt
lifting up someone's chin

Is shoulder hug from the back & "resting my head on someone's chin"
the new 'it' now?
How is it?
Even though I'm tall, I still could do it (to other height) when I'm sitting on the sofa right?
But then, with the mail goal of in order to feature my tallness, then I

must express it by standing.
Well, I'm a bit late at replying to that comment though.
I really like comments but the person in charge couldn't catch up lol.
Please give me more lol~
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