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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 31 to 40

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 31:

I've checked everything (comments)
but well it had be carefully selected and screened (before he check it),
so please continue giving comment~!
When 47 begins,
I probably couldn't post to this place all that much and it will turn out to be
a normal Kurasumasu.
Ultrahyper yoroshiku~pi! (y'know those words that yukipoyo use lol)
With the new form (of Kanjani8)
I'm saved by the love of various of people
Of course, that's from you eighters too
Yesterday's MSte, the staffs and the sponsors said

to us that they would unchangingly continue supporting us,
although with each support,
the pressure gets bigger but as expected,
one couldn't work alone.
I come to realize all over again there's various people supporting us.
Since we were wrapped with such a warm blanket

I come to think that our only (eito) role is to go all out and enjoy ourselves
and I come to think that I'll spend my life dedicated to returning people's love!!

I'm shy to comment about each of them you know....
Well, I'll write again (about them) once I got drunk lol

Well, I'm heading to rehearsal~~

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 32:

Thank you for watching MSte
I checked the video when I came home
When I watch it, I end up remembering my thoughts during the rehearsal
"Is it the hair colour maniac first gathering party??"
The previous day, I was thinking that it's a bit

embarrassing I might stand out among the performers with my hair
But now, I'm embarrassed that I even could think of that in the first place


Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 33:

In a blink of an eye,
When I realize it,
November is reaching fast.
From then onwards until the end of the year,
It will be non stop Go-Go right?
I wonder if there'll be many music shows
I wonder how many times we'll be invited?
I wonder what
will we sing?
It'd be nice if Tomoyo will mature with time

Eito's single Tomoyo
The old us, probably couldn't/wouldn't sing this song
I was thinking of that while singing this song~
Though, MSte too have moved and became a 9 pm
Renewal show


Did Murakami-shi became the 3rd MC (with Tamori-san and lady MC) of MSte now?

Kurasumasu 10/26 vol 34:

Speaking of which,
Other than for centralized filming,
Sooner or later there's no meaning in staying in Tokyo
However, I'm really interested with Hokkaido.
From now on it will be a harsh season there though huh?
Is Minami area better?

Kyushu sounds nice too,

Do you know any vacant property there?
Or can I lodge a house there?

Just fetch me from the station
Let me eat at your house
Let me use your bathroom
Borrow me a futon
Breakfast is Japanese style
After that I'm free to leave at anytime at daytime

Even though these are the only conditions?

Still cant?
Ah, the agency huh?
Ah, really?
You said, "You're idol right?"
Well, it's really impossible huh?

Kurasumasu 10/26 vol 35:

In 2020, those who turns into adult,
will be 202020 huh?



Kurasumasu 10/26 vol 36

If I get on that guy,
I defiiiiiinitely fall asleep!
Probably compatibility between me
and the atmospheric pressure above the cloud are bad!!
I've never finished watching movie even once (when I'm here)
I'm taken to the dream world

When I realized it, I'm already in a foreign country world

That guy is scaryyyy

(He's talking about planes lol)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 37:

When I ride on that guy
I definitely fall asleep!
It was because the speed makes me feel strange!
It doesn't truly run this fast right?
Isn't it strange that you run above the ground with such a speed?
Yosh, let's sleep
What's 700 series?
Well, it was because of new development
How did 700 types even come up?
Centripetal acceleration doesn't have all that many types, why?
Is the railway track straightttt?
What? What?
There's many curiousity
That guy is mysterious

(He's talking about shinkansen)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 39

Today is radio
Last week, the key point was Takahashi-kun who fears the power of civilization


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