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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 41 to 50

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 41:

Hair, it's nice that I got my hair gelled
But after that I'll be languid
It feels sticky
When I cover it with hat, it will go flat
Even though I have a strong desire to shower
I'm forever outdoor
After that I'll travel and ride on transportation,
what time will I come home?
While thinking that my consciousness slowly becomes distant
My heart becomes worn out
The peak of languidness
Slu- Slu- Sluggish


Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 42:

The speed was too fast,
I'm starting to get worried,
At the very least, I'd reduce the number of words (per post)
Half red.
If I were to wear this, it's all red from neck upwards


(*Pic of his red coloured lens glasses on ANN studio table XD)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 43:

Out of blue, if I were to speak about a salary that suits me
and if I were in a situation to reflect on it,
I wonder whether I'd decide based on that system too?
Chances are, I'd probably worry that whether I could meet the expectation of

that amount of money.
And I have a feeling that it will end up tying me down instead

It's probably best to start a business instead... that guy ^_^

While asking for consultation, surprisingly
I feel like that guy had made a decision in his heart.

When most are in such situation,
one always seek for confirmation of that decision,
and when one found someone who acknowledge that decision,
one feels relieved.
But this is not a solution.
And then, I think the only person who could produce the 'correct answer' is

only yourself.
Hmm. In the end, I end up thinking of this until I reach the bed
Which is why I really want to stop talks that goes way too deeply.
See, I couldn't sleep in the end
My head keeps on rushing around going around in circles and
I hope I won't get sleep paralysis tonight

(The initial salary part- he was talking about last night's ANN caller)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 44:

I just woke up now (2 pm).
I slept for 8 hours.
I don't know whether I feel refreshed or not.
I didn't get sleep paralysis today
I feel like I've made a promise to hang out with a friend today
I forget to write into schedule

Well, I guess whoever the friend is they will call me

This sort of thing often happen (p_-) ......

What to eat?


Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 45:

Japanese meal and vegetable juice
Yosh, good for the body

Ate yogurt so that I wouldn't get a stomach ache,
Exercise and after that let's sleep
8 hours is not enough
I want 12 hours of sleep

Yesterday I used clothes dryer in the middle of the night
I then forgot about it and the clothes dryer goes GATAN!!
I went UOH!! and when I went to check the dryer
I feel down and now I'm unnecessarily awake


(All the things he had been called with on chronicle! XD)

Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 46

(Pic of his hair and a red sofa)

Same colour as the surface I'm on


Kurasumasu 10/26 Vol 47:

(Pic of Fuji mountain)

Fuji mountain that is a bitt snowy
Fuji-san again
1. Fuji 2. Fuji 3. Eggplant


Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 48

I've run out of stock
I'm calming down Lol lol

I went to the gym
My weight doesn't change!!
Though tomorrow it's gonna be intense dance.... lol

Yosh, move pointlessly
Let's healthily lose weight

Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 49

It's almost Halloween, right?
Hallowen? Halloween?
I know that Maru definitely likes only the sound of the word "Halloween" more than the event itself


Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 50

I don't drive anymore,
I don't have car anymore though
Apparently, in the past you you would be unpopular for such reason
No- No- Now, such thing doesn't matter anymore, right?
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