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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 51 to 60

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 51

Why can't it be me?

(He's quoting Kimutaku's Asunaro line ;p)

Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 52

Nowadays, instead of asunaro hug,
it seems like it's more popularly (in english) called as 'back hug' (in english)

#usingthewordpopular(in english)

*Dragon Night refers to Sekai no Owari's Fukase's Red hair for Dragon Night single
He was referring to last night's ANN letter lmao

Kurasumasu 10/27 Vol 53:

Right now in the middle of traveling
Monstrously mailing
Monstrous update
Red/baby monster-chan
Nagu go wa inega (Is there no cying child-Yu-kun song in Akita Ben)*

(*Song about Namahage monster)

Kurasumasu 10/28 vol 54:

Sorry I'm taking a break today
See you tomorrow

(Busy maybe? Yesterday he said he's gonna have intense dance today)

Kurasumasu 10/29 Vol 55:

Good morning.

Today I'll try my best too (Guts pose emoji)

Kurasumasu 10/29 Vol 56

I have always loved reading business magazines
since long time ago and
it's probably due to the influence from my dad.
Even until now, if there's some things I want to know,
I will still read books.
Since long time ago, my dad has a big

bookshelves in his room
There was various management books
overflowing and lined up
In my spare time, I took a few of the books into my room
Despite the content being really difficult,
And even when I was still a cheeky young boy back then
I read those books.

Back then, the words that I read in those books without much thoughts,
as I continue my career,
there's moments when I come to realize
"Ah, it was as the book say!"
And those words all appeared in my mind
Probably even for a long time, this being called 'human'

Even though the era changes,
The essence of what makes a human
didn't really change I guess
Even until now, I still like paper books
And so I bring them with me wherever I go~

Kurasumasu 10/29 Vol 57:

After I lost you, I've learned your importance.
You'te tiny and if I leave you somewhere,
you immediately go off somewhere
Each time when I start searching for you,
it's already late, right?
This time too, I searched for you so much

But I couldn't find you
As soon as I accomplished meeting you again
for the third time again...
new version!!!
And I have just bought you too!!!!

Kurasumasu 10/29 vol 58:

Ah! Tomorrow!
15sai is on sale!

Kurasumasu 10/29 Vol 59

Someone who advocates on stressing
towards putting importance towards efficiency
On their off days
They just waste the whole time away
What do you call such phenomenon?

Kurasumasu 10/29 Vol 60:

Compared to tell-it-all,
Someone who posses the ability
To give space for people's imagination about them
Are more fascinating, in my opinion.

#.... ?
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