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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 81 to 90

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 10/31 vol 81:

If I go to the gym and do body building,
my body do get bigger but I'm the type that bulge like a cotton candy huh.

Return to me the time where I suffer~~

I'm not a sugar dust that wraps around a stick!

*lick* *lick* (candy emoji x 3)

Kurasumasu 10/31 vol 82:

After dance, I thought that I should go to the gym right after that.
Even though I brought gym equiptment with me,
I just go straight home instead and collapsed in exhaustion

Kurasumasu 10/31 vol 83:

At filming site, Yokoyama-kun always said,
"I'm already around 40s!"
But there's no other around 40s like him so
live on by not thinking too much or be too conscious about that!!

Such people will always be young!

Kurasumasu 10/31 vol 84:

When I start leaving house for 47,
I'm worried that my plants would get lonely and dry up...
So if I sing with a sorrowful face,
it's fine if you assume that I was thinking of my plants.
It's fine if you dont think that way too

Yosh! If I had wrote this much,
that report entry had been push really far down right!
Meaningless multiple posts,
thank you for reading it and accompanying me nonetheless.

Kurasumasu 10/31 vol 85:

Whether it's horses or toy poodle
They all poo

This is a reality

(8| why thanks for the info mr biologist)

Kurasumasu 11/1 vol 86:

I said that I couldnt understand English well
by listening to it but now I've started watching a drama
that mixes English and Spanish language.
My brain goes into a panic

Wai wai panic

Kurasumasu 11/1 Vol 87:

At the gym, after taking a breath outside,
I tried to return just to realize that the door wont open

"Ah! Indoor lock!!"
As I got flusteres while thinking of that and frantically rattling the door knob...

A lady just normally open the door and went out.
I'm so embarrassed.

Wai wai panic....

Kurasumasu 11/1 Vol 88:

I wonder, will work for people be gone due to AI?

So does it mean that it will be the chance for people to enjoy themselves and be free....?

(=A= Had you been talking to Yu-kun today?)

Kurasumasu 11/1 Vol 89:

Halloween is becoming scary huh...
The people who started this celebration back then
I wonder what they think of the current state...

Kurasumasu 11/1 Vol 90:

There's a lot of announcement!

Appearance on music show
47 diary
Kanjani8 TV
It's not imitation y'know? It's tribute, lol!

I understand clearly that there's a lot who didn't get to hit a ticket y'know..

So I/we made proposals on a way we can get to meet you all!!

Starting from 6th of November
We're going to start a full scale plan to be
friends with prefectures throughout whole Japan

So, let's travel with us together?

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