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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 91 to 100

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/1 vol 91:

Today uncharacteristically
I couldnt play with my phone much since I was busy lol
Let's work hard
Feels like I could fall asleep immediately today

Kurasumasu 11/2 vol 92:

Good morning!(sun emoji)

I guess it's not morning anymore huh?
Speaking of which, today after my radio end
and before chronicle 27 jikan sp start,
seems like there's not much time in between.


Ohkura-kun arent you so busy?

Murakami-kun, it should be tougher for him right?

Ah, I will be guesting on Maeda-kun's radio!
Maybe it's the start of me lending my voice alone for project~
Well, well, I'm happy (to guest at Maeda-san's ANN) for this opportunity,

I wonder what we'll be talking about lol
Speaking of which, Asuka's song... it makes you cry huh?

*Jo & Ohashi's virtual idol song

Kurasumasu 11/2 vol 93:

Even though I've been trying to tighten my body...
I end up buying hamburger set full to the brim!
If I dont eat a lot, I wouldnt be able to survive till the end of the year!!
Yes!! I must eat!
Speaking of which, since I post this much,
What I usually think of got revealed
I become embarassed
Without realizing it, I'd be posting only once a day?
Let's aim for that...

Please dont notice it (sunglasses emoji)

Kurasumasu 11/2 Vol 94:

I know that it is used for Fuji tv sports show
but it's also used as theme song for 27 jikan terebi?
Amazing! It's a good song too!
It's not officially released though.
Do you know it's supposed to be a phantom song?
Is it the return of STANCE? Lol

Kurasumasu 11/2 vol 95:

I said I wanted to go to the gym but I guess I should stop...
Should I gather courage and roll around on my bed instead?
But then!
My favourite Sushiro appear on Satapura and I go "Uoh!!"
I've went there countless times!

Also, Ito siblings national regular appearance, how cunning!

Yokoyama-kun is really funny in chronicle.
There's a new building in Shibuya
Since it's really tall, I'm scared so I wont go there.
But I'll go if for work.

I want to watch Beatles movie.
I guess I'll go alone...

Kurasumasu 11/2 vol 96:

Murakami-kun, all the best!!

Kurasumasu 11/3 Vol 97:

Good morning! Japan!
I'll sleep for a bit and then I'll head to next work
Good night! Japan!

Kurasumasu 11/3 Vol 98:

I finally reached home (11 pm)
My eyes are closing
Everybody, are you done with your work too?
Good job for our hard work this whole day to each of us~ ^_^
I couldnt get to see Murakami-san's ending.
The only thing I'm bad at is pulling an all nighters

I'm sowwy (cutesy language), famous MC-san

Kurasumasu 11/4 Vol 99:

While saying this This is the Ohkura-kun who cries over the ending dance
It was really touching right?(teary eyes emoji)
To everyone who are involved in 27 jikan terebi,
Good job and thanks for the hard work!

Kurasumasu 11/4 Vol 100:

Yesterday, for reason unknown, Jo & Ohashi (naniwa danshi)
are in Tokyo so I went to eat with them and staff.
They talked about recent happenings in Osaka
or funny stories about their members and it was really interesting.
It warms my heart
and is healing for me.
Within this one year, they had saved me countless of times huh...


Yesterday, together with Jo, I discovered Ohashi's habit
He tends to choose the thing on the utmost right on menu page.
The ones that are definitely the most expensive one...
Even though he's earning more now than before...

Previously I scold him for keeping on imitating my clothes
Now, it's Jo who's gonna scold him

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