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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 111 to 120

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/6 vol 111

Good morning!
Umeboshi on rice Is definitely the
Japanese soul food!

(Pic of umeboshi on rice)

Kurasumasu 11/6 vol 112:

Opening soon!

(Pic of 5 nin eito in front of huge 47 poster!
<3 They are all wearing 47 hoodie and tshirt (not tie dyed lol) No change in hairstyle lmao)

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 113

Good morning.
Finally a lot of things have been officially announced!
Including the tour, kanjani8tv & 47 dairy,
in between having no time,
the staffs turns the idea into a reality

The idea that come to fruition will have have to

compete with time!

From now on, while listening to your opinion and feelings,
we will continue to update this idea and get everybody excited.
This pace of speed, it's due to the wonderfulness of Kanjanizu staffs,
and it's the way it is in the current world right!

We'll try it first of all, and then try to fit with the needs
And we'll gradually improve
And with that I believe this will be something original! ^_^

I've said it in radio too.
If you show too much of behind the scenes
Then gradually making of videos will be gone

(I'm someone who likes artists' behind the scenes videos)
So please enjoy this in limited time okay!

Well then,
I woke up early meaninglessly
What shoud I do? (wondering emoji)

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 114

This is so cute!
Bomb dropping!
Pyun~ Zudon!

(pic of Yasu, Hina, Maru on Shochikuza balcony chair)

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 115:

There's something that I've started thinking of recently
Boy (eito's goods) is way too cute and adorable that
I can't take it

Up until now... plushies toys....
Since it's something that girls like

I thought it's an emotion that I will never understand
for my whole life
But then, an emotion that I have never felt before builds up
When I read 47 diary, my heart goes kyun~

This nameless emotion....

Too adorable DX DX DX

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 116:

Recently, there's an increase in paper straw huh?
It was due to increasing plastic issue right?

But it's just that I'm not used to it yet
The way to suck it? The texture of it?

I probably feel differently if the whole thing changes

immediately but I wonder if it will be costly
To make changes slowly

Even though by just living my life normally
To think that within 1 year, the amount of plastic
Compiling in my body may be up to the size of driving licence
I got scared thinking of that...

Environmental problem huh...

(Pic of coffee with paper straw)

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 117:

Our goods-My Hoodie,
before it goes on sale,
I get to look at the sample 2 weeks before
It's comfortable, and you wouldn't really
Realize that it's a concert goods too
And even after you wash it, it wont change form you know?

I still carry it around until now

It was designed by Yasu and designer-san together! ^_^
Point of precaution is, if you use the hoodie to cover your head
You'll be a part of Kanjani8
So be careful!!!

You'll get exposed, you know~?

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 118:

About Boy holder (tapes holder)
I see the battle for the silver tapes from the stage
It mostly only flies during Dome or Arena tour right?
Which is why you get it in that size...
But when you get a long one, you could have shared it y'know?

Happy things, sad things, good memories,
let's live on by sharing it all together!

It's a surprisingly deeply meaningful goods lol

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 119:

Acrylic stand, I think it's time we do one for ourselves?
Acrylic stand!!
When I propose it to the members with a lot of passion...

"Is it thaat popular?"
"Ah, really? In that case then I guess it's fine?"

The theme is "Kanjani8 will always be by your side" right??


Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 120:

The goods towel, it's lovely right?
It's lovely right?
Red or pink suits girls well~
It's a special rights!
Use it!
Come to our con with the towel wrapped around your neck!

By the way, the colour that I like until now
Is still
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