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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 121 to 130

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 121

The uchiwa
Everybody's together version~!

Cute, everybody's cute...

The back of the uchiwa, is inviting for date?

Ru. mo. rs <3

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 122:

As what your comments said
There's a lot of platforms (SNS),
and it's freedom to choose which
but while that's true
I don't know what's best to choose from.

"Since everybody uses it, then I will too"
I think the great majority do that.
And then, it depends on the users themselves on how to make it exciting.

And if we were to use it (SNS), there's probably also issue of
the unexpected way the management side manage the account too.

Because nowadays there's too much freedom,
it makes me strongly feel how important a rule is.
Because there's too much freedom,
Anybody can write out anything.
There may be good things
But the bad aspect is that
Anybody can write dangerous things too.

In order for people to not imitate it,
TV shows keeps on moving towards a standard of 'the right thing'
Why doesn't people demand the same thing for SNS?
Aren't both in the same category of free media?
It makes me think that such things are curious
Though I heard that there is a small restriction to it...

However, I do think timeliness is important
But, that is if the person who use it can do risk management well.
Well, conclusion is, manage it well.
Is what I wanted to say lol

If it won't end up causing stress in the end,
I think it's fine to write about
Fun things wherever you choose to.

Kurasumasu 11/7 Vol 123:

Somehow today's entry ends with a serious note...
I wrote it while I'm still sleepy after I woke up this morning
Among various and all sorts of topics

Umm... because the things I worry about are increasing
They even appear in my dreams!!
Which is why I end up writing something so goddamn serious
I'm so embarrassed!!!

Kurasumasu 11/7 vol 124:

Everybody, good night~ (moon emoji) Zzz

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 125:


It's sunny today too! (sun emoji)

Let's go through today in good cheers!*

(Feels like I've heard that sentence somewhere
(thinking emoji))

*Ex-mezamashi announcer's catch phrase

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 126:

Until when will I  continuously be called as bonbon? Lol
Since I didnt receive pocket money since I was 12 and
I manage my life with my own salary since then,
from now on, anybody that I first met,
I will present them a seal that says
"I've been a part of working society since the age of 12"


*bonbon means someone who doesnt know how the world works or someone who cant do anything on their own

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 127:

I want to eat breakfast at hot spring inn,
I want to eat seafood at port cities,
I want to eat sashimi that is freshly caught on a boat,
But always when I go on a boat, there'd appear a huge whale that I have never seen before
"What if I'm swallowed by that whale?" I said
I showed my mysterious imaginations ability,
A type of human who would miss the land

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 128:

Today I get to have time to relax
So I decide to rest my body
I thought of "What about gym?" but I decide to abandon myself
I even stop thinking
I just single mindedly decide to blank my mind
I didnt even look at my phone
Once I'm done blanking out
I will post again

Hona! (Good bye emoji)

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 129:

A mail from Ryusei came!
The Naniwa one

Said that fans put boyholder into acrylic stand! Lol

When I look at comments, they said the same thing! Lol lol

That kid is eager to learn huh?

So hardworking! Hardworking! ^^

Kurasumasu 11/8 vol 130:

Well then,
Let's move to the final corner this morning
Today's doggy
Ken-chan who was born and is raised in Osaka

"Ohkura-kun! Good morning!!" He said while running towards me
I wonder if something had happened but he said nothing else
Without me saying anything, he start talking and wait while wagging his tail

Which is why I heard "Wan! Wan! Wan wan!" And I go, "ah, really? Really?"


(Nagao Kento's pic-Naniwa Danshi)
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