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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 201 to 210

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/24 Vol 201:

I finally come to the gym!
Yosh! In the middle of the busy end of the year
I will work hard to control myself!

Kurasumasu 11/24 Vol 202:

I wonder what sort of new thing we can do next year?

After Up8 tour ends.
I'm excited about the way we'll change
The way we express ourselves in a way that
Is born out of ourselves.
There's things we want to do here too
And I think it's something that's coming out too

I'm anticipating the outcome of
Each of our creativity!

Kurasumasu 11/24 Vol 203:

Seems that everyone becoming house keeper huh?
There's so many of you...uu... cries
If that many of you are in my house,
Then my house will be full of housekeepers.
I'll have a trainful of housekeepers.
But, sankyu!

(He's reading comments lol)

Kurasumasu 11/24 Vol 204:

Thank you for the many ideas (for KanjaniTV)
There's a lot who ask us to introduce our private time clothes or do surprise wake up huh? ^-^

Also, what do you mean by asking us to speak in formal language? Lol

I went gufufun over that!
I think I'll use some of the ideas...

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 205:

Finally, the city is lighting up with all sorts of lights!
My screentime is.. a dirty bike.
This is the first time I ride on it again after I broke my leg!
I shouldnt bother the couples in Omotesando (with the sound of my bike)!

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 206:

After I eat salad,
The next day I feel really,really healthy.
It'd have been better if I eat it everyday
But I say, "It's just a grass right?"
I hate the me who likes to act tough.
Truth is I like it so much

Tsundere myself (in english lol)

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 207

The promotional CM for Tomoyo has begun huh~
Somehow, there's something that comes to my mind.

When I think back of it,
There were so many stories about us.
(Even for myself, Ohkura)

Each came into this world holding a dream.

The content of the dreams, the aspiration,
the person they look up too probably all completely different.

When Kanjani8 is formed, we don't know what kind of group we'll be.
But, we have run this far by bringing the theme that our bottomless
cheers and Kansai-ness as our unique charm that other group doesn't have.

In front of the camera, we boost each other up and that was professionalism.
In front of customer, no matter what happen in private, you must keep your smile.
Even when being scolded...

(But it was because we couldn't do exactly that, that we got scolded, those who know us since then
would understand that... lol)

[At any rate, we want to sell more]

This had been our ongoing motivation since forever.

We feel down due to the CD sales. Compared to previous time, the customer had lessened.
As the anxiousness about the future gets stronger, some end up crying,
Then we drink, and laugh it all off, and we become positive again.

We are a cheerful group.
What happens behind the scene is not something for show.
And I think we rarely express our weakness.
(Though, I'm the type who tends to vomit it all out)

But with that, probably it cause the elements of
humanity and heart to be gone.

"What are you guys actually thinking?" Such us probably caused eighters
to have such imaginations about us.
Somehow, that probably somehow end up causing a feeling of loneliness.

However, if we didn't do it that way,we probably couldn't continue on
standing on the stage.

Remarkably, we've had continue on running as we were in such form.

From here onwards, I'm talking about only myself though.
I'm the type who couldn't smoothly say out things if I don't arrange them first in my head.

It's the same for variety shows or serious shows for me.

But, there's a time when I'm facing the camera while not thinking of anything
Even when I'm not thinking of anything, words keep on pouring out of me.
It was a really scary thing.
It was a strange sensation.
The me who don't usually get emotional easily,
At that moment, I could clearly feel my body temperature rising.

But, later, I realized that the me at that time, there was no decorations,
just my true feelings.

I became stubborn, and didn't listen to adults.
(But you're an adult too)

I went home and collapsed on the sofa.
A senior who saw that footage mailed me and
my tears fall.

Oh, I realized then that I'm suffering.

From then on, I decide to be done with the decorations.
I'm not saying that the time before that was a lie.
It's just that, even a bit, I decide in my heart that for me
we don't have to show like we're just doing well.

But, it's not like I'm just whining.
Isn't it better if we become more reliable for the people who makes
Our activity as a part of their lives?
Or rather, we must live together somehow.

These people who made our dream as their dreams,
why didn't we trust them more and be more honest with them?
Rather than feeling regretful, I feel pathetic.

From then onwards, I decided to carry the responsibility
to speak the truth publicly.
I'm not going to hold a conduct that will become a lie.

I decided in my heart.

Therefore, the Barbecue footage in the 11/27 single,
it was our appearance without any shred of lies.

I think, we have looked at the past enough.

I will gently store them into a box, and the best time to reopen it,
will be the time when I reflect back on my whole life.

After all, our new chapter had begun.

We already made a new dream!

Once again, we will together look at an amazing scenery.
This is my declaration
And I will carry it out!

Eh~ Help me too, lol.

Up until now, we've been riding high and low
But at such time, we have been continuously cared for the whole time.

Even just a bit, we've been given significance in their life. To such friends,
there's a song that we want to deliver!

Kanjani8's 2nd chapter!


Is going to be on sale soon!


Never give up (Sunglasses emoji x3)

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 208:

Did you seriously call it Kuranui (Kuradoll-eito dolls)?!
Why didn't you teach me that earlier!!

There's a gold piercing on Kuranui
Is there no way to change that

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 209:

I think it's fine that only fans get to see this site!

I'm surprised when what I said here become a news topic, I want that to stop! lol

I think it's fine if we just share it among us only~!

If people who are not interested in us read it,
They'd go, "Huh. This is no news at all."
This society is scary right?

After all, this is like a tool in this 21st century that makes one hear the voice
in someone's heart when it's actually fine to not know about it right?

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 210:

Why is Ochadzuke so delicious?

When my body is tired, my stomach gets tired too
So in consideration of my digestion system,
When I have a lot of work,
I spend my daily life with porridge and ochadzuke

(._. Take care Kura's digestive system XD;)
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