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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 211 to 220

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 211

Nnn... huhu...


(._. .... Why are you crying Kura?)

Kurasumasu 11/25 Vol 212

I will never forget for my whole life

But I'll update on that matter okay~

Good night

# I am proud of you (in english)

# lak (love and kisses)

Kurasumasu 11/26 Vol 213:

Flying get!!!

#なあぁ友よ #関ジャニ (his own tags)

(1st Kura selfie without hiding his face!!!! Holding T-shirt ver of Tomoyo!
 Gorgeous even without make up!)

Kurasumasu 11/26 Vol 214:

Happy birthday!!(In english) (Celebratory emoji)
Sometimes we quarrel
And it seems like our relationship seems bad in public's eyes huh.
For me, I love everything about you forever.
Since we met in 1997, I'm countlessly saved by you.
I'm thankful
For being born, for spending your life with us, thank you so much.

Beloved #友よ (friend)
I'm praying that it will be a year of happiness for you

Kurasumasu 11/26 Vol 215:

I dont do strange ego-search *
(Suddenly) (there's good and bad to ego-searching)

But, I sometimes do it for marketing strategy related job ^ ^

But during exciting time, I'd naturally check it and from everybody's reaction, I can feel the love

Even though we dont have an account, if we still can communicate freely like this, then I'd like to utilize all communication tools ^ ^

Whether it's a closed (jweb) or open (sns) place, from now on, idols must think of how to use it well. Lol

I dont think it's necessary to ride on the current trend and not protect your own heart in the end
I dont think it's necessary to force trending too

# thank you guys for the help

#なぁ友よ #関ジャニ

*ego-searching: search for your own name on sns

Kurasumasu 11/26 Vol 216:

I finally can say it!
thank you for the awesome lyrics!

#なあ友よ #関ジャニ
# kanjam
# ishiwatari junji
# you are a genius who write nice lyrics refreshingly!
# thank you for the connection

Kurasumasu 11/26 Vol 217

"Bochi-bochi taisetsuna yoru" (Title of BBQ night)
It was done by a director that we trust and loves (*Chronicle director)

He take into consideration all the intentions of this filmings
He edit the footage of the us who can only be seen on that day...
It became a really great production.

Expressions that makes the heart throbs with pain
The person who will watch it probably would have a hard time too
But the director didn't edit it out
And left it as it is.

"That BBQ was our turning point huh?"
The intention of that filming was so that
We could realize that there's a wonderful future waiting ahead
Where we could say that.

...Speaking of which...

Are you watching~?

Tomorrow we'll appear on Best artist!

28th at around 6 pm onwards~

I, of course will watch too but I couldn't upload it in real time
I will write my comments one by one

And at 23:00 I will upload it on kurasumasu.

You all, enjoy watching everybody's opinions during the excitement okay?

Speaking of which...

# Bochi night appreciation party
# Un, a pretty good tag
# Soon I'm an eighter too lol
# I feel lonely when I watch the DVD alone lol lol
# It feels like we're enjoying a festival so it was really fun

Kurasumasu 11/27 Vol 218:

O~ha! (High 5 emoji)

It's been some time since we last came here.

Best Artist's rehearsal.

Oh yes, tomorrow I'll watch together with the staffs! ^ ^

Even director-san too!

I've watched it a few times when checking for the footage but
I've never watch it yet with everyone.

I'm looking forward to it!

# Bochi yoru viewing party
# It's cold today
# I'm freezing
# freezing until 23rd century
# long life
# nobody knows when I'll melt
# save me
# hey Doraemon

Kurasumasu 11/27 Vol 219:

My washing machine broke down~
I bought a new one~
The drying function is even better now~
But my clothes become wrinkled~

But if I dry my clothes in the room, it'll get smelly.
I have a drying machine in my bathroom but somehow,
There's no hose. There's no hose in the verandah...

My clothes become crumpled

Also... no matter how I do it the dishes I need to wash increases huh

# what the heck is this update
# there's no content at all I just want to blog like an OL

Kurasumasu 11/27 Vol 220:

Today somehow, my eyes looks super bear-ish.... (bear emoji)
Tags: j-web, translation: other

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