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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 221 to 230

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/27 Vol 221:

My hair is so purin (*pudding-Like black caramel on yellow pudding. hair back to black bc coloured part grew out)
I come to dislike it

I wonder if I should cut up to the purin part...

... Crew cut.

Up until third grade of elementary school all Ohkura of siblings were all given crew cut hair

# my mom was a former hair dresser
# if technology stopped in the past all will be
# The Beatles

Kurasumasu 11/27 Vol 222:

Mysteriously I received a mail of shared schedule

•Titled, "Maruyama-san's fasting"

(*snort* Did someone subtly diss you to diet Kura? XD)

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 223:


Yesterday, I interacted with a lot of Johnny's, I sucked in lots of power!

Ren (Kinpuri) as usual seems very busy but he said, "It's okay if it's late at night,
let's eat together!" Seems like he's brimming with things to say
Hikaru (HSJ) keep on peeking and pestering when I'm playing my game, so I mess his hair up.

I havent met Ryosuke (HSJ) for quite some time and it feels like he suddenly turn into an adult.
I asked him "Do you drink alcohol recently?"
He answered, "I didn't drink at all recently"
I became embarassed at myself.
Chinen is unchangingly shy and quiet
He became cute! ^^

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 224:

I've finished radio recording with Maru-chan~.

As usual, that kid is in his elements lol

Yu-kun was overwhelmed lol lol.

Look forward to it on Saturday!

(XD Otsukare Yu-kun lmaooooo)

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 225:

Even though I had taken a nap yesterday,
I immediately went to sleep (after I came home)!

Because it's a live show, somehow, somewhere in my body,
I was nervous.

Sho-kun's energy expenditure
seems like it's a whole lots,
good job for the hard work.

# Best artist
# Thank you Toma-kun
# I had fun during Johnny's medley
# JUMP cutie
# Kinpuri is so fresh

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 226:

It's about to start~

# Bochi night viewing party
# Looking forward to it

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 227:


# Bochi yoru viewing party
# click on it okay

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 228:

To all the friends who couldn't make it in time
Even though it ends at 19:30,
I was the one who makes you look forward to it
So I will accompany you whenever you start watching it!
I won't let you be alone, y'know?

# bochi night viewing party

Kurasumasu 11/28 Vol 229

Bochi night viewing party
With the narration in my head,
I looked back on all sorts of memories of our 22 years
And I cried here...
But it's not like it's a goodbye, right?
It'd always be alive within us ^^

The Ohkura-kun who enters a supermarket that doesn't have much people
wearing a mask like he is a celebrity is so lame.
Yokoyama-kun who wears fake glasses
Seems to increase his intelligent image.
That was just a strategy!
That's right!
I decide that it's like that.

I wonder how many years that I've always
Been teased with Okra?
Why wouldn't it stop!
When I see Okra, I feel like members smiles
Appears in my head!

Yokoyama-kun who buys up yakisoba and bean sprouts...
He keeps on arguing about his BBQ theory.
At this time, he ignites the fire of Ohkura-kun's
fighting spirits and Ohkura-kun keep on saying, "Unescessary!!"
Quietly comparing the seasonings!!
Oyster sauce, Worcester sauce lol!

4.5 L of shochu is way too enthusiastic!
Everybody are so strong at alcohol, it's scary!

When we reached the lodge house,
Yokoyama-kun immediately went to check the fireplace.
Please help me with the grocery bags first!!!
Gradually the subject becomes me lol

I'm waiting for Kanjani's beer CM!

As long as he's in front of fire
He will get excited.
Such primitive man Yokoyaman's true nature is filmed as it is.

The arrival of 3 people!
Curl smoky was funny huh... lol (Kome Kome Club)
Because I wanted Yasu to make his specialty of
Okra's snack, I sneakily bought it.

Murakami-san and Maruyama-san, they really
feel like they'ra at the camp (Speaking of which,
I'm thankful to Murakami-san who knows well the
difficulty of live shows, this is sudden)

The wives were standing in the kitchen
Cheerful dads in charge.
What is this family atmosphere lol.

I wonder how many laugh at the Hera! gag.
The you who laugh are definitely same generation as us
(Kyo to Kyo)

Wise-man Yasuda made a traditional Okra dish.
When tabasco is used in this dish, it's pretty delicious.
For recipe, ask Yasu lol

While making the meals, he's cleaning the dishes
So skilled... Okura-kun...Pon~ (eyes heart emoji)

The moment they discover camera, Kanjani-san will
be variety show talents.
Occupational disease (Especially Hina-chan).
Like a genius, Maru did food report without even taking a breath.
King of happenings.

Yokoyama-kun who made the meat fall...
I remember of old memories of eating
meat that was made and mixed in sand lol

Too many incidents up until here... lol lol

And then
Sudden serious conversations.

We has this sort of habit. lol
Up until moments ago we were laughing and then
suddenly the switch swiftly flipped.

And then, and then,
the feeling of miraculousness of the standing point
of this talk.
At this sort of timing, Murakami-kun surprisingly doesn't
lead the talk.
The ones who makes the discussion goes round are the younger teams.
Yokoyama-san will tsukkomi
Then Murakami-san will be watching and
coming in after a deep thought
And then 4 person connects the conversation.
Yokoyama-san said he is annoyed at Murakami-san who
mysteriously displayed his English language power,
but Yokoyama-kun said it with a wide smile
Such a dishonest Yokoyama-san... lol.

Reunion party! So nice!

I have one regret that was when Yasu talk about how
he wants to update our singing parts
When I look back objectively at the thing that I said
It sounds like I was objecting him.
That's right!
I should have show my agreement first and then say out
my opinion!
I shouldn't have denied Yasu's position like that!

Everybody's conversation and communication skills
Are too high.

I thought the idea for Upd8 was from Murakami-san but
It was actually from Yokoyama-san huh... Hmm.. Hmm...

Finally, the long awaited yakisoba battle (lol)
The reason I was quietly buying the groceries was for this
reason!! Yokoyama-shi!!

Truth is, compared to the unstable charcoal fire
Ohkura-san know the theory of hot plate is the best one

While everybody are doing the seasonings
Izakaya (snack bar) Ohkura was steadily
preparing the yakisoba

Even up until the role of eggs
Everything had been planned in advanced
Ohkura was the definition of deviousness.

As Yokoyama-kun gets more frustrated
Ohkura-kun's feeling of guiltiness grows

Yakisoba's skit was not funny www
That was done in the excitement of drunkenness
So when I watch it while sober, it was hell.

Yokoyama-san was so frustrated that Yokoyama-kun
passed the making of yakisoba to staffs but it didn't go well
...(I'm sorry, lol)

Halfway, I think the member has forgotten about the camera.

Normally playing with the cups
Like they were just normally at relatives house, cute... lol

Just a normal 5 of us.

Actually this kind of conversation is important
Even though we understand this
But truth is, if one doesn't ask from the person themselves
One wouldn't know.
As I learn members' opinions,
Step by step, I come to a decision.

As we go back and forth in this sort of conversation
Our motivations increases and we said,
We've come this far huh?

Un, let's work hard, again.

The Maru right before sleep is cute.
The Maru who just normally join the home drinking party
and the went back to his own room is the usual Maru.
The type who wants to sleep on the pillow that is gentle on them (lol)
Well, truth is, I'm the same...

Somehow, we had a good conversation
It was a really great night huh
I'm immersed in the lingering memory...
As I thought to myself, "It'd be nice if this sort of
night continues on forever..." the dawn comes
"Ah, that's right... It couldn't last forever..."
At that moment, I suddenly feel really lonely

It was Yasu's gentleness that accompanied me the whole while.

Everybody's humanity and kindness shows really well.

Thank you, friend ^ ^

For me, to be able to be in Kanjani8,
it is my happiest and best life.

Eighters, thank you! ^ ^

Kurasumasu 11/29 Vol 230:

Even though it's right before MSte,
I had too much fun yesterday, I drank
And now my face is swollen...
Before Mste...
Uncle Jam (Anpanman character)
Please give me a new face...
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