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[Jweb Translations] Kurasumasu Vol 231 to 240

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 11/29 Vol 231

In the midst of not having enough time
It starts at exactly 18:00 down to the seconds
The integrity of Team Kanjani8

In places that is unthinkable
Even in just a few hours
Kanjani8 takes over the world.

The views that you all are watching
are still this brightly shining
and wonderful

"After this, we need to make something
more wonderful than this"
It ends with our enthusiasm building ^^

Thank you #eighters
# bochi night viewing party

Kurasumasu 11/29 Vol 232:

Something new
Is about to start on Kanjani8

I wonder if there'll be demands?
We are gonna start it first. Lol

Kurasumasu 11/30 Vol 233:

3 people who got hooked on onsen eggs...

# Beppu onsen (a hot spring resort)
# onsen egg refreshment
# human's kindness/warmth

(2 Backside pics of yokomaruhina)

Kurasumasu 11/30 Vol 234:

Mottekoi!! (Nagasaki's language for Encore)

Everybody, good night ^ ^

Kurasumasu 12/1 Vol 235:

Acting like I dont have someone that I like but when I hear Christmas songs...
my heart starts to hurt...

I must have been a gyaru (*I'll loosely think he means bad gals) in my past life.

Kurasumasu 12/1 Vol 236:

I received happiness from the 5 of them~
I want to see them again.. T_T T_T

(From witness repo it's safe to say he's talking abt Arashi)

Kurasumasu 12/2 Vol 237:

(You 'll need to watch Kanjam 191201 to understand this. He was commenting about what happen in that episode)

Our group that is full of people
With 'mix' vocal type is amazing!

If I can transform myself to a complete
'mix' type then I can contribute more to the group!
Type of songs that we can sing will widen too!
I will work hard to achieve it, I will be the
embodiment of the phrase "a human's growth is endless!"!

But, in terms of singing voice and others
One's mental state really do affect whether one can actually do it or not.
think there's so many things that I can actually do but become
incapable of doing just because I think I'm not good at it.

Even though Yokoyama-kun has a pretty voice,
he said during MC that he do think his voice is no good.
However, if we can overcome this together
I wonder what form will it take... ?

It's a happiness to discover that there's still blank spaces left even when one has reached their 30s.

Also, I'm thankful of the environment that protects and allow us to grow.

I want to tell this to the kids in their teens
To not be able to do things that are 'a matter of course',
In contrary, to not be able to do it is a charm
However, by saying that, I don 't want their ambitiousness
to disappear so I won't say it...

I will watch over their growth as they keep on improving
And then, when the day where they become capable of doing it,
I will feel touched. ..
(*crying emoji* ) ( *crying emoji* )

In the end, everyone have the same feeling after all ^^

I recently realized that I like analysis. ..

In order to obtain realization about various things
There's a lot of things that one has to delve deeply into and break into.

Well, thinking too much is my bad habit though
But for this sort of thing. ..
I'm recommending it.

Kurasumasu 12/2 Vol 238:

Shin-chan (Hina) had finished reading a thick book.
It looks interesting and when I flip the pages through, I got interested and I buy one.
I bought it but... this is way too thick!!!

Being a MC is a tough work huh...

Kurasumasu 12/2 Vol 239:

Everybody, reallllly thank you so much for helping (with the Tomoyo sales)

We're off to a really good start ^^

Still, in order for Tomoyo to reach more people, we'll work hard.

Also, I'm happy that Aiba-kun will be the MC of FNS XD

Yesterday, when I went to greet him (after Arashi's concert backstage),
he said "Please take care of me, okay?"*

He's so kind~

(*Aiba said "Yoroshiku ne" Doesnt feel like the sentence above
depicit Aiba's meaning well but I cant think of other sentence lol)

Kurasumasu 12/2 Vol 240:

Everyone, do you give name to your dolls?

I wonder if it's better to give the dolls name?

Ah, I'm speaking of official name~
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