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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 241 to 250

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 12/3 Kurasumasu 241:


Ohkura: Taddy
Yasu: Shorty
Maru: Maryi
Yoko: Yokki or Kimi
Hina: Muryi or Shinti...

This is bad, it's all cute...
Some of the staff said sooner or later I'll be the president of stuffed dolls...

Kurasumasu 12/3 Vol 242:

It's location shooting today.

December, it wasn't all that different from usual but why does it feel like
I'm rushing around?

It's just my imagination. It's the end of the year after all.

To be able to work together on Kohaku with someone where in our youth,
we encourage each other to never give up...  It's a wonderful world right? ^^

(He's talking about Kisumai's Kitayama)

Kurasumasu 12/3 Vol 243:

It's true that there's too little explanation.

That video of Murakami-kun stumbling, about that
(refer to Kanjani TV 11/29)
For the use of KanjaniTV,
We bought a tripod, y'know.
The type that can be fixed.

So we give it a try.

And, ah! This is nice!
With this it can stay in place the whole time!
The moment the staff put the camera in place,
The staff accidentally filmed the Murakami-kun who stumbled weirdly.
The staff went ?????. It was so amusing so we posted it.

Apparently, Murakami-kun doesn't remember anything about it at all lol


Kurasumasu 12/3 Vol 244:

ASMR/Mukbang/Chewing sound video!

That video of chewing sound and eating scene
(Kanjani TV 11/30)
I did it because I wanted to try it.

It makes your heart beat fast right? lol

But because it's food that doesn't produce much noise

So even though I was eating for about 7 minutes,
I'm just chewing it quietly so it got fast forwarded.

The eating scene of other members.
I want to have expectations for it.

Kurasumasu 12/3 Vol 245:

I want to try various things.
Not only stuffs that are currently in trend,
I'm in the midst of exploring with the thoughts
that it'd be nice if this would be something that is "us-ish"
What I'm thinking as I'm doing it all is that
If it's my group members,
Even without any plannings
Everything becomes entertainment.
Such us is really amazing
And with that we get to live in this world all these while
And this will be a future too.
When I think of that.. it becomes something that
makes me feel deeply moved

Well, I'm talking about Kanjani8 TV lol

Kurasumasu 12/3 Vol 246:

I went to the sauna after not going to one for quite some time,
It feels really good!

And the salads I ate after that was so delicious too!

Maybe it's time to try it... fasting. Lol
(oranges emoji)
 (*He's indicating Maru's fasting method)

Kurasumasu 12/4 Vol 247

I received a data analysis document from a friend.

It was a questionairre given to 1000 of 18 years olds
Throughout the world.

The theme is,
Your awareness about the country and the society

The sample questions are

* Do you think you're an adult?

* Do you have a dream?

* Do you think it's possible for you to change the society?

* Do you have a discussion with people around you regarding
social issues?

Such things.

For the 18 years olds of our country, the percentage of those
who say YES to most of the questions are less than half that those
of other countries.

For me, I think this is a sad problem.

But, I don't think it's the fault of the current 18 years olds.

It's probably because the adults around them
couldn't find things that excite them.

My hope for the people who will carry
Japan on their shoulders from now on...
It'd be nice if it'd be a country that is full of dreams.

Even though I'm probably just a small person,
I want to work hard for that sake.
I will turn the will that only I can do into a solid form!!

But me saying all that
I'd probably be told that it's just a lip service from me

Kurasumasu 12/4 Vol 248

I'm popular for talking without contents.
Well, I don't think I'm popular though.
In that sense, I'm saying I leave it up to your imaginations.
At this point, I don't know what's the theme anymore.

What I'm thinking now is
There's time when my own heart is no good
I had so many failures too
I'm not pretending that those times didn't happen
And there's truth that would never fade away too.
But including now, I'm full of mistakes.
I reflect on myself everyday.

But there's probably a reason for everything.
That's right! Nevertheless,
The truth is, I probably have become selfish in the
depth of my heart.
I'm continuously questioning that everyday.
But, what I'm thinking of is,
Even though it's probably hard to maintain a good heart
It's my utmost priority to work hard on that.

But, even with that mental attitude,
Good things won't continue forever.
Bad things happen too
And that is life

But even bad things, when looking at it from a
wide or long term perspective,
It wasn't all that big of a deal and that makes one becomes invicible right?
But I've never think of myself that way lol.

Somehow, including the entry I posted before this too
Somewhat, "You talk like you think you're so good!"
"Who do you think you are to say that?" lol
"Do you think you're so great that you could write such
things already?"
I don't think it's like that but
This is a place where I could freely write what I'm thinking of after all.

I'm just writing it
But I'm not writing it just for the sake of it
Even with knowing a lot of my good aspects and my failures

I decide that I want to do the best for things that only I could do.

It sounds like an excuse though.
Even though it's not like that.
I couldn't convey it well.

Un, it's hard to write an article...

But, I couldn't sleep....

Kurasumasu 12/4 Vol 249

Right now, there's a wonderful line
from the book that I'm currently reading!
It will become an era where a value system
is birthed from feeling of excitement.

"A value system from emotions"

And that's absolutely right for entertainment world...
If it encompasses what's common for everything (in entertainment).
But this is a business book so it was actually talking about
physical labour.

Everybody, ask your own heart!
The emotion of excitement.
What is it that give you such emotion...
For me, is that I think of interesting stuff everyday
But, when I discuss it with others, apparently it wasn't
such a new thing so I stop lol

When I start thinking of negative things
I won't keep it to myself and I will honestly
Confess about it
"You think until that far?"
I surprised myself after confessing all that
And from then on, I face the issue
And then, I'll throw the thoughts away.
Somehow, surprisingly, I will forget about it
After I confess it all out.

Others are others.
People are people.

Today I will deliver excitement to you too! ^^

Kurasumasu 12/4 Vol 250:

Speaking of which, where did my piercing stopper
(the thing behind your piercing) disappear?
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