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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 271 to 280

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 12/5 Vol 271:

Even in games christmas events has started!

Unescapable, the sense of happiness in this world.

I want to gather friends and do christmas party but it makes me realize that
I have no friends.

In the end, I just have a drink with Izakaya menu & ossan

Kurasumasu 12/5 Vol 272:

When I enter the taxi,
"Are you an actor or something?"
"Is your annual income 30 million?"

So detailed.

# idol
# misoji idol (Idol in 30s)
# ojisan who audits annual income
# Apparel type
# When I lie I generally say I'm apparel type

Kurasumasu 12/6 Vol 273:

I've read various books on major managements methods and
the one that resounds with me the most is the one written
by hononary president of Kyocera, Inamori Kazuo-san

# suddenly

Kurasumasu 12/6 Vol 274:

The looming depression of having 5% of remaining battery.

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 275:

This is bad, at this rate I can't achieve 400 entries!!

I went to sleep for the second time and when I woke up, I was drooling.

Someone!! Can't you make an adult bib (drooling emoji) (drooling emoji)

Kurasumasu 12/6 Vol 276:

Recently my butt becomes erotic

I think the charm of my 30s is coming out

I thought there's no chance to show it but ah!

You can see it in movies!
Premiering next year
Kyuso was Cheese wo Yume wo Miru

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 277:

Apparently you're reading kurasumasu
In the middle of the city while grinning to yourself

I was thinking if there's any episodes that would make you grin

I don't have any episodes...

I dont know why but
I don't think one would hate a tight hug,
being patted on the head and being told
"You've worked hard"....


You grinned right? lol

The point of this is that
This is a man's passive side
It's that

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 278:

Recently I wear long coats.

Seems like I could be popular

But, my face that appear from the coat is
swollen everyday.

It's in my DNA to talk about 'popular or not popular'
At this age of 34*

When we were kids, my dad used to say that he want to marry Nakayama Miho-san or Uchida Yuki-san

(*Kura's dad likes to argue with Kura about "I'm not idol but I have fanclubs too
when I was younger" no matter how old he gets XD)

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 279:

In order to write this,
all my travels are using taxis.

If I want to do kurasumasu then I
won't buy a car.

In the middle of travel, I wrote 3 to 4 entries.

I think my career is a writer

# Isn't that a misunderstanding
# aiming to write a book
# contents are weak
# Actually aiming for that when I sometimes wrote serious things
# Minowa-san~*

(The only Minowa-san I could google is an editor uwu?)

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 280:

I went to eat meals with Kitayama.
When it's the end of the year he'd request that.
I know he always wants that.
That guy lives on by hiding that in his heart
That guy most definitely heard about my schedule
from manager
And decided to call me in the day that I can't say no to.

He boasted that he always went to eat with (HSJ) Yabu.
He think I'd be jealous but there's no damage in that matter.

Then he said, sometimes (HSJ) Chinen came to his house...


Oi. To be with both Chinen and Yabu is so sly.
And then, it's high level to call him to your house.

In the end, I can't forgive Kitayama

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