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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 281 to 290

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 12/7 Vol 281:

I know that Inoo-kun has a very straightforward
personality that does not match his face.
If his personality is as cute as his face,
I probably would fall in love with him.
Thankfully (that his personality is different)....

I'm watching them (Itadaki High Jump) before Chronicle.
I'm checking their show properly.

One day, I'll nonchalantly appear.

Should I make a petition to Fuji TV's production team?!

# Kame-cha~n*

[Idk if he's referring to the episode or Kametaka Producer lol]

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 282:

Aoki announcer, thank you so much!

I didn't know about that! (red hair emoji)

[Someone must have told Kura about Aoki announcer's tweet
about his hair lol]

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 283:

FNS, it's true that only our table
is having a blast.

We did it with the though that it'd be nice if we could make those performing,
can perform easier but
if it ends up troubling you, I'm sorry (kneeling emoji(

I'm apologizing here where it won't reach people lol

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 284:

This is bad! I was half joking so you're not supposed
to convey it to Minowa-san! (Editor)

Isn't this a place where such thing won't be spread!
I had never written any manuscript y'know!

(XD Eighters, what did you guys do lol)

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 285:

1 day 7 entries to get 400 entries target.
I'm gonna do it.

Before that, I'll order for rice

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 286:

Christmas party, seems we can do something about it...
I wonder how should it be conveyed in real time...

It won't be fun if there's no planning...

There's functions that can be used for live broadcast
It'd be fun if we can drink together at that time

For those who doesn't drink and underage,
We'll have cake~ (cake emoji)

Is there any good idea for the plan?

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 287:

When I wrote that I read books, it sounds like I'm amazing

But the truth is, it's mostly manga y'know? lol

I learn about life via manga and games!

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 288:

(He's replying to comment page I think)
Of course I know Travis Japan
After all I went to their Saitama concert
I even remember the word MatsuMatsu combi
I know a lot about jrs now huh
If I reach this stage, I'd be a great Johnny's fan.

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 289:

Speaking of which, after cooking the yakisoba during bochi night, I haven't cook for myself at all since then...

3 months have passed!

This is bad,my skill is getting dull.

Speaking of which, watching that makes you want to
eat yakisoba right?
I will teach you the recipe so how about you guys launch a food stall all over the country at the same time
And then use the profit for production of the dolls? lol

I want to make a smaller size than the current mini eito boys dolls....

# sooner or later this will be a toys company
# making yakisoba for 20 years
# I started making dolls
# limited product is sauce coloured Boy (15sai dolls)

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 290:

Hey, hey, let me join you~

(pic of hina, yoko, maru boys dolls lol)

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