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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu Vol 291 to 370

Ultra Hyper Kurasumasu~ Days of Ohkura Tadayoshi battling for National Dominance

Description: Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog! Even if it's ultra hyper, it will unchangingly deliver in a chill~~ way

Kurasumasu 12/8 Vol 291:

"When delicious taste and delicious taste collides
I'm going to lose my consciousness"*

I was with a person who made such historically crazy expression of food report
And it makes me think of new ideas
However, will it take into a real form?
I wonder if it will get conveyed with everyone...

# then don't write this!
# drinking of miso soup but got reminded of curry lol

[* He's talking about Yasu lol. Please refer to Bochi Yoru DVD. Can't wait for Kurayasu new project!]

Kurasumasu 12/9 Vol 292:

I said that I want to do Christmas party
But I dont know what can be done and what's the good plan for that day (lol)

Should we watch 15sai?

It wouldnt be fun if we watch Bochi Yoru again..

Kurasumasu 12/9 Vol 293:

Isn't it cold?
Isn't it scary that it suddenly get so cold like this?
What happened?
It's because we move away from the sun.
It abandons the earth a bit
It's long distance relationship
Sun, quickly come back here soon

Kurasumasu 12/9 Vol 294:

There's so many things to do
It's fun!!
I'm full of excitement for that but my brain is running at maximum speed!
Is there a way to increase the capacity of brain?

Kurasumasu 12/9 Vol 295:

Speaking of which, even though it was supposed to be a secret somehow our present exchange plans got exposed!! Lol

I realized that after a few days had passed!

I'm excited to learn what each members buy.
What if they gave a gags-ish gift...

Yokoyama-kun seems like he would do such things.

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 296:

Today is filming!!

Will I be able to update or not?


Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 297:

Yasu's hair and my hair,

It creates a strong Christmas vibe

[XD Green hair and red hair ]

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 298:

All of Kanjani8 are really high spirited! Lol!

[.... what project is going on????]

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 299:

Irritating Quiz (Chronicle Base corner)

It makes me accumulate stress.

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 300:

Yesterday was the year end final filming of Kanjam (for this year). I realize how large this program is all over again.
The scale of influence... the staffs love...
Also, a place that lets me grow.
I'm thankful for it all.
Including the music industry, it's a program that the people I met talk a lot about.

Including me, it helps to increase my knowledge too.

In order to improve my skills, I'm starting a new challenge.

Next year, I will produce result and I want to be of more use to the group!

I'll give up my holidays and go all out working my best.

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 301:

I went to Gyudon restaurant
Dropped an egg into the soup
Added so much red pickled ginger that the meat couldnt even be seen
Sprinkled with shijimi
And I ate it.

Freedom is amazing~

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 302:

It's my dad's fault that I added sauce to eggs dishes.

Since we're kids, it's always dad only who has more side dishes than us.

I said "Sneaky!!" And he told the elementary school me to try earn my own money.
When I start earning for myself, I start to not care much about having more side dishes...

Well, it's that sort of thing.

Since I remember about it till now, it means grudges about food are scary... >:( >:(

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 303:

When I watch TV, there's many flirting scenes

Angry >:( >:(

# USJ is a different thing
# It's just jealousy
# I like Sandwich-man [comedian group]

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 304:

When I was in elementary school,
my friend's father brought me for the first time
to Yoshimoto Shinkigeki [comedy theater].

Due to Ooki Kodama . Hibiki-san [Comedian group]
I laugh with tears streaming down my face from beginnning to end
A few years later after that,
I joined Johnny's.

No matter what genre it is,
As long as you're on stage
The audience will bring something back home
After they watch you
This career is too wonderful

I come to remember it again.

Kurasumasu 12/10 Vol 305:

I love Indians [Comedian group. M-1 (semifinal? final?) contestants of this year] so much.

Kurasumasu 12/11 Vol 306:

I'm announcing that the hibernation season is approaching close.

[XD Mr 80% bear is back! 🐻]

Kurasumasu 12/11 Vol 307:

Speaking of which, it ending on Christmas sounds so Cinderella-ish, right?


Kurasumasu 12/11 Vol 308:
This, even when I read it now, it's still really good. As a book or as a pamphlet... Umm... wonderful.

Somehow, something is welling up in my heart.

[Pic of Dear Eighters 8est 2012 Pamphlet]

Kurasumasu 12/11 Vol 309:

I'm watching at home, Johnny's members~

What a luxurious time ^_^

[Lol watching FNS is it?]

Kurasumasu 12/12 Vol 310:

There's triangle zone in triangle park
But why does it become triangle in middle of city?

If it's straight it won't end up becoming triangle after all.

Is there old men who likes triangle somewhere?

Kurasumasu 12/12 Vol 311:

The outside is so cold.
I imagined walking somewhere while having my ears being thrown with ice.
It hurts rather than cold so I ran away

# ???

Kurasumasu 12/12 Vol 312:

I can't post! Even though I was targeting for 400
Due to this (Jweb down) I can't do it.
When I got told that "It's fine, you don't have to do that"
I found an excuse

Kurasumasu 12/12 Vol 313:

Indeed, no matter what it is, you need to do it "step by step" (in english)

Kurasumasu 12/17 Vol 314:

Today is last Chronicle filming for this year~!

Slowly it's heading towards 2020 huh

It's a new corner though so I hope you viewers would enjoy it~

Kurasumasu 12/17 Vol 315:

Finally recovered! lol

Oi Kurasumasu is ending soon!! lol lol

Everyone, it makes you lonely right?
To not be able to read Johnny's Web

I understand you feelings because it made us feel lonely too~

I'll work hard at posting!

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 316:

Ohkura thinks of why it feels lonely when Jweb is down.

I conclude that it's like losing a friend.

Speaking of what it means

Within me, it's like I created a virtual person
through Johnny's web.
So called, virtual friend.
Even though there's no reply
I'd imagine, "Ah, they probably would react this way"
and so I don't need a response.

We communicated every day

It has absolutely no content at all
but it was fun

And then, suddenly mail address changed!

I couldn't send!

But I got a reply.

Ah, I misunderstood.

I thought I got hated... but I was told that their phone fell down.

What the heck! I said.

Then it can't be helped huh.

... I'm pretty nuts huh.

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 317:

I ate in Hiroshima
Soup-less Tantan men
During the end, I mix it with rice
And I feel like I could lose my consciousness (because it's too delicious)


Sitting across me is...


(Pic of soup less tantan men)

[Kurayasu food date!]

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 318:


At a lot of the prefectures I went to, they have castles~

All sorts of castles...

It's nice, right~

I want to build one..  lol

[Ohkura-san what are you saying lololol]

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 319:

Christmas Party had been decided~ ^_^

For convenience of scheduling issue, it's decided that these are the members who will join the party

On 24 Dec, starting from 7 pm
we'll do, yonayona Christmas Party
Live streaming is pretty difficult
So we'll try to record it as close to the real time possible
So everybody, let's have fun together?

But it's not like we'll do much of anything anyway lol

[Meaning Yona yona team Hina, Yasu, Kura (non drama team) will join the party~]

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 320:

I went to have meal with Ren (Kinpuri)!

He said, "We get to meet so rarely!!!" Lol

That was because I have work too, y'know...

I was with Hiromitsu too there.

The usual separate payment was supposed to be good enough...
That guy, he forgot that he once said "When I'm successful, I'll pay for you"

Next time I'll write it on message board!! (Monthly magazines)

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 321:

Kashiwagi-san (please refer to Kura's weird persona of Super Morning Research corner of Chronicle), I wonder how he'll turn out to be.
I'm looking forward to it as a viewer~

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 322:

I once thought of, "What if my butt is small?"
But, it's not like it's all that much of a profit or a loss
So I stop thinking about it

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 323:

If I were to buy the clothes that Harajuku's staff recommended to be,
I'd look like Naniwa Danshi
So, I updated myself with adult-ish clothes

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 324:

I'm team white (Kohaku), so is it really okay that my hair is red?
I end up feeling exactly the same way as the time when we were given chance to sing Omoidama (Kohaku 2014)

Winter 2019.

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 325:

Somehow it seems that everybody is in a hurry during year end and it seems fun~!
I have a big stage waiting for me so every year I'm excited.
Also I'm so happy that I get to be able to update so I'll write and write~
I wonder if I can reach 400...

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 326:

At the very last one, I will announce the number of posts and number of comments~ ^-^

# kurasumasu loss
# I didn't expect I will feel the loss myself
# It's fine for me to do such things since this is time limited

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 327:

Finally next week, the collaborations that I requested from Yanaka-san (Skapara) comes true!
My heart is burning with emotions!!!!!

Thankful (T . T)

Yanaka papa!!

[Lulz, you call Yanaka-san, papa?!]

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 328:

If I were to post 10 to 12 entries per day until Christmas, I'd reach 400 entries.

Yosh, I'm gonna do it!!

Even though the flavour may becomes light, please enjoy the meal okay? ^-^

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 329:

In this period, anybody who post this much,
There's nothing else that can  be written after this.. right?

The reason for that is

All the Johnny's are really busy lol.

"Oi!! Who is it who made Ohkura's schedule so free!!"

Kurasumasu 12/18 Vol 330:

I was too sleepy
If I sleep early, I woke up too early
That it ends up being still dark outside.

Is there no time?!! For me?!!

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 331:

In Yasu's phone
From 9 years ago,
He still keep the file of the song where I wrote the lyrics and he made the melody for me

I'm so embarassed, this couldnt come into a physical form~

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 332:

Cinderella Christmas (Kinki Kids)

I have the confidence that one will fall for it starting from the intro

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 333:

I was an elementary school kid who gelled my sideburns because I admire Tsuyoshi-kun's.

I was a middle school boy who did straight perm because I admired Koichi-kun.

Now, I'm a 34 years old who has no sideburns due to my unruly hair.

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 334:

I stopped saving money!

Well, it's not like I ever saved...

There's no point in keeping them all!!

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 335:

My musical instrument life...

In my middle high school, I bought a blue electric guitar via mail order

Now, I'm hitting on a blue drums.

We wouldn't know what will happen in our lives

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 336:

I want to build a house at least once in my life!!

In America

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 337:

The word of this year is 「忠」(chuu/tada)

1. No lies in the heart

2. Serve the master with whole heart and with sincerity

It was written like that.

In this occasion, I can't no longer stand above this 忠義 Tadayoshi name lol
The act of helping to inherit the (Johnny's)-ism to the younger ones...

I feel like... I've succeeded? Even in just a small way

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 338:

Maru is doing period drama!!

He's working with the studio people that I've made promise with. (Shigotonin)
I said, "I'll come back as the main character!"
Until then, the coffee master needs to continue
sending me coffee beans! I was so happy that it's always attached with a letter each time!
I got lonely when it's gone but
a promise is a promise!!

I'm waiting for the offer!!

# Maru-chan fight

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 339:

I want to know my ancestor.

What sort of lineage will it be?

Do they have big warehouses [pun on his 大(Big) +倉(Warehouse) family name]?

Are they rich?

Are they samurai or merchants?
Is the reason I like America so much is due to the inside of all Kura's are all America?

American master?

What? What?

What the heck is American Master? lol lol

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 340:

Because everyone had been teasing me with Okra so much, when guest simply talk about Okra on Janiben,
The audience start snickering.

The atmosphere become "Nn? What's funny?"
So I really want the Okra joke to stop already
Those time when I have to explain it (to the guest) no matter what is such a hellish time.


Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 341:

Guys that are popular among guys are popular with girls too

But girls who are hated by girls are popular with guys

Well then, this is the assignment for this week~
Each of you think about it and then submit it to me~!

Kin kon kan kon (school bell)

Kurasumasu vol 12/19 Vol 342:

Since both blu ray and DVD are released,
I always think that,
I'd like each of them to have a different editing...

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 343:

Somehow in a good meaning, I have become defiant, and I gain freedom.

There's no longer anything that tie me down.

To make it simple, I now see things that I need to cherish.

I'm thankful about everything.

Things that I seem to have but I dont.

And that's why, I'm thankful of the chance to make it myself.

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 344:

I forgot my wallet at home

I somehow feel anxious but I somehow go through this day in a cashless way

[Lulz, just ask him to be the cm model for Quickpay already uwu]

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 345:

The year end party are so continuous that it's exhausting.

If I have to do this much of year end party, I'd especially forget December.

I dont think it's supposed to be like that lol

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 346:

Kanjam, as we watch the VTR,
It's the time for me to mutter meaningless things under my breath with Furuta occhan,
It's a time of happiness...

MSte Super Live's collaboration with Kanjam..

Since it's a live show, I'll do it properly lol lol

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 347:

I'd like to just sunbathe while listen to music while staying at Japan's south islands

But I hate bugs and sunburns..

I hate that it's far and I hate aeroplanes..

In the end, it's impossible.

Kurasumasu 12/19 Vol 348:

Recently, I come to an understanding that in many things I am the one who told myself that this is my limit (even when  it's not)

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 349:

The movie that I want to watch is around 3 hours 30 minutes!!
I ought to watch it!! Me!!

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 350:

Dybala (soccer player of Argentine), he's way too cool.

I wonder if there's any momwnt where I can do his pose when I appear on tv?

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 351:
On 25th Dec at 12 [I assume afternoon], our present exchange party will be uploaded

[I assume Kanjani TV uwu

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 352:

Massage, there's absolutely nothing to do when that was being done to me so I can only bear it for 30 minutes.

It does feel good but I'm so idle that it's impossible for me. Is there anybody who could understand what I'm saying?
The only thing you can do at that time is to look at the floor, right? People who can stand that for until 2 hours are amazing.

Stop living in a rush, Tadayoshi-kun!!!

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 353:

I posted way too much that you guys know everything about me now!
You know every single info about me now, not even a single milimeter left!

Ah have I told you that I like straight black tea and jasmine tea?

 Kura sounds like a gossip queen]

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 354:

I want to eat unaju. I was brought to a really delicious and famous unagi restaurant somewhere before but I forgot where it was so I can't go there anymore.
It was so fluffy and soft that I could lose my consciousness

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 355:

I'll be happy if it'd become White Christmas.
Every year, it will be white christmas at cold places, right?

It makes me wants to drink stew

[uwu lol the conclusion is food in the end]

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 356:

I suddenly come to remember the time when I was still a kid and living with
my family. Of course, for the current students, to live with their family now
may feel like"a matter of course" but someday you may have to be independent and leave house
So it's best that you appreciate the moment you have (with family) now...

I suddenly remember of this as I was thinking of food.

Info said that one human thinks about 60,000 times a day after all.

Ah, I have to bring out the laundry.

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 357:

When I watch news, all of the sad incidents keep on flowing.
It makes me want to look away...
So I turn to watch variety show and let it make me laugh...

Kurasumasu 12/20 Vol 358:

Once this ends, without any training note this site will be deleted.
It's completely like Cinderella of 12 o'clock magic.

# A bird does not foul the nest its about to leave
# If you want to read back, now is the time
# kuraderella
# it's not like the content is the type that makes one wants to read it again
# 12 o clock is approaching

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 359:

I laughed way too much that the people around me got worried.

I guess it scares them. Overall I laughed for 5 hours.  After gotten tired from laughing, I feel like sleeping.
I want to stare at the face of a baby who sleeps after got tired of crying..

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 360:

Please bring me to the dream world soon...

Oh dwellers of the dream world...

It feels like I couldnt be good friends with them...

I realized that they have good relationship with everyone else you know?

Maybe it's just my misunderstanding lol

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 361:

It gives me happiness when I eat sour umeboshi.
I love pickled foods too.
I love ochadzuke and if I could eat it in the morning with grilled fish it'd be awesome.
If there's natto too I'd be excited and grins to myself
There is no mistake that this is the greatest breakfast menu in the morning, including the nutritional value too.

It'd be nice if the time I spent thinking of what to eat after waking up could last forever...

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 362:

I dont know if my friend know about the Xmas party or the year end party
But he keeps on sending video of an ossan who is good at karaoke.
I want him to stop.

It makes me

Surprisingly he sings stuff like Backnumber so my heart feel discomposed

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 363:

Chinen said something that made it into a news!
Also oh yeah, I keep on forgetting to buy Chinen a new shirt lol
But that guy, even when we're just having fun drinking as friends,
He would quietly go back
And then he mailed "Senpai, please have fun!"

Oi! Say it out directly!

There's time when one feel lonely and thus one went home.
If you turn that feeling into money,
It becomes a dark character.

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 364:

Huh? No Chronicle today...
Kanjani... filmed a lot of game y'know?

Kanjani please!!

# shut up

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 365:

Yesterday I was watching Sanma-san's videos... and I stayed up until dawn.

Halfway, I was laughing so hard that I cried that I become that strange person who laugh and cry at the same time.
Since I'm sleepy, I'll ask my younger twin brother to do the radio tonight

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 366:

When I enter the sauna, I ask how many minutes is it?
Once I enter, it's hell...

But I can concentrate there and think.
Once I think that I get a good idea, 10 minutes passed by in a flash.

The thinking art of sauna.
But then when I enter the bath tub I forget everything.

The only result in the end was sweat.

The lengthy time I spent in the sauna in the end is just that.

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 367:

Eh, Iniesta [soccer player] is transferring?
Then I cant see you in Japan again ( T.T )

I like international soccer too y'know? Lol


Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 368:

The way it is done is hya~~~

But I think the mind and the naming sense is really extraordinary

# I wont say what this is about lol

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 369:

I do like horror and suspense but (after watching those) I'd be on guard when I go into corners so that's why I only watch them occasionally.

When I accidentally passed someone at the corner, I'd be shocked.

I'm not a scaredy cat, just sensitive

Kurasumasu 12/21 Vol 370:

The manager is gradually getting better at driving.
And since I don't drive, chances are I'm gradually getting worse.

When it comes to the time when I have to drive no matter what, it would be uncool if I scuffed against other cars.
But I dont even have car in the first place anyway.

# approaching thankfulness
# charm as a man
# driving technique
# I'm hungry
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