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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 27 & 28

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

1/10 #27

Video, lighting, sound, decorative illuminations, laser, special effects...

Everything has deep meanings...

When one becomes a professional,
From the time one stands at the start line...
Every words will lean more towards sense and intuition.

When I'm with people with intuitions,
there's a feeling that bubbles up and burns up.

But, how do those people intends to move forward
it depends on the "heart".

I'm thankful.

[Most probably monitoring KJJ's Kyocera Dome rehearsal]

1/11 #28

Today, everyone (eito) were talking about
during JCD, the ones who counts from above are way too fast right?
Well, it feels like the months and the years
moves faster and faster nowadays.

However, we still have a long way to go,
We won't be defeated by anyone 😊

We'll make you fall in love with the cool us in our 30s~ 😎😎😎
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