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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 29 to 33

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

1/13 #29

Susaki (Kochi), you're way too amazing...
I didn't know about it until I heard about it from the staffs.
I'm touched...🥺🥺

Thank you for making me feel deeply moved since morning.

Thank you for preparing meals for the eighters.

The heart of warm people makes me teary.

[He's talking about the Mogu Mogu Fest that Kochi people did for the first time this year specifically so that eighters will find it easy to find meals. And the staff of mogu mogu fest heard about Kura's entry about them and responds warmly in their twitter! ^^]

1/13 #30

Well then, I guess I'm heading back to my own work 😊

I've been given the chance to be busy with various works,
And I've been given the chance to spend a very fulfilling
new year.

Let's look forward to it together ✊✊✊

1/14 #31

Hello, when I watch the tv,
when I see Kanju is given the chance
to be featured in various medias,
I feel really thankful!

They are supported by a lot of people,
And seeing the sight of them who are growing
Step by step,
It gives me motivations too.

This time, they were given the task to perform
Arashi-san's MONSTER.
I discussed with Arashi themselves about this
And they lend me the video that they previously used.

It's not the one that they used recently,
With the feeling of,
"If they were to do that famous song,
Then as much as possible, I would like them
to perform it as close as possible to the original
staging and dance choreography"
And when I went to Arashi for advice on that matter,
They gladly lend it to me!

I'm really thankful to have seniors with such
a huge heart!!

Well, somehow it(media) worded the matter in a way
that sounds like I'm producing it in a conceited way
But I just want to explain the feelings I put in
producing the last 3 groups that Johnny-san had created.
It's also a way for me to repay those who had changed me.

However, for me, by nurturing them
My life has been changed too.

There's still a long way to go, and I won't be defeated!!

I'm aiming for higher and higher
And I think that I must show my back to them (follow me).

# So passionate since early morning
# I kinda sleep and woke up
# As a result I'm sleepy, sleepy, sleepy

1/14 #32

Today we're filming for CM~! ^-^

I feel like Yasu's hair had become brilliant green,
But my hair, I don't get it but somehow the redness appears
A bit and it becomes a half hearted brown colour.

I guess I need to go to beauty saloon and get it fixed
in a charismatic style.

[So the Kochi fans reports are real! "His hair looks red when light hits his hair" XD I thought it's just lighting effect]

1/14 #33

Me, I was atopic when I was a little kid.

From then on, my skin had always been weak
And it always immediately appear on my skin.

Now dots of red patches appears on my legs
And it seriously makes me sigh.

This, is also a part of my complex.
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