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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 37 to 44

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

1/17 #37

The habit of touching my nape
Is due to the fact that I want to fix the curled part
of my hair!!!!!!

# Amazing new facts
# That's no big deal at all for everyone else
# Important for Tadayoshi-kun
# 😨😨😨😨😨

1/17 #38

There's way too many hairstyles that I want to try
I don't know which to choose!!

I think a lot will like the hairstyle where I keep my hair a bit longer
And perm is softly and put the hair behind my ears
Maru did that too after all
I will do ego-searching* lol
[*searching for your own name on SNS]

Blonde and curl mash bob is also very popular.


I'll go bald. 👨‍🦲


1/17 #39

My cheeks had gone chubby.


Even though I have been working hard all these while lol...

This is the first day in a while other than New Year Day that I get to
slowly relax.
I won't go out today.

I'll accept myself who just want to lie and roll around today.
I'll treasure and take good care of myself today
From now on, it'd definitely be really busy...

Also, I didn't know that it got into my cart* [*online shopping cart]
but I got another 4 cushion delivered to me.

I feel like these items is trying to tell to please lie and roll around...

Speaking of which, this room in this house is filled to the brim with cushions...

1/17 #40

I'm going to watch the movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver

It was beautiful the whole time 😍😍

[I'm assuming he's watching Marriage Story lol]

1/17 #41

It was a wonderful movie
It was a realistic and thought provoking movie
Not the type of movie that Ohkura-kun tends to watch
[He calls himself in third person point of view in his Jweb lol]

To think that it's possible for two people who loves each other would come to
this point...
This story is a must watch for those with dreams of marriage...

However, the acting of these two people are really amazing

# Speaking of which, what does the word maknae that Kento always say means?

[Spoiler (click to open)][Spoiler: 1. He's talking about Marriage Story, a tale of marriage and divorce. Two person who do cares and love each other but comes to a point where the differences leads them to having to part ways and that one needs more that love for a marriage to work. 2. Maknae = kpop term for 'the youngest']

1/17 #42

Ah, I finally get it!!
It was because last time, only the cushion covers arrive
So I thought I want to buy the cushion itself.
When I was walking around one day, I found cushions at
A furniture shop so the cushions I selected in my online shopping carts
Stay there all these while.

I don't need 8 cushions....

Thanks to that, I was lying around the whole while
So when I want to grab drinks, surprisingly I got into
life threatening postures
And without those pose, I probably couldn't seem to get up...

# When I searched the meaning of Maknae, I found out that it's Korean language
# Ohkura maknae-chan
# Renaming

1/17 #43

Happy New Year! 🍾
Actually, starting from 1st January of 2020 to today
I had spent my time oversea
I had a very bad jet lag
I don't even remember how many champagne I had drunk...
Please take care of me too this year, okay?

Eh? The hotel that I stayed at?
Of course 5 stars hotel 💫

# The return of Kurako

1/17 #44

I'm so sorry, when I read the comments
It seems that you guys are strongly expecting for it

About me going to go blonde someday...

I won't change my hair now...

I'm sorry 🙏

Really sorry 🙏
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