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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 59 to 63

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

1/22 #59

Could it be that from now on,
it would only get colder and colder...?

My ears feels like they are about to fly away 👼👼👼

Since my earlobe is thick, it's really painful when I remove
my piercings.
Because I hate removing my piercings,
If I buy ear piercing that wouldn't come off,
then I would never remove it.

Actually, even though it looks the same,
The size of the left and the right one is different.

And my weakness of being bad at
internet shopping is exposed huh?

When I received delivery items from my internet shopping,
I like that sense of excitement.
Speaking of excitement, it feels like an idea is about
to born... that'd be great right!
When the idea is moved forward and the team starts to come into action
When I feel the sensation of the passion and heat of that moment,
I feel like it's really great.

Speaking of "It's great", on SNS, we call it "It's great" but how is
it called oversea? [LIKE button]

Speaking of oversea, last year I went there and
it had been a really great experience...
I was given the chance to study about music festivals oversea

However, I wonder about Johnny's Fest? [Like SM fest? XD]
For example if you listen to MC which is filled with only
Kansai people, you guys are probably going to shake you heads.
It is best indeed to do it separately instead huh?
Even though I understand that there's demands,
But I also believe that there's things that is born out
of challenging something new.

Speaking of challenge...

I wrote sentences like magical banana but
I'm reaching my limit soon... lol lol

There's people who don't know what magical banana is
in the first place huh?
It's a delicious variety of banana🍌

[Magical Banana is a game where you think of a words that starts from the last letter
said by the previous person]

1/22 #60

First of all, I will start with 3 kilo.

Yosh! 🏃‍♂️

1/22 #61

I ran during the day
I took bath, I cleaned the house

When I'm heading to work
I feel really fresh.

I feel good ^-^

1/23 #62

The movie release date
is 5th of June

I will do my best with the promotions
So let's meet at the cinema? 🥺

1/23 #63

Even by just running and eating salads,
my body is deflating.
I gain weight easily, but I lose weight easily too.

It would be nice if I couldn't gain weight
and also at the same time couldn't easily lose weight...
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