Lin (lineelu2001) wrote in kanjani8,

[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 108 to 110

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

2/5 #108

Today, even though I woke up early
I accidentally took a nap twice
I feel like a third wave of sleep is about to come

Good night 💤🌙

2/6 #109

Isn't it too cold?
Please don't catch a cold

Wash your hands properly too 🤝

The latest volume, get! 🥺🥺🥺

[Lol, congratulations for getting the latest volume of the manga XD]

2/6 #110

Had 1 year passed
since the movie shooting?

It really is something that moves fast.

However, it is a happy thing.
Finally, the art get to be delivered to you all

Tags: j-web, translation: other

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