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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 127 to 133

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

2/14 #127

As expected, prefecture of udon
So delicious~~~!!

(picture of udon)

[He went to an udon shop recommended by Hirunandesu's Nanbara-san with Yoko in Kagawa]

2/15 #128

A new video will be uploaded
on Kanjani8 TV at 18:00!
Faint in agony~~~~!!!

[Last sentence, he use 悶絶 lol idk, is it a slang or what...]

2/15 #129

Tomorrow's video of Maru's precious meals
will be uploaded~~

I always laugh alone as I check the videos

Drunk me = sober Maru


[Ehhhh so producer Ohkura-san needs to check all the Kanjani8 TV video along all his other works! m(_ _)m Thank you so much for the love always!]

2/15 #130

It's radio show today 📻

When I come home after that,
I hope I could immediately fall asleep
So I must avoid taking cafein

I went to the gym and I have soaked in the bath too
My preparation is perfect.

To you all who's strong with nights, look forward to it.

But, well tomorrow is Sunday after all 😎😎😎

2/15 #131

I want to eat at conveyor belt sushi~~~~~

At the side of the national highway
There's a big conveyor belt sushi restaurant
That is a favourite of mine
When I enter, I can't hold myself back

Also, when I go out on a trip
Let's go to any restaurant~

Oh~! Conveyor belt sushi!!

At such time, the possibility of me overeating
is 100% percent.

2/15 #132

Speaking of which, I was not at home for 1 week

Why does dust collects? Where does it come from?

I want to block the entrance route!!😡😡

2/15 #133

From today onwards, I'll be serious about losing weight!!

I was afraid to not eat when tour is going on
So I ate without thinking of the balance
I need to fix that.

Speaking of which, the person in charge (of Jweb)
is probably surprised at the sudden chaotic number of updates

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