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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 137 to 145

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

2/16 #137

I ate salads
But I'm hungry
When I wander around, there's a soba restaurant
Compared to udon it uses less wheat flour
So I won't get fat eating it, right?

By saying all that in my head, I scold myself
"That's why you couldn't lose weight!!"



2/16 #139

When I enter a restaurant,
I was suddenly handed a take out
When I said "Eh?" they then replied with
"Sorry! I mistaken you for someone else!"

Apparently I got mistaken to be a food delivery person.

Un... I guess the reason for that is my clothes
I think so.

2/16 #140

I think the reason that I was this scared of airplane

Is due to the fact that in my past life, I was a monkey that
got snatched away by a big bird.


So pitiful 🥺🥺🥺

[Yeah... don't ask. lol]

2/16 #141

When I was surfing on Johnny's Web
The Boku jweb (Yasu's Jweb) shows that it's updated

Seems that he's making some sort of request.
What do you guys plan do about it?

#マンハッタンヤス (Manhattan Yasu)


lol lol

[It refers to the song Manhattan Love that Yasu performs on Kanjam 16.02.2020. It actually trended like that for real last night lol. And fanboy Kura checking over members own jweb]

2/16 #142

#マンハッタンヤス (Manhattan Yasu)

I decide that with this, I'm not going to go to sleep until Kanjam ends

# manhattan yasu
# valentine day yasu
# Nowadays I would already be asleep by 8 pm

[8 pm?! So early! XD]

2/17 #143

The expert who enters the world of the song
And sing it with a delicate and powerful expression.
Manhattan Yasu

Though I couldn't see the inside of his mouth or throat
But if I were to ask, "Is it working really busily?"
I'm answered with, "Yeah! Indeed!"

He sings it very naturally but the skills he utilize is indeed amazing!

I must work hard too!!

2/17 #144

The promotion of Kyuso, has start moving.

When I see the completed work myself,
I end up thinking "Ah... I wish I did that this way
or it'd be better if I express it this way instead."
So I don't really prefer watching my own work.

I don't know about myself
But, inclusive of everybody involved with this work
This is a wonderful movie.

2/17 #145

Of course, there's various opinions when it comes to this sort of genre
And it depends on each person...

But for me, among all the people in this world

I think, it's  really just a love story of people who
comes to this point of decision.
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