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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 168 to 174

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/1 #168

Today I sweated myself out at the gym too! ^-^
I was screened to check if I have any symptoms.

Of course I have no symptoms though,
I'm training my body in preparation for the upcoming activity.

Sometimes, people said to me that
What a nice thing to get money just by doing fun things like your job... lol
During time of emergencies too
I need to have the sense of duty that I need to keep the fun things
continuing on at the same time

Of course it's safety first for everyone but
For us, we can move forward anytime!

3/2 #169

During lunch, there's a group of salarymen next to me.

I think we're probably of the same generations.

There seems to be 1 person among them
that seems to be the manager but everyone ate so much
that looking at them makes you feel good.

I think, if I'm not in this line of work,
I'll most probably be mingled among the group
with an unshaven face and with plump body.

There's a person who's in the middle of dieting so
they ate vegetable soup.

There's one person who added lots of rice into the remains of
the curry udon

"We have one chance, right?" the speaking person seems to
be the youngest manager.
They are probably popular among their workmates.

3/2 #170

I wonder why I would be singing such cheery melody when I
take a bath

Is it something that is that exciting?
I'm singing and humming run~ run~
and fu fu fun~ while wiggling and washing my body.

Naked drummer.

3/2 #171

I'm watching a pretty huge volume of videos.

I'm listening to genres of music that I have never heard before too.

I've never properly experimented about what I most probably like before
so it's a new discovery to me to find out that I actually like this genre.

My everyday is full of surprises where I found out that with just one
incident occuring in my life, I changed this much.

Living without lying to your own heart
Living as what you truly feel
It's a good thing.

3/2 #172

I think I want to change my piercings soon

3/2 #173

I want to ask... Has your passion for nui cooled down?

3/2 #174

I'm working with a stylist that I met for the first time today
I had lots of fun.

It reminds me of my work from 9 years ago

[Most probably he's talking about his POPEYE modelling era]

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