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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 190 to 197

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/11 #190

Finally the sale has been decided.
Chibi nui 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Because it's a time when things only get darker and darker
So let me announce a happy topic.

I am also thinking of a way to let those who can't attend
the concert to be able to purchase it too.

Release date, purchasing method
I will announce that later.

# Chibi nui
# It's possible to change the clothes
# Attached with ball chain

(picture of chibi nuis sample!)

3/11 #191

Page not found


3/11 #192

Fuji-san that looks like ice cream.

Fuji-san looks like its cold.

(Picture of Fuji Mountain from sky that looks similar to the one Yasu said he sent to Kura on Yasu's ranger jweb)

3/11 #193

If we were to sell official clothes,
should it be for the (eito) boys or the chibu nui?

Well, I'm taking into consideration doing for both you know?
... What's my actual profession in the first place... 🙄

3/13 #194

In regards to Kanjani8 TV,
I think it's good if it's permanent

Though this is not something that I can't decide
with just my own desire,
Right now, we're being allowed to self indulgently
Do it in the fanclub

But, I think if we do it in subscription style,
I'm pretty sure the things that we can do and the quality
will improve too~

I will be useful to different groups too
And don't you think it'd be really great to build
A style that is unique to Johnny's?

What's your opinion?

3/13 #195

Something that anybody can see
RIght now because something that is a matter of course
But, exactly because absolutely anybody can post such things
The value/quality of that fades away

Nowadays, it's full of freedom
But as more and more people increase
Restrictions become more and more severe
If it becomes like that, then what's the point of going there...?

So, before it gets saturated,
Those who search for new worth
I think are those who will get connected to a new work

Though, I'm saying this like I'm a know-it-all now.

[He's either talking about SNS or streaming sites....]

3/13 #196

Isn't it better to do 8Uppers 2 instead?
But since it's a special footage,
So the performance won't be like a movie though

3/13 #197

I write so many serious things, it gets boring, right.

Yesterday night, when I call Maru-chan, he rejects me

The next time he invites me out, I'll reject him.

[wwwww... what are you guys, 8 years olds?]
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