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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 198 to 204

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/14 #198

It's snowing today...

Isn't this like last week's radio?!!

[Hint: DJ Tadayoshi on ANN lol]

3/15 #199

I dreamed that I time slipped back to 10 years ago
My knowledge was shallow back then, and the drums setting positions
was completely different from now too and it was hard to to beat them at such positions.

The staffs from back then too was different from now.

There's a sense of nostalgia too,
But I was curious too, of why I always directly came back to this time interval.

But, I safely returned.

Year 2020, I'm home.

... What a mysterious entry.

3/15 #200

I'm glad you came along.
With certainty, everything comes to life.

There were times when our relationship is bad but now,
I'm really thankful to you, y'know?


Well then, let's face each other today too, shall we?

3/16 #201

Yesterday, to have my personal activity to be
to be used by major media like that, I'm really thankful.

The truth is, since the end of the year
It's a cycle of 3 steps forward, 2 steps backwards
over and over again
It is exactly swinging between joy and sorrow...
When I thought that I finally could grasp it,
I hit into a new problem again and my everyday was miserable.

"But, vocal chord is a musical instrument, y'know?
The moment I got told that...
A musical really difficult.. *feeling down sound*
It's not something that you can master overnight just because you got taught
So the fact of coming to this instrument at this timing
Is where I have to face a reality where in order to reach to my dreams,
I am progressing at a snail pace.
Within this 15 years, my experience connects with my stoicicm.

Personally, the thing that I harverst most is learning about my own body structure
and to certain degrees in regards to music, my knowledge has increases.

Other than that, I'm gradually memorizing the various types of singing voice and speaking voice
and the way they utilize it lol.

But, like what mentioned just now,
I'm completely different from the members and not similar to any of them.
My physical body and the size of my vocal chord is different from them too
so the way to manage my vocal chord is difficult and
And the way I vocalize up until now was totally wrong
So if I don't come to terms with this,
then it can't be a new musical instrument.

Because I usually produce bass tone
In order to produce high tone
I have to be careful about my throat starting from
the way I usually talk, I'm in the middle of
remodelling it in a huge way.

Which is why, right now it's hard to even raise the volume of
my voice and which is why I had to end up changing my singing voice to
a lighter tone...

My low voice is something that will never be gone forever,
but someday from a very low tone I can go up to a higher tone than I could now!

And that is my plan... lol

The options for the way of singing and way of speaking seems to be increasing.

However, the method taught to me was like that but actually, there's all sorts of
teachers who teaches all sorts of methods all over Japan!

For me, to get to meet a voice trainer at this timing, more than anything else,
I think it's fate.
The moment I feel that sensation of this is one of those time in one's life
where you feel that this is a timing of miraculous encounter
I immediately approached her.

I'm thankful to everyone.

Well, there's still a long way to go.
I feel like I have advanced 3 stages out of 10 stages.
The path in front is still a long way to go, but the fact that I can still
learn a lot more is a happy thing.

For me, more than anything else
for a human, no matter how old they get
they can still change and grow.
I want to tell everyone that action is power
so from now on I want to continue working hard too.

I'm still in midst of developing
but I'll work hard to sing tonight too! ^^

[Kura was talking about Kanjam 15.03.2020 and last line was about CDTV 16.03.2020]

3/16 #202

The me

on Boku*
If this sort of person is doing street live
People would probably give everything they own 😍😍

[wwww whut. He was talking about the picture of him playing guitar that Yasu secretly took last year & posted on Yasu's Boku jweb today]

3/16 #203

Shit, I'm really nervous... fu.

What am I? Do-M?

[He must be talking about their CDTV appearance. About being Do-M, well, you have admitted it on tv on at least 2 occasions soooooo lol]

3/17 #204

During CDTV rehearsal, during 2nd verse A melody,
actually the volume of Yasu's harmonization was higher than Ohkura
during the real performance, he adjusted himself and gently envelops my voice.
I saw the essence of Yasu who had always been doing upper harmony all these while
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