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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 vol 210 to 217

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/22 #210

* It's the end after another 1 last time

* I'm hungry

* Maru is creating a god like level gags

* It can be made without cafein

* I want to go cut my hair

* The title call is mixed

* Begone, the bags under my eyes

* I wont go and rob the mint (Apparently related to a Netflix show wwww)

* I'm hungry

* Is there a way to not get a stiff shoulder

* I want to spend days with just sandals on as soon as possible

* I want to see Sakura

* Right now, all of these are in my head

3/23 #211

The rain is falling down
And it's a bit cold
My nose feels itchy, could it be due to pollen?

It feels like the spring is not coming
But truth is, it is coming close

3/23 #212

I want to do something that will brighten everybody up

I'm sure that everybody who works in this career feels the same way

But in this period,

I'm sure there's a lot of preparations in this winter
A lot of songs are born too in this world*

So I'm looking forward to that
and for now, we can only clench our teeth and endure this moment.

Supposedly, yesterday and today, I was supposed to stand on the
stage huh?

Yosh! Today, how about watching Kanjani8's DVD? lol

# I collected it all together 1 year ago
# Kanjani8 viewing

(Picture of eito's concert DVD in his drawer lol)

[*wwww suddenly remember Yu-kun's poop songs (ANN). Sorry XD]

3/23 #213

Directing is indeed a difficult thing

Of course I have a feeling of wanting the audience to see a Johnny's concert
that audience had never seen before
But I don't want to talk about behind the scenes stuff too much
because it wouldn't be nice to have the audience who came to think too much about it.

It's those who don't know the matter behind the magic that gets to be surprised and enjoy it.

Which is why I don't talk about it lol

However, that had been fresh!
I've never produced a show before,
only live concert.

Well, I learn that with many different artists, there's many different type of concert live!

Before going to sleep on Sunday, I'm learning music from Kanjam. 🤓🤓

3/23 #214

Once upon a time, when I go to Tokyo Station a whole lots
There was an onigiri shop there and their salt onigiri, karaage
and miso soup that I bought had been the best!
I wonder why I suddenly remember that...
When I look at the watch, it's about 5 pm.

Ohkura's belly clock, today is accurate as usual too.

3/24 #215

For those of you who are spending lots of time at home
We are sending reuploads to you.

Because it's lots of videos in March, please enjoy it! ^^

[He's talking about reuploads of all Kanjani8 TV videos]

3/25 #216

We're doing all sorts of rehearsals, today, Kanjani8 is in actions too.

I'm feeling high spirited. How about you guys?

3/27 #217

In order to not further spread the infection
In order to save more lives
In order to prevent the hospital beds from being overwhelmed...

To prevent the medical system from collapsing...

Everybody, let's help and save each other...
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