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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 218 & 219

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/28 #218

Delivering to you guys who are spending your time at home!
Kanjani8 TV new project
Produced by Shingo.M

It will be uploaded in the evening!

The big strategy of increasing immunity by increasing smiles!!

# Kanjani8 TV


# It will definitely will be alright TV

3/28 #219


This is an info I heard from a friend who lives in America
If you were found at the park nowadays, you'd have to pay 400 dollars in fine
And in order to prevent further infection through contact,
social distancing is required and people needs to stay apart from each other.


* Lining up at ramen restaurants
* Queue-ing to watch the Sakura
* Parents and children playing at the park

The media recently created the term "Self Restrain Exhaustion"
But, do these people really prioritize "healing from the fatigue" above
preventing their loved ones from getting infected?

I'm always researching for the correct information
First of all, in order to get a vaccine that is effective...
Including the experimental period and reviewing the efficiency,
it seems that the time taken may be up to 1 to 2 years.
So, how do we cope with this coronavirus within this 1 to 2 years?
That is what we should think of right?

The difference when you get cold from coronavirus compared to common colds is that
it has high affinity to the throat and lung and enters the said cells very easily.
And thus, one goes into respiratory distress.

Those who get infected will be hospitalized,
and when their condition deteriorate to serious condition,
They will need heart lung machine and ventilators
And it seems that the number of those who can operate those machine
And places for that is very little.

Nonetheless, in this world, there's situation where even if you're using a ventilators,
if there's someone who needs
more than you, then it will be passed around.

Even in Japan,
if there's a sudden and rapid increase of those infected
beds, ventilators, medicines, all will be depleted.
It means that the hospital can't function anymore.

It means that the health system had collapsed.

In order to prevent that
It's impossible to makes infection go down to zero
but, what one needs to do now is flatten the curve
so that there's more people that can be saved.

By promoting social distancing
it is also a measure to flatten the curve.

For some reasons, it seems that it still couldn't be clarified
factually yet by number of the theory that the elderly are more susceptible while
the kids are less susceptible to the infection.

Nonetheless, everybody lets live our daily life with a sense of crisis.

To you all whom I love...

You are the only one who can only protect the people
you love around you.

Let's hold each other's hands through this [Figuratively]
Don't worry too much... (Stress will reduce immunity)
Let's look for the reliable and correct information.

Let's overcome this.

I'll work hard to deliver to eighters who are at home now.

Let's work hard.
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