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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 220 to 229

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

3/29 #220

Today, we were given the chance
to perform on Johnny's Agency official youtube
And we're maintaining a social distance (distancing from people)
while perfoming because we want to introduce social distancing.
Those who are looking forward to the usual choreography may get disappointed
and seems that there's may be some who wouldn't understand what is going on
so, I'm posting an entry about it!!

I'm singing and dancing with all of my heart! 😆

Please watch it!!

3/29 #221

#Jasfamuta (Jasmine = Jwest fans, Famu= (Nanifamu) Nanidan fans, Eighter = Eito fans)

8 pm, let's have fun yo~!

3/30 #222

Well, I'm thinking of starting a new project

To be named as

# Stay home with J
project~~~!! 👏👏👏👏👏

To you who has way too much time at home!!

First, I'll make an unreasonable request to someone.
Any request is fine
But, you must not request it from someone in the same group ^ ^

That's the only rule so it's really easy.

First, I guess I should make request to Kis-My-Ft2's Kitayama Hiromitsu.

That guy did a cat movie, right?

Well then....

While making cat impersonation, say a word of love to the fans!

Of course it must be a video!!

Well then, I leave it in the care of Hiromitsu-kun 👍

# Stay home with J
# House J
# Johnny's Web
# Unreasonable request
# I'm not doing anything

[As of 4.4.2020, Kitayama (KisumaI) had passed it to Yabu (HSJ), Yabu passed it to Totsu (ABC-Z), Totsu pass it to Kishi (Kinpuri). So check their videos out on their jweb entries!]

3/30 #223

Johnny's LIVE was really fun~~~!! ^ ^

Though halfway, I appeared on the screen so I got surprised lol
Everybody were so energetic when they did the
hand washing dance huh!!
Hand washing is essential!!
I look out of place when I did it so seriously...

Hand washing, gargling, mask
Let's do what we can do, okay?

Also... YamaP is really beautiful...

3/31 #224

Hiromitsu's video...
Aren't you so cute!!

When you put your mind into it, you can do it, right~?lol

From now on, please do it sometimes for your fans too 😼😼

The request to Yabu was very simple, so I wonder how he will carry it out

# Senior that likes to tease
# Cute junior
# Nya~

3/31 #225

Social distancing logo of Kanjani8.

It's also posted on the Infinity website!!

Please use it and spread it out to everyone, okay? ^ ^

[XD? Is this a green light for us to use it on SNS?]

4/1 #226

I'm praying that tomorrow will be one good day too 😊

Good night. 👼👼👼

[Is that a reference to Yu-kun's Ashita wa kitto ii hi ni naru?]
4/3 #227

From the side of those who deliver entertainment
From the side of those who receives the entertainment
Maybe it's time for a reformation.

If this side weren't to fear changes
And if the receiving side were to look forward to changes
If both were to be like, "It was like this in the past" without
obsession over the past, I feel like we can create something new.

Repeatingly doing trial and error
let's search for that something new with excitement!!

4/3 #228

Nowadays, when I'm at home,
I'm enjoying music while taking my bath.

I bought a lot and various types of bath salts and
had fun trying them.
With my body warmed by the bath, I go to the living room
I massaged my back with the the roller thingy
or I lie down and do flexibility exercise.

Maybe I should try learning a new music instrument in this season... 🎵

4/3 #229

It's a bad thing to separate the infinity symbol, right?

Even to the important person, we need to keep a moderate distance
when we talk...

I'm thankful to the staffs who makes this idea into reality 😊😊

(Picture of him writing 関ジャニ O O at the back of seeming eito's work script lol)
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