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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 233 to Vol 241

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

"[ ...]" is my own insert
"(...)" is Kura's own insert

4/6 #233

For the sake of the time we will start various activities again,
we're still continuing on with our various preparations now.

It's not much... but it's something that we can do for now.

Since it's work I think very soon, the time for people (of authority)
to say that it's best not to do it.

I wonder what should I do during the time when I have to be home
the whole time ^ ^

I guess I'll live on Johnny's web.

4/6 #234

I made curry~🍛
Because I have absolutely nothing to do
I just quietly made curry instead.
Since it's the 2nd day already, I don't want to eat curry anymore.
Maybe I should make curry udon then...

(Picture of his self made curry~!)

4/6 #235

The only movie that mom has at home was The Bodyguard.

And it's really thanks to this, that Whitney Houston flow in my
early childhood head.

When I was a kid, I watched it more than 10 times, and when I turn
into an adult, I watched it many times again.

Because I think and considered of a lot of things,
I have lived my life by suppressing the type of music I actually like...

But recently, when I'm asked, "What sort of music do you like?"
And it becomes the main topic
And I come to realize that I love R&B genre

And I come to identify that
the beginning of that for me is Whitney Houston

I'm thankful to my mom.

4/6 #236

Finally, release of informations about chibi nui.

I'm sorry for launching this product during the time of movement control
where some couldn't even go to work 🙏

But, I'm thinking of,
if we were to be able to be by your side
and make you feel a bit of relief,
Then that would make us happy ^ ^

Because this is a situation that happens all over the world
I'm sure there'd be factory production issue

So please look forward to the time when we are able to deliver it okay? 😆😆😆

What a cute 5 people nuis....

Somehow, because happy things are very few
But I get to become happy when I get to announce this myself
I wish that even just for a bit longer, it'd be nice if this happy feeling can last

Let's find the tiny happiness 🍀

I'm praying that I could deliver that tiny happiness 🍀

4/7 #237

Will state of emergency be announced?

Finally now?

Also, we couldn't do a lockdown like other countries
because of Japan's Law right?

But, this situation is really dangerous.
I'd be really happy if there's a lot of people who are aware of that.

Also, apparently there's a lot of people who are doing stock up
shopping at supermarkets and the scarier news is that there are a lot
of people infected after shopping there.

2 out of 3 taboos end up happening [Avoid 3 taboos- crowds, closed air, close distance people]

Ha... everybody, again and again, please take precautions... 😥😥😥

4/7 #238

I suddenly feel like wanting to drive a car again after such a long time.

I never really talk much about cars before
But most of them (the ones I used to have?) are the sports car type~

Maybe I should order one again after we are able to go out again...

4/8 #239

The day for the cleaning items that can wipe the floor
while I run around to become useful has come!!

Just by running a short distance
Even just a bit, I end up having fun...
Sometimes, I do think of "What the heck am I doing?"...
There's time when I feel that way...

4/9 #240

Seems that Nobuta is producing again [*He's referring to Nobuta wo produce revival]
Well, then
I think I'll try...

Producing Naniwa [*He's referring to Naniwa Danshi]

4/10 #241

When I watch the news, I become confused.
There's seems to be no sense of reality to it.
It looks like the world that is in a movie.

But, this is reality.

Probably, I think stopping economical activity
do and may cause a lot of difficulties.
And I'm sure, it'd definitely be difficult to
give compensation after that.
(It makes me wonder, where did all the tax money we paid go to?)
I'm sure, there's a lot of things that I won't understand if I don't look
with their point of views.

I don't care about myself
What's important is the citizen
It'd be nice if there'd at least be 1 person who can lead
and pull everybody forward.

But, it seems like
You are the only one who could protect your own life.

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