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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 242 & 243

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

"[ ...]" is my own insert
"(...)" is Kura's own insert

4/11 #242

I really haven't updated (J-web entry) much huh? [what are you saying Ohkura-san? =_= From Lin who is translating]

Without radio work,
I lost the sense of days of the week.

I'm always either immersed in a dream
or movie or music.

I've never had so much free time before
but, I think I've never had this much of luxury before too.

Well, I'm heading into the dream world again.

4/12 #243

Yo Kenty~!

Oi, yo Kenty~!

He's unchangingly that earnest and good kid ^-^

Thank you for passing the baton to me 😊

No matter how many years have passed,
you still call me big brother and I'm really happy for that~!

Well then!!

Starting from an idea
# Stay home with J

It begins with the idea that all fanclub members
are able to read the blog of all artists and all the videos
were given an OK to be seen by all fanclub members...
[Previously, you can only view the video of the artist of the fc you paid for]

Eh? This project ends like this?

Eh? How this going to turn out to be after this...?

Kento didn't gave me any outrageous request right? [You have to say what you want to next person to do]


(Who am I asking this to?)

And I don't want to bear responsibility over it anymore too 🥺🥺🥺

However, I'm quite a psychopath who
enjoys learning about the relationships among the each people involved
[in # stay home with J project]
their natural self that can't be seen on tv
and how they answer to the outrageous requests even when they're embarassed...

I enjoyed each various different characters
And come to feel that this present world
is a world where we still need to put our hands together and
cooperate no matter what.

I really wanted to continue this!!

But, sooner or later, I wouldn't know how to end it.
If I stall even longer, sooner or later, the same person will have to do it again!!
I have stopped tying everybody down to video posts too!!
Because I really hope that the talents will get to have more freedom and not force themselves
and I wanted it to be a fun events for them too
And with that I had hoped that it can turn out to be an enjoyable content for those of you at home.

So, I'm welcoming ideas for improvements lol

Therefore, if you have any feedback, please give me a comment, okay? 😎😎😎

# stay home with J
# Home with J
# Sexy Thank You
# Ex- sexy pig
# Only a few people know what's I'm saying

[He's referring to this. Mr sexy pic Kurara of 2008 con]

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