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18 April 2020 @ 12:58 pm
[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 244 to 255  
Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

4/12 #244

Now that I think of it,
a silent sexy pig...

is just a pig.

[XD? Why, yes.]

4/12 #245

Ah, tomorrow
13th of April
From 8 am

There will be new Kanjani8 TV project~!!
Morning Kanjani

(Title) is a bit lamer than usual lol lol

It's a limited time project
So look forward to it 😎😎😎

4/13 #246

When I'm staying in the house the whole time,
I didn't reach the getting physically tired line
So I woke up in the middle of the night, every night.

When that happen, I went to watch a movie or I think a lot...

Tonight, I'm thinking of 'rationality' and 'irrationality'.

I think in all walks of life, I'm sure that people would prefer to promote 'rationality'
more than irrationality but I feel like there's merit in people who thinks 'irrationally' too.

There's contradictions, and I find it to be interesting too..

And I feel like they made the world we live in to be more easy to understand.

Ha? Complicated.

This is both my happiness and also my worries.

For everybody, it would be awesome if we can finish our work and achieve the result
everyday within a short span of time and without any waste of effort.

I, too, have always felt that way...

On the other hand,
In order to be able to go on living,
If I were to say it, I think entertainment is the most luxurious useless thing.

Whether it's creating a song
or whether it's creating a movie

It takes a lot of time.
But, it's happiness to be able to spend time here.

In order to enrich one's life
Many forms of entertainments are born.

When I look back at history,
entertainment is a necessary uselessness

It has become something

That is indispensable in a human life

I think, there's a lot who initially finds it as entertainment
but have their lives turned around and it become their purpose of life.
I'm one of those people too.

I feel a sense of happiness when I found a work
Where I have to devote my time in order to finish it efficiently.

At best, I feel like someone who looks like they are really smart
but is full of contradictions, is a wonderful thing about a human.

There's people who gets angry at everything that they feel as a waste of time though...
But, I think it's probably surprisingly necessary...

Well, it's time to sleep soon

# Who?

4/13 #247

Calling me at such timing

God is seriously with his side lol

For the first time in 4 days
Confirming stuff about work
at that timing...

# Yasu the God
# I feel there truly exist one... scary
# God Yasu

4/14 #248

"God Yasu" is way too rare
That the recording system couldn't capture it.

It really is difficult to maintain the sound balance
when we record by ourselves, huh?
Is there anybody willing to present us with huge radio booth?
I'm asking Oil Kings.

4/14 #249

Oh, yeah, the real lock screen wallpaper of my phone..

It's is actually a fanart drawn and posted by an eighter somewhere
when everybody are excitedly making # Naa Tomoyo trends! It's a drawing of the back view of the 5 of us
with our shoulders on each other!

On Kanjani8 TV,
I'm embarassed to say that in front of the members
so I decide to not mention it... lol.

4/15 #250

Pacific Him [*I'm not too sure of the English of ヒム tbh. Him? Hymn? A TV show]
is way too funny lol.

I roll around laughing that I got tired.

Even though I'm at home, it's like I'm free
It's because I'm at home that at such time, I have the time
to think of how to makes everybody have fun.

# So called, free time
# Say something

4/16 #251

I want to try it at least once
so can you help me?

On the afternoon of 18th April
Please send me a comment from 12 pm to 1 pm.

I will randomly choose the comments that are sent in between those time
to reply to it.

But the upload of my post will have time lag and
it's most probably is already evening by then but,
I will update with the reply at any time.

4/17 #252

Fried rice, is often preceived as mild and simple
But I really like chinese restaurant fried rice that feel like there's a depth to it!!

When I see a Chinese restaurant where the
signboard or noren that is faded by daily exposure to sun
I will definitely 100% enter!

This is the Ohkura who... if I were to move house,
the first thing I'd search for is if there's a nearby Chinese restaurant.

4/17 #253

For me, if I were to be under someone

All of the decision will be based on love
The decisiveness is quick
Even when problem occurs, there's immediate response to it
Even if there's failure, while shouldering the responsibility that it's own fault
Nonetheless, we still move forward
If I were to have such leader, I will be working under him anytime.

I'm not talking about my own company.

It's the kind of thing that I think of every day when I watch the news.

4/17 #254

The best way to make people understand the thing that one wants to convey
is to use the words that commonly everybody use.

There's no need for complicated words.

Phase, evidence, overshoot.

I don't understand!!

4/18 #255

I'm happy to hear that you guys seems to be looking
forward to it (the comment reply session today). 😊😊😊

I woke up early because I've set the alarm but

When I was watching Saturday Plus this morning,
I suddenly remember, Ah! Saturday! Ah! Comments!

This is the Ohkura who suddenly lost his sleepiness

RIght now, I'm probably typing away in front of the computer, right~~?

Even though there's a bit of time lag, I will reply to you!!

I'm sorry for those who has to work at this time...

I am aware that there are a lot of people who must do their work no matter what
in the tough time for the country.

The next time, maybe I should at least do it on a Sunday?

I'm hoping that I could I could deliver a moment
where your heart can lighten in midst of your work.

Anyway, what's with such refreshing corner from Jo's?!!
[Jo (Naniwa Danshi) is one of Saturday Plus's permanent member~]

All of refreshing work for me has been stolen!!!

Well, the movie's promotional work is starting soon...

I guess I need to start stretching.

[仕事の合間に ふっと心が軽くなる そんな時間をお届けできま すように- Lin has officially lost her mind when she feel like this sentence is Kura speaking to her, hah.]

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