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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 256 to 258

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

4/18 #256

I set my own wallpaper, and it caused a
situation of "What the heck??" due to Ohkura
and AnKura [An An Ohkura]

The people I contacted got cautious and said
"It's kinda strange, huh?" because of Ohkura and redKura.

Due to Stay-At-Home order, Ohkura become like this [facial hair]
because he has no shaver at home.
Kind of reminding of Valentin.

# Wallpaper request
# Well versed with the trend

4/18 #257

Hello! I'm a middle high school eighter!
Each year I joined the war for concert live!
This time, I'm so happy to be able to get to ask Ohkura-kun
Q. Ohkura-kun, which Kanjani8 song is the number 1 song you like best?

The number 1, it's pretty hard, but I really like Fuyukoi!!

If Ohkura-kun were to be the president of a company,
during staff recruitment, what aspect do you look at
and what kind of person will you hire?

Motivated, honest and humble people

My son want to ask Ohkura-kun this question no matter what!
Ohkura-kun, in your elementary school year, what's your record time
for 100 M? Ah, even 50 M is alright too.

50M is about 9 seconds. I fall when I run fast so I run by floating www

Question: Which do you prefer? Girls who seems strong
but has a weak side or girls who seems fragile but their core
is actually strong?

Whichever is fine~ Gap is fine indeed! www
Lum-chan's [I assume Urusei Yatsura's character?]
heroine sister!!
Kurara~ www

Tell me your three sizes!! (bust, waist, hip)


Tana kara momo
Throughout the time of your life, what is it that you feel
great about after giving it up?


Ohkura-kun, what is the weak point of your body??
I'd be happy if you'd tell me that.

It's my whole body 😎

It doesn't matter how many years ahead will it be
but will you come to meet us for 47 tour?
If Kanjani8 were to come, I will be waiting for you forever!!

I definitely want to complete it!!

Ohkura-kun, is there a time when you come to hate
yourself no matter what? At such time, how do you handle it?
From this year onwards, I had become a new member of the working
society, I end up comparing myself with the excellent ability of
those who start working at the same time as me (;_;).
(I became a fan after I listen to Tomoyo~ 🎶)

If you compare yourself to others, you'd lose yourself!!
You are you, and that is good enough.

Eien no JK
You always think of the eighters, thank you
for always thinking of new projects and creating new videos.
My thankfulness is endless.
Well, it's a private matter but within 3 days more, I'll be 19 years old
is there something that I should better do while I'm still 18?

It's the right timing to practice Sweet 19 Blues [Amuro Namie's song]

How about Good Night Kanjani??
Feel like I could sleep well after that (^-^)

There's a lot of request in regards to this,
But, probably because it's this sort of period now,
I was thinking that it's important to have a proper routine,
so let's do our best to wake up early!!
But, we probably might do that too?? wwww

I'm a nurse!
Not only for those who are working in medical field,
for all those who are working in this current time too, I'd
like to hear a message from Ohkura-kun so that they will be cheered up
even just a little (^^)

I heard about the current situation from an acquintance who is a doctor
and I was told that it is extraordinarily tough right now. I have nothing
else other than thankfulness to all the medical staff who are risking
their lives in the forefront. Thank you so much.I'm thinking that I would
like to give support in way that only I can do so in such way!!

[:'3 Kurara, thank you for the blue Kanjani8 logo for medical staffs]

Among all the characters that you have acted all these while,
while character do you like best??

Hibiki-kun, Valentin, Kyoichi

Ri-chan wa Showa Umare
I wonder how far will this comment reach Ohkura-kun?
You previously said that it will be by selection
but if it didn't get into the post then it means
that it didn't reach Ohkura-kun??
I think will all my might but the only fact of it not reaching
Ohkura-kun stays in my head.
Is it bad if I have a unique pen name?

It reached me~

What is the dishes that you cook on your own recently?

Stir fried chives with bean sprout

I tried making a hand sewn face mask, but when it's completed,
it's the size of a kid's face. Do you need it??

Maybe it would fit Ohkura-kun's cute mouth...🥺

Fuzzy Navel
What are you wearing now? How do you decorate your house with
Kanjani8 nui?

Coincidentally, I am wearing a Kanjani8 jumper! My lower half is sweat
pants! Nui... I don't have it at my house!! Only those with different
characters www... Mou

Did you learn a new instrument?
I'm in the midst of learning piano chords!!

Please tell me a movie/drama that you find interesting
in this stay at home period. If it's tough to mention the title then
you can just vaguely mention the actor's name..

Paper House

Can you recommend the song that you listen to a lot recently?
I hope this reaches Ohkura-kun! I will always support you!!

I listen to all of Sam Smith's songs. What a beautiful voice.

Sae Sae
For reasons that I don't understand, I'm always given the responsibility
to train newbies. I'm the type who doesn't interfere excessively and just
tell them "If you have anything that you are troubled with, tell me okay?"
When Ohkura-kun is producing the jrs, what do you keep in mind when
communicating with them?

There's a lot of such questions~, I keep in mind that I wouldn't treat
them like a child.

I'm currently in 3rd grade of elementary school! I really like Ohkura-kun!
Right now I can't go out due to Corona but I had fun watching Kanjani8 DVD
with mama! But I'm fighting with my little brothers and sister everyday.
How can we can be nice and play together?

Thank you. Because you're always together in the house, you'd fight a lot
more than usual, right?? When you grow up, you'd stop fighting with
each other so please fight with each other at home now.

[wwww what sort of advice is that]

Kurara #Real koi daihyo
Prince Tadayoshi, please give me your kiss sound


Do you really eat banana and yogurt????

....natto, rice and miso soup WWW
I'll rotate it tomorrow

In the midst of stay-at-home, did you just leave your beard growing?

Ah! It got exposed!! It's because I don't have a shaver at home www

I heard you talk about listening to songs that you have never heard before,
I hope you can tell us whose song you are listening to~

It's mostly western music, because it's easier to sing in English language
so I'm learning English too!!

Ohkura-kun's pants colour will be my lucky colour today,
so please tell me the colour~


I'm in the 2nd year of my high school.
Can you bring me on a date?!!

Is it okay if we go for a drive?

Ohkura-kun, what is your flavour?

Adult flavour

Yuichi Monzu
Hello Ohkura-kun!
When corona ends, what are the first thing you want to do?

I want to do concert!!

I'm spending so much time at home that I feel like I'm getting
depressed!! Pien beyond Paon!!!!

Cheer up 🥺 Pien~

Is there any way we can repay Kanjani8?

You just have to be spirited and live on

4/18 #258

I really love Kurayasu!! I have a question to Ohkura-kun:
Why do Yasu's behaviour touches the heart deeply? As someone who
also comes from Amagasaki, I really, really respected him!!

It's probably because your hometown is the same. It's Ama's pride.

I can write this because of this place. Within these 2 years, a lot of things
had happened but now, it's already okay, right? I know there's no such thing as
forever but even so, when you say "Eighter, from now on continue to follow
us too!!", you said that with pride in your heart right? So, is it okay
for us to boldly follow you?


If you were to bring 1 member together to a deserted island,
who will you bring with you?


I am the world no 1 person who hate banana the most.
Please teach me the appeal of banana. (・▽・)

Just a bit, it seems that I have an allergy to banana.
Maybe the shape.

Ayato onae
What is the book that you're ready recently?

The genre about the truth of the world

Okuma Ayano
Hello Tadayoshi-kun! In the middle of stay-at-home, is Ohkura
Izakaya shop open? My recent companion is lemon sour and wine,
what do Tadayoshi-kun like? Also, I hope you can recommend and
teach me about dishes that you like!

Potato Soda

Ohkura-kun, what brand of shampoo are you using?

The kind that is gentle to the skin since I have a weak skin...

How do you spend your time at home?

Reading, watching movie, learning music

I'm making rice at my family's home now. Do you want me to send it
to you?


Hello Ohkura-kun, I'm a fan of Ohkura-kun from China.
I have a question to Ohkura-kun who loves alcohol!
What is your recommended alcohol?
Do you have an alcohol that you recommend to a woman?
I'm supporting you!

For girls, how about a cup of kahlua milk? I'm attracted to people
who drinks draught beer too

Which do you prefer? Older or younger girlfriend?

Whichever is fine!!

What are the goods that you want to promote in the next concert?

Nui related wwww

Which do you prefer? Thinner or thicker ramen?

Super thick noodles

After radio ends, I didn't get to hear about that anymore
so, did you get to safely purchase toiler papers?

I get to safely purchase it but now I'm in a pinch again

Hello Ohkura-kun. Today I woke up before 8 am but even until
now I haven't left the bed. I'm listening to the sound of the
rain that is getting louder and I'm playing with my phone on the
bed...Ohkura-kun, do you have such days too?

Of course I do, sometimes, you need to have lazy days too

I really like it when Ohkura-kun's blonde hair is close to white,
so I'm looking forward to your plan of becoming blonde
from now on! It'd be nice you you could drag all the members into
the plan too! lol
I like the both extremes of black or blonde hair. Ohkura-kun, which
period of your hair do you recommends?

I change my hair colour all the time during Kanjanizm, and it was really

In order to enjoy my time at home, I started playing Othello again
after a long time of not doing so. I lost at all 4 corners. Is there
ever such a thing?? (*A*)


What is your favourite dish of your mom?

Natto rice, boiled dishes

Ohkura-kun~ since it's a 'kome'n (comment),
how much of rice (kome) do you cook at one time?
[Dang, dajare?! wwww]

1.5 cup

Can you say something so that I can give my best at studying!!?

I only learn in my 20s that if you didn't have the desire to actually
study it, then you won't have the motivation to do so.

Is it okay to ask you here?
What is Ohkura-kun's favourite word?

四面楚歌 (Being surrounded by enemies on all sides/to be betrayed (forsaken)
by everybody)

I started living alone this spring! I'm still barely continuing
challenging myself to cook everyday but I feel like I'm running
out of inspiration soon! Ohkura-kun, what sort of woman's cooking
that will raise your moods? There definitely never be a chance that I can
showcase it to you but I would like to do a special training for it. lol

Eh~~~ Omurice?

Next year in April, I will be a new graduate hunting for jobs.
For Ohkura-kun, when you receive a tentative offer, what is the most
important factor for you for your final decision of place of employment?

Whether it can excite me or not

What is Tacchon's favourite sweets?

Of course Hi-Chew!!

I would like to send Ohkura-kun my hometown's
grain of rice!!It's koshihikari rice!! I would really love to have you
eat it (*^A^*)

Eh~~~~ I really want it. But please save it up. It'd be nice if it could be
given to those who are really in trouble 👍

Ohkura-kun, are you the type who wants to be doted on?

Do you want to?

Can I live in Ohkura-kun's double eyelids?

Sure can~ The payment is every three months okay?

I am a nutritionist at a nursery school, I'm making lunch. When
Tacchon was a child, what is your favourite lunch?

Curry~~!!! It's me after all!!

Is Ohkura-kun good at fishing (game)?

I rarely miss the target~!!!

I really like you so much... can you marry me?

Then you maybe won't like me most after that, you know?

Takemoto Piano
What is Kanjani8 for Ohkura-kun?


Right now I'm watching 8ji da J

Eh, I want to watch it too~
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