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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 259 & 260

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

So, the arrangement is not the same as the one in Kurara's blog bc I got
frustrated of getting lost many times or hitting my phone screen again and
again so that it won't fade so I just screencap the shit out of it all
and transfer it to my laptop which in the end, cause the arrangement to be
disturbed but, at least my work is smoother lol.

4/18 #259

Is it okay that I ask question here?
Between the spirit of salt and the spirit of soy sauce
which do you like?

From the sadness of the salt, I feel how difficult life is
[When I google it, I got brought to a skit so...?]

Debut mae kara daisuki Nashimei
Up until now, what is the moment in Tacchon's life that
had made the greatest impression to you?

The scenery of performing a concert

Question! If you are able to use a psychic ability,
what ability do you want to use?

I want to stop the time

I thought my reverse day and night cycle has healed but it got
that way again

Me too

Recently, I spent a lot of time at home
so I watch the DVD of all sorts of Ohkura-kun's dramas and movies.
For Ohkura-kun, if there are a scene that left a deep impression to you,
I hope you can tell us. I'm looking forward to the upcoming movie,
so I'm praying that it will be premiered safely.


If you were to enroll into university,
what faculty will you choose? I'm interested to know what
subject Ohkura-kun is interested in!

Faculty of economics?

If you were to raise a dog now, what name will you give?


For 15sai, what is it that you paid most attention to in the production?


What food did you ask for delivery recently?


Ohkura-kun, what do you look forward to the most recently?

I'm always thinking of "At this moment, how should I deliver to all?"!

I'm working as a midwife at a hospital
In April, it will be my 2nd year of working here.
As I work with plenty of families daily, I come to feel like
there's all sorts of husbands and fathers in this world.
For Ohkura-kun, in the future when you build your own family,
what sort of husband and father do you want to be?

Crazy father

[??? wwww]

Whose voice is it in KanjaniTV's jingle? Is it Ohkura-kun or Yasuda-kun?

Yasu-kun. His voice is surprisingly low.

Please teach me Japanese mustard spinach recipe!!

I really like my mom's recipe of cooking it by frying with fried
tofu or steeping it with soy sauce marinade

There's a relay of selfie among celebrities now, Ohkura-kun,
please post your selfie!!

Iya~n 😳

Is there a young actor that you are interested to work with?

KojiKen [Aee group]

How many cm is your leg size?

28cm. Stupidly big feet

I'm happy that I get to share this time with you!

Thank you

What is Kanjani8's goal from  now on?

Only one artist

I'm working at a supermarket in Tokyo.
Please give me an encouraging words.

All the best! There's charges to supermarket's
bag now. Be gentle when you are giving information, okay?
If I were to be given explaination in a very cold manner,
I'll cry. 🥺 Pien

What is the colour of your pants now!!!


What is the bad habit that you do until now?

Fiddling with my nose

How many underwear do you have?!

About 20?

For Ohkura-kun, what is entertainment?

The energy to live

I am a midwife. Even in this period, babies are born into this world.
I feel that, it'd be nice if the future can be peaceful and bright.

Let's build a nice future

If you were to win, what best--nist will you be?


[As in stuff like Best Jean-ist]

I have been saved by Ohkura-kun's words so many times.
What is it that becomes Ohkura-kun's driving force??

The existence of all the people that I love.

Ohkura-kun, if you were to have a child, what name will you give?


Please tell me Yokoyama-san's underwear colour?

I feel like he has a lot of black coloured clothes so maybe black?

Do you think dating and marriage are two different things?

I think it's an extension to one another, what do you think?

In the previous ranger Q&A project, you said that your role within
Kanjani8 is to maintain a horizontal connection and it left an impression
within me. More than 1 year had passed, is there any change to that?

I guess so!

Orange Juice Sake
Ohkura-san, please tell me 1 of the charm of movie!

The part where one gives up one's own time in order to watch the movie

Hello! I would like to ask Ohkura-san's advice on something.
I become a member of the society starting from this April.
There's a lot of men that are much older than me at work,
so I don't know how to communicate with them. For Ohkura-san,
what sort of junior would you find as "What a cute person"?

Well, this is something that I couldn't do too, but it's much easier
if people come to me without any hesitance. I find it cute when someone
after me quietly carrying the things that I could no longer do. Nonetheless,
give your best at your own pace!

It's cold today. Are you using the indoor heating system?

I'm using the underfloor heating system 😎

What is the Christmas song that you want to sing now?

Chicken Rice [Downtown's Hamada song]

Hello Ohkura-san!
A question to Ohkura-san who cooks curry at home,
If you were to do a cooking show or food show with another Johnny's
who do you want to do it with?

Kitayama! He would lead

What is Kanjani8 planning to do in the future?

We have mountains of things we want to do. First of all, finishing
47 tour. Also, I'd love for us to create new songs.

How can I get to marry Ohkura-kun? ^^

Encounter, falling in love, and if you can convince me that marriage is
a good thing

I am a nurse in pediatrics ward. As emergency alert is declared
unchangingly I'm going to work, for the sake of the kids and I'm
desperately protecting my own health at the same time but sooner or later,
I'm reaching my wits end. I'm hoping for an encouragement message from Ohkura-
kun that I like so much. Please. (Tears).

From the bottom of my heart, I'm praying that you will always be in a good
health and the lives you saved wouldn't be stolen away.

4/18 #260

Ohkura-kun, you like Ulfuls and Totasu (Matsumoto)-san right?

I'm sure everyone like them.

One day in members dressing room. For some reason, nobody said a thing.
A continuous awkward atmosphere goes on....
How long can members endure that situation?
Who will start saying something first?

First of all, that sort of thing had never happened.

What is the colour of your hair now?

Beauty Black

Ohkura-kun, you often write lyrics,
but do you compose songs too? If you had never done that before,
in the future, will you challenge that?

If I were to do it, most probably it's similar to the song that
some artists had written so in the end it become a karaoke song.

I'm making masks. Ohkura-kun are you making one too?

A friend gave me a washable mask so I'm planning on reusing it
again after wash. [I guess it's his designer boyfriend *bricked* Yamada-san]

Everyday I'm giving my best cooking by myself~!
You can come to eat anytime~ (*`w`*)


Is there a new picture of Okra and Ohkura?


Which type are you? Dog type or cat type?

Dog type

What can I do so that I get to see your face instead of your butt
each time you come close during concert?

The butt is lovable too

Please tell me the 1 day schedule of Kurako during
this stay-at-home period!

Seems that she asked for a champagne and take-away from a
high class restaurant from a male friend.

This is my 7th year of unrequited love. I love his way of thinking.
Even when I invited him out to drink, it could never come true
since he was always busy at work. I am always the one who calls him
and the last time we met each other was 4 years ago (USJ). I want to
meet him again. I couldn't think of anybody else but him. Can you please
give me advice?

Happiness. Not all love has a happy ending.

My son who is in the third grade has a dream of joining Johnny's.
He said he want to be on the same stage as Ohkura-kun.
Please give him a message of encouragement.

I'm waiting for you

What is the meaning of the ring on your right hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is everyone searching for a meaning for that? I'm wearing them
with zero meaning.

Hello! I want to meet you as soon as possible. Since there is no
special school entrance ceremony, I don't have anything to do!
At such time, what should I do at home... I'd be happy if Ohkura-kun
gets to relax slowly at home

I am relaxing~

What is your most recent search history?

Ramen home delivery website wwww

I like Ohkura-kun no matter what and I can't stop it. How do
I get this feeling to be delivered to you?

It reached me now

As the time you spent at home is increasing, even though you
were dieting before, haven't your weight return? (By the way
I like fluffy Ohkura-kun so I hope you won't be too thin!)


One day, will you sing Mamoritai again?

If I were to sing it again, will you do something?

Now that you have entered your mid 30s, please tell us
the type of woman you like <3

I no longer have type, it's all feelings.

Ohkura-kun who usually take the lower harmony part, is there
any trick to not be affected by other members' part??

I'm always affected by them wwww concentrate!!

Do you often eat yakitori? Which part do you like?

(Chicken's) neck!

What is it that makes you think that "I'm glad I'm in Kanjani8"?

It's like... of course there's painful things too but in the end,
it had always been fun.

Please tell us the kind of fashion on woman that you like.

Just wear what you like to wear

Thank you for always giving the love

Thank you too

Takkun and Yasu-kun are always love-love, are you dating??
I'm so curious that I can't even sleep at night. It's a lie, sorry.
I sleep really well


To, moe
Today, is my son's (Rin-kun) 11 years old birthday.
Please give him a congratulations message.


I would like to have a Kanjani8 coupling songs only concert.

That'd be nice. I previously mentioned about B side songs concert
too. Will it ever come true? wwww

For Tadayoshi-kun, what is the most precious thing as long as you live?


I have always been curious about this, is it "Ohkura" or "Okura"?

Ohkura!!! Okura makes me feel like a vegetable

If you were to have a daughter, what if your daughter brings a boyfriend
in the future


When you make tamagoyaki, which type are you? Salt? Sugar? Omellete?

Either salt or Omelette

Apparently Jo-kun wants to eat out with Kitayama-kun. And for that sake,
he said that he'll bring Ohkura-kun too so he ask Kitayama-kun to
please bring him out to eat. If it were to actually happen,
will Ohkura-kun go too?

The characters of the people involved are too strong... Kinda... wwww

Please tell me what's in front of Ohkura-kun now!

An incense stand

I understand~ Chinese restaurant fried rice <3
Also, it's hard to abandon omurice that is dripping with ketchup
I always had hard time choosing which is it I should eat. Do you
understand how it feel?

Tsu... I'm getting hungry.

Do you have any exercise goods at home?

I do~

Johnny's web challenge! All of Kanjani8 drinks coffee,
do Ohkura-kun drink black coffee? Or do you add anything to it?
By the way, I'm recommending coffee added with frothed milk and milk <3

I only drink black coffee

What type of tea do you drink?

Rooibos tea

What do you want to eat now?


There's so many things that I want to do that this lifetime
won't be enough!! lol

I'm jealous wwww
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