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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 261 & 262

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

4/18 #261

Among all the concert tour goods, is there any that you use
in your daily life?

Clothes, pouch bag, blanket

Please tell me a recent incident that was so funny that you cry!
I think smile is a contagious thing and I like Tadayoshi-kun's smile!

Nobu-san and Akiyama-san's skit

Is there any role that Ohkura-kun haven't try up until now that you
want to challenge?

I want to try acting someone who had actually existed. With that, it
means historical drama.I need to return to Kyoto!

Tacchon, thank you for such a wonderful project! Due to self-restraining,
I am no longer able to go out of home even though it was such a normal
thing before... But, because of this opportunity, I get to realize a lot
of thing. Therefore, I would like to comment on that at this timing!

Other than Yasu-kun, do you contact the other 3?

I do~

Is there anything happy that happen to Ohkura-kun recently?

Eh, now!! It feels like work-from-home! www

Kazumin Wani
Do you cook recently? Please recommend a menu that you cook on your own
recently! <3 Also, I hope you'd tell the most elaborate and time consuming
dishes that you've made. Even though I couldn't make the latter one even
when I ask that. (Then why do you ask~!)

Boil the pea sprout in nabe style and then wrap it with buta shabu. It's

If you were to come to Iwate, what do you want to eat?

I guess seafood? I want to eat Sanriku stuff.

Ohkura-kun! Can you describe Kanjani8 in 1 word?


Please have a date with me to USJ!

I walk fast, you know?

Just say the truth, is there a time when you think that you are

There's so many good looking people around me that I don't think that
of myself.

I want to know your secret ingredient when you're making curry ^-^

I don't have any secret ingredient! The only think I think about how
to bring out the best of the flavours of the ingredients I use.

Hokkaido no himawari
When I go back to my hometown, I have to pass the ridge, and I often come
across brown bears while driving. It's a ridge where one meets all sorts
of animals but of course, it's scary when one meets a bear. I would like
to show Ohkura-kun this mountain ridge that is like a Safari park.
Would you like to see real bear? (lol)


Did you see Maru-chan today?

I did! His hair style looks good today, right?

[wwww maji??]

Tadayoshi to yumayuma-san
Even just once is enough, I want to drink with Ohkura-kun.
If we get to be friends in the next life, let's drink together

Let's drink~

I end up cutting my long hair, Tadayoshi-kun, do you like girls
with short hair?

I like, and even if I don't, hair will grow anyway

Up until now, how long have you ever stay up the longest?

During 24 jikan terebi

I hope you can continue Kurasumasu

I'm glad that this get to continue right??

Is the game you're playing with Naniwa Danshi fun?

(It's so fun that) everyone keeps on giving me clothes or money
that I feel bad about it

Super Saya
What sort of smell do Ohkura-kun has?

A new type of fruit kind of smell

Do eito have group mail?

We do~

While waiting for the time for the light to shine come, what sort
of preparation are you making now?

I think it'd be boring if one were to explain their preparation, lol

I'm a student at fashion school. After graduation, I plan to design clothes
not for apparel purpose but for entertainment purpose. For idol, what is
the meaning of clothes to them? I would like to hear Ohkura-kun's opinion

An important thing promote me as an idol

Gold no hook pierce is too cool
Do you remove your piercing when you sleep?

I wear it

I have always become Tacchon's fan from the time I saw "Sukiyanen, Osaka"
on Mste. At that time, Mste, calls you all as a fresh generation and since
then I had been a fan for 16 years. Lol. Thank you for giving me the chance
to like you all these while (Seriously dogeza). Surely, I will like you

.... Surely? Okay, rewrite it from the first word!!

What is your favourite department at supermarket?
For me it's sausage corner (Suddenly)

If I were to go to the seasonings corner, I couldn't leave it for my whole

Recently, due to studying, I couldn't live my life peacefully. How do one
get to live one's life peacefully?

I too am not spending my time busily.

The same goes for me. It's a form of communication or project that is born
because of this sort of moment. Of course, there is a feeling of worries
but the main issue is how do we face this positively and overcome this!

How can I get to date with Ohkura-kun?

Drop your handkerchief on the street.

I really love Kanjani8's song Anemone so due to that, I'm raising
Anemone from this year onwards! Ohkura-kun, do you take care of any plants?

I have about 7 plants

If you were told that today is the last day of your life,
what would you like to eat?

Japanese style breakfast

Nice to meet you! Ohkura-san, between sun and moon,
which do you like?

I like both, and there's time that I dislike them too

Aoi mama
Due to stay-at-home, my 3 years old son ends up having way too much
energy and I feel troubled. Do you have a recommendation on way
for him to divert his energy into?

One day, the boy will leave the home, so please think of this moment
as precious

Are all of your works (like tv recordings) on a break now?


4/18 #262

Ohkura-kun, have you ever been told that you look similar to Tamaki
Hiroshi-san? I have always thought of this since long time ago.
Feels that the expression of your eyes are similar.

This is the first time I got told this. Yappi~!

I always went to the concert with my 2nd year of high school daughter.
When you look at the audience from the stage, "Ah, are they parents and child
or are they a couple?" Can you guess which from the stage?

Sure do~

Recently I cannot go out of the house so everyday,I have a Kanjani8 concert
appreciation show alone. When I watch 8est album, I saw Ohkura-kun playing
the guitar. Do you still play guitar? Will you play guitar in future concert?
Please answer

I still do play it. If there's a chance then I will~

Right now, what sort of clothes are you wearing in the game?

Clothes that is given by Nagao

Do you have any rules for your girlfriend?

I don't

In one day, how much water do you drink in a day? Excluding alcohol

About 5003 volume?

DJ Tadayoshi, won't the snow fall today?

There is a possibility that it will fall at certain areas

100 characters is too little (lol). From now on I'll continue to support
you! I'm saying that and sending a very common comment (lol). Well,
I wonder what sort of reply will I get (lol)

Don't try Ohkura-kun

If you get to go to the outer space, what do you want to do?

Give out a strong fart

Is there a reverse Q&A session?

Eh? This is new... Where do you live?

I often heard that guys doesn't like girls who do nails. Ohkura-kun,
what is your opinion about girls who do nails?

I feel like it seems fun and I'm jealous. But it's difficult (to maintain)

When I look at you stepping on the bass drums, I want you to step on me

What are you saying! Don!

Ohkura-kun, are you not afraid of lightning?

I'm really afraid of it, and just now it went DODO~N too

Are you okay!!!!


Please shout your love to the members!!!


Tacchon wa Ookura
# Comment is

You're so deep!!

Ohkura-kun, on days where you can't sleep what do you do?
For me, I play piano music and try my best to fall asleep.

I watch the tv

I like both cross and hook earrings
I would love to see Tadayoshi-kun's earrings collections

Me too

[??? wwww]

Ohkura-kun, which Johnny's group are you paying attention to?


Please marry me!!!

All sort of people ask me about this lol

I would like to know they type of perfumes that Ohkura-kun likes!

I don't wear any perfumes~

To Ohkura-kun who is more of ramen type, what type of udon do you like?
(^^) I'm recommending Goboten udon!

Katamata udon

My fetish is Ohkura-kun's hand!

Eh, you look at my hands? Iya~n

Where are you now?

At home

Ohkura-kun, nice to meet you. I am engaged in education field.
When I read the informations from media everyday, I'm getting worried
of the stress of the children who are spending their time at home as the
school close down. Ohkura-kun, if you have any way to release the stress,
please tell us

I sing while I soak myself in the bathtub!! I'm worried of the children too..

I would like Kanjani8 to be werewolves

I've tried it with Naniwa. I got killed

Who do you find cute within Johnny's?

Chinen, Inoo

#Bechare Ohkura-kun, what is the scent in your house?

Incense smell

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