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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 263 to 265

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

So, the arrangement is not the same as the one in Kurara's blog bc I got
frustrated of getting lost many times or hitting my phone screen again and
again so that it won't fade so I just screencap the shit out of it all
and transfer it to my laptop which in the end, cause the arrangement to be
disturbed but, at least my work is smoother lol.

4/18 #263

I'm making miso soup right now! I have dried sardines and dried bonito flakes.
Which do you prefer as the broth?

Dried bonito flakes is great! Please make a refreshing taste of miso soup

Please teach me a drum training menu for beginners that can be done at home!

Focus on training your non-dominant hands right now at home

For Ohkura-kun, what is love?

Driving force

Riko pinguu
Oshima-kun, are you doing vocal training and drum training even in your

Oshima-kun didn't do that much at home

[Y'know the mistaking "Ohkura" name jokes from Subaru era. But he didn't
do the "OSHIMA CHAUU!!" joke]

Will you not do any radio work anymore?

Someday I would like to do it~

Ohkura-kun, between your index finger and ring finger, which is longer??

Ring finger!!

Do you have any plan to announce solo song?

I wonder *smirk*

Since the time you join Kanjani8 in 2002, had there ever been a time where
you get so frustrated about work that you cry?

I do, so many times!!

Until when you're going to do kurasumasu??

I don't know but right now, I really feel that it's important to do it

Ohkura-kun! Is there any possibility that you'd ever do a solo concert again?
I want to hear "Saigo no Namida" again! During my middle high school years,
I ride on a train that I've never rode on before in order to go to
Ohkura-kun's solo concert. Without realizing it, it had been ten plus years
since then. It is my happiness to encounter eito and Ohkura-kun!

I would never do a solo concert ever again. *sadface* I couldn't even
do a group concert right now

Describe Maruyama-kun in 1 word?

妖 (Bewitching? Calamity?)

Please tell us your opinion about Naniwa Danshi's Joichiro-kun's 4 column
drawing. I snickers at the part when Ohkura-kun ride the elevator to go up
(in that comic) because that seems Ohkura-kun-ish.

It seems like that guy decides that it's okay to tease me since quite some
time ago, huh? wwww

1 word that makes you go kyun!!


Tacchon! Thank you for such a wonderful project! Let's go back to 15 years ago.
If Tacchon gets to act in Shuji to Akira, which character would you like
to act as? Or would you like to be classmate A?

Eh?! I don't think I can choose...

Recently is there a subject that you're interested in?


Have you ever talk to yourself at home?

I do. I say "Ah.... I'm tired" wwww

If Kanjani8 were to do a radio show, what sort of project would you
want it to be?

Free talk, 2 hours.

What do you think of the eighters? Also, I would like to hear a
message from Ohkura-kun to the fans! By the way, I have been loving Ohkura-kun
for 10 years <3

Thank you for following us even though a lot of things had happened to us.
There's time we couldn't talk about the truth and it frustrates us too.
But from now on, please keeps your attention on us. Thank you!

Ohkura-kun, how are you? Right now it's raining really heavily huh?
Please recommend a BGM song for this day


Ohkura-kun, if you were to do casting work, what sort of movie would
you like to produce?

Something with message, casts are Johnny's talents only

Hello Ohkura-kun! Due to stay-at-home, I have so much time so recently
I watch Yasuko to Kenji after a long time of not doing so. Tsubaki-kun
is so refreshing and cool. Ohkura-kun, do you rewatch the movie/dramas
you appeared on?

I don't really do that~

What is the No. 1 coolest think you can order at coffee shop?

Hot coffee added with ice (????)

I'm sleepy. I'm sooo sleepy.

I feel ya

I know a delicious ramen place!!

Eh!!! Tell me!!

One day, I would like you to sell phone stands as a concert goods! Since
it's something that is used everyday, if I can put my phone on Kanjani8
phone stands, there's nothing happier than this! <3

What form it should be? What sort of thing it is I wonder?

Within this borderless source of informations, is there a point to help
Ohkura-kun choose which information is reliable?

Source that is not based on rumors but based on actual evidence.

What sort of fun things are you thinking of from now on?

Look forward to it!

Mama of a 2 years old
Do you call the other members other than Yasuda-kun?

I did an online meeting with all of them, y'know

If you are able to go to the moon, what do you want to do?

First of all, take a walk

Ohkura-kun, what do you wear when you go to sleep at home? Pajamas?
T-shirt and pants? Without pants?

Imagine that yourself

Kotetsu mama
I want to meet you but I can no longer do so. In this moment when things
wouldn't go as planned, how about making song about eight and eighters?

That would be great!!

Tadayoshi to yumayuma-san
It's my dream to call Ohkura-kun "Tatsu"

It's okay for you to call me that~

I'm making deep fried squid dipped in tempura

Eh! Please give me one~!

Is there anything more important than three meals a day?


How to lose weight in the butt?

I would like to know too

I'm the eighter who answered that I like Kibutsuji muzan [Kimetsu no Yaiba
character] at 47 concert in Yamaguchi! I would like to know Kimetsu no
Yaiba's character than Ohkura-kun like so please tell me!! I think
Ohkura-kun is really similar to Kibutsuji muzan! (Don't be angry)

Eh?! I wonder if I will be casted when it becomes a live action movie?

Have you ever feel like you are Adam Driver?

As if!! I'm Hollywood~~~ wwww



 4/18 #264

What sort of training should I take if I were to be Ohkura-kun's daughter?

If (my child) is a daughter, then I want to let her do Mio-chan. (?) Beautiful

Ohkura-kun, you do your eyebrows maintenance right? Please tell Murakami-san
to do maintenance to his eyebrows too

Okay! Conveyed

Is there anything you're conscious about when standing in front of eighters
during concert?

I keep the thoughts of "I want to be more popular"

Ohkura-kun, what does it mean when a male friend gave messages like
"I'm going to fall for you!" "I want to meet you" "So cute"? Since it's
only via words in mails, I don't understand the true intention!

Surely they have secret intention? Don't easily believe people
who easily say such thing!

What is your favourite fish?


What are the elements that makes up Ohkura-kun now? For me it's Kanjani8
and music and ramen!

Music and curry and alcohol <3

What is the meaning of the existence of Kanjani8 to you now?


Stress is building up in medical field work, and I'm lacking in exercise...
Is there Kanjani8's dance that can be done at home? If I were to exercise
with people that I like, I feel like I could do it everyday

Maemuki (Scream) seems easy but is actually tough, but I guess that's good
(for exercise)?

Is it okay with Ohkura-kun that I will forever be in an unrequited love
with you?


Who are you closest with among Arashi members?

For me Jun-kun is a senior while Satoshi feels more like a friend

Ichigo Mint
I really like Ohkura-kun! Last year I bought a mint green car because it's
Ohkura-kun's colour. Ohkura-kun, you said you wants a car so if you were to
buy a car, what colour will it be?

Pastel colour is popular

When you are about to sleep, what kind of song do you listen to?

Playlist that is full of songs that helps to sleep

For Ohkura-san, what is an 'adult'?

Composure, huge capability

How do I get to cook well like Ohkura-kun? I would like to know how do
you start to be interested in cooking.

I start when I start to live on my own~

Which type of tofu do you prefer? Silken or cotton?


I want to meet Otomo Kyoichi as soon as possible (Kura's Kyuso Cheese

I want it to happen as soon as possible too

A guy who starts playing drum in 6th grade
I want to have a drumset at home too. Ohkura-kun, please tell my mum to buy
it for me

If you start practicing drums at 6th grade, you'd be really good at it.
Drums practice are troublesome indeed! All the best

4/19 #265

Ohkura-kun, do you believe in fate?

Ee, I do

Will you hug me asunaro (drama with back hug scene) style?

If I do, what will you do for me?

Happy Kamukamu
Ohkura-kun!! Are you living with full concentration everday!!

Everyone's movements seems to look in slow motion for me

I couldn't think of anything to comment of anymore

Can you be more interested (in me)?

What colour is your feeling today?

Cobalt blue

I bought a miniature Pinscher dog for the first time. If it's Ohkura-kun,
what name will you give?


Just by living in the house, I keep on accidentally hitting a lot of things.
What is your opinion?

Be angry a bit?

What are the side dish of Ohkura-kun's curry now?

summer vegetables

My sisters and takes turn to make bento. What sort of food in bento that
would make you happy?

Red weiner

What do you think of me?

I think you have a pretty good line

Which Dragon Ball character that you like most?


Is it better to eat tonkatsu on a nice and warm weather?

That will be the best if possible but on rainy days, it's be okay too if
you go "it's drizzling tonkatsu!!"

What are the youth slang that you remember recently?

Wakarimi (Understood)

Sorry! I forgot about the Q&A. But since I am here coincidentally at this
timing, I decide to comment lol

A, kinda naughty! Sankyu!

Have you ever seriously fought with anyone?

As a guy...
We communicates with the fist and deepen our bond like that

[I feel like he's stealing someone's script lol. Anime fans help?]

Ohkura-kun please stay fresh. If you still can, please be a high school boy.
Joking, please be a kindergarden school kid


Can I like you forever?

Can you promise that?

How many days left until Ohkura-kun's birthday? Please answer by instinct

In three days' time

Ohkura-kun's 3 habitual words, please!

Sore na (About that), agemizawa (Gyaru slang), Gyo gyo (Sakana-kun)

Please tell me your 1 day timetable during this stay at home period

Wake up, sleep, wake up, eat, sleep

80% Bear
What are we gonna do if Kanjani8 hangs out with me privately?


Do you remember your first impression when you met Ren-kun?

I think he has a pretty face...

If you were to get to say something to your past self, what would you say?

Stare silently.

Taa-kun love
What do you want to eat most on your birthday?

Japanese set meal

Ohkura-kun, what do you think is the best way to convey love?

Somewhere, so close until the person starts to look blurry

There's complains from staff on Kanjani8 TV, on the other hand, do Ohkura-kun
has a complain for the manager?

For the younger kids, it's okay for them to fail too
I want them to challenge themselves voluntarily

When sometimes people call you Tacchon! And you responds with
"Gwa! Gwa!", I really like that interactions. Please tell me how that
come to happen!

This must be Maru who said this. What the heck is that? lol

Ohkura 100%

You lightly said that because you don't know Ohkura 120%

Room, white shirt and Tadayoshi
Please imagine lemon in your mind! Uwa! Sour!


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