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[Jweb Translation] Kurasumasu 2020 Vol 266 to 269

Ohkura Tadayoshi's limited time blog!
Even in 2020, will still deliver in an ultra hyper way!!

So, the arrangement is not the same as the one in Kurara's blog bc I got
frustrated of getting lost many times or hitting my phone screen again and
again so that it won't fade so I just screencap the shit out of it all
and transfer it to my laptop which in the end, cause the arrangement to be
disturbed but, at least my work is smoother lol.

4/19 #266

Ao ringo
Describe your emotions in 5.7.5 now!!
# Tadayoshi's haiku

[I obviously couldn't turn it 5.7.5 when translated so I just directly
translate it wwww]
Tomorrow, more than today,
more Akasaka Sacas

How many gram were you when you were born?

Around 3000?

I would like to see a video of Tacchon. Are you shy?

Yeah, it's an issue that would make me blush

Which do you prefer for girls front hair bangs? Front hair pulled back or
has bangs in front of the forehead?

Front hair pulled back!

Will we meet again?


During free time in between classes, I wrote Ohkura Tadayoshi so much that
I can now your name better than my own... So, maybe it's okay to change
my family name to Ohkura? (*punched)

Aa...go ahead?

Yesterday was my birthday! But, it seems like my husband had forgotten about
it, somehow I feel down about it..I'm thinking of telling him today.
If it's Tacchon, what will you do about it?

I will constantly say "Oh my god!!" [*Kura used a manga slang ガーン]

I'm so free tooo~ Talk to me~


Are you the type who look when you get injected? Or you look away?

I stare at it the whole time.

Tacchon, are you the type who likes to imagine things? lol lol
What sort of things do you imagine?

Mostly, the stripping kind.

Please tell me Ohkura-san's rival!

Marius [wwwww what??]

Is it true that it's Ohkura-kun who is replying?

It's true, it's true.

I'm looking for advice! I'm in the planning and marketing department in
my company but actually, I'm the type who is not keen about thinking of
new ideas. Please advice me how to be able to continunously think of
fresh new ideas like Ohkura-kun!

I couldn't do it if I am alone. When I discuss with everyone, that is how
all sorts of idea comes together. How about relying on the people around

Is it fun to reply to the comments?


What is the word that you choose as your last word before death?

Thank you

Alpaca paca paca?

Deep kiss

[wwww.... is that Maru?]

Green eighter
One day, I would like to make so much noise at concerts again... I want
to hold hands with everyone again and become one...

Let's make so noise!! Let's hold each others hands!!

I would like you to make a video of tying the necktie!

Why (in english)?? Is there such demand? wwww

I'm yearning for a broadcast of Tacchon's snore


Ohkura-kun, stop your eyes!! There's no point to this but I want a
comment of stop your eyes!!


Please write down the word you have in your mind now

Deep-sea fisheries [??? wwww]

Please give a message to the eighters who are currently doing their part
time job like a boyfriend (~ku~~)

When you're done, I'll be waiting in front of the shop

Please give me a catch-copy phrase!!

Thin version of anpanman

4/19 #267

What are the things that girls do that will make your 100 years of love
go cold?

There's nothing very particular of that

Which more are you today? Serious mode or playful mode? lol

It's a mix of both

Maru's sweat
Didn't you eat sukiyaki?

Sukiyaki is the only thing that I don't really eat.

Can I play rock-paper-scissors with Ohkura-kun?

Come at me, anytime!!

What is the origin of kurasumasu?

I mistakenly typed when I wanted to type Christmas (kurisumasu)

What is the thing you to to boost your immunity?


If you have to choose one of this no matter what, which will you choose?
1. Leg smelling like broad bean
2. Leg smelling like fried potato

Broad bean will smell like fried potato

Tacchon suki
I'm hungry. I'm gonna eat soba

So nice. For me it's tenseiro

Nurse at nursery
Thank you for making me feel like I could work hard again. What sort of smell
do you like?

The smell that I like is a secret

Ohkura-kun, please scream your love from the middle of the room.


What do you think Yasuda-kun is doing now? #Komechare

Playing with the dogs. There's definitely no mistake in this

What sort of clothes do you want your girlfriend to wear at home? [wwwww]

I'm glad it's internet era!!

You're right. If it's not, I wonder how it would be... It's scary, right?
It's a really grateful thing!

Recently, I watch Ohashi-kun a lot of tv! Ohkura-kun, maybe he will catch up
to you soon? lol

No, no, no, no!! I don't want that, no, no, no!
But, if it's just for a bit, then it's okay

I want to eat crab!!

Let's eat crab~

I'm thinking of what to comment since yesterday. In a sense, that means
I'm thinking of Ohkura-kun

That's so romantic!

If you were in a gorilla family, what sort of nickname will you be called?

Tadachonirita [....a girl?]

A Russian
I always look forward to Johnny's Countdown where the Johnny's gather
every year!! I want to hear how does it feel to have that many of Johnny's
gather at one place!!

Rehearsal was really tough!! lol

Please tell me you love me!!

I love you~

You have such a cute and sweet face, so why do you dislike sweet stuff?

Because all the sweetness is on my face

Please tell member's secret! I will definitely keep the secret!

Please keep the secret. Ohkura-kun seems to be gaining weight a bit...

When I make Japanese mixed rice with Japanese scallop, it's really delicious.
I'm probably a genius

Genius, genius

I have a desire to make onigiri

I too, want to eat onigiri made by others

Every night, before my grandma go to bed, she'd tell me, "It'd be nice if I
get to meet Ohkura-kun in my dreams again today" lol. Please appear in my
dreams soon.

Did I go into someone's dream? I'll be a bit more conscious of it

From the moment you enter the futon, how long does it get you to sleep?

It usually take quite some time

4/19 #268

What is the right timing to start eating cold ramen? Please teall me

It's about time soon!

How hungry are you now? lol

I'm so, so hungry. What should I do...

I'm starting to miss Ohkura-kun's blurry selfie

Ah, wait for it! Specialty in blurriness.

What subject do you like? By girl in 2nd year of middle high school

Japanese language

Ah, is it okay if it's not a question www

You don't have to write just to say that.

Food Assault Next to Totoro
Please tell me what's the first thing you utter today.


Do you understand the heart of a girl? I don't. lol

I want to go to school of girl's heart!

Play shiritori with me. Kirin (Giraffe. But N~ is a dead end so lol)

Sure! Kamon (Family crest. Also, N~ is a dead end lol)

Anyway, please go on living. I will go on living too. Someday, let's meet
each other!

As long as we live, there will be a way, right!

For rice, do you prefer a springy texture or a hard texture?

I love both

Somehow, recently I'm sleepy all the time. Why?

You, do you actually have allergy?

Please tell us how Ohkura-kun's room looks like. In front of you, what
else is there other than computer? What's on your left? What's on your right?

On the right is a chair, on the left garbage can, behind, a ghost.

How to be good at relying on people?

Throw away your pride ^_^

Kuramaru [wwww]
I want to match Ohkura-kun! Please tell me something that is fine for me to
match with you!


Ohkura-kun, what do you make if I were to say "I'm hungry" now?

How about Japanese style pasta?

Is there something that you can finally say sorry to them member now?

Everyday, I'm sorry and thankful to them

Ohkura-kun, during concert, which part of eighters do you look at?

Whole body...😏😏😏

Ohkura-kun, do you like to be bathed in sunlight?

I like~~~~!!!

I'm currently looking at all the magazine rush. You look pretty cool.
Unconsciously, I said, "You're a pro indeed."

If I'm a pro, I can keep that look the whole time! I am disqualified!!

4/19 #269

Is it okay to eat sweet past its expiration date?

Can, can!

Shake your hands!

I'm a Robo-cop [In Katakana]

It will definitely be okay! I will believe in that! Thank you always!

All is well

Disciple of disciple of machoman
Thank you for always giving eighters happiness and smile! Thank you for
making us realize what is precious. Kanjani8 is the best and the strongest!!

Say hi to Machoman.

Since debut until now, what did Ohkura-kun work hardest upon?

I don't think of it as hard work!! But, when people said that to me,
only then I feel like it's hard work.

I had lots of fun this 1 hour!! Thank you!!

If we can have fun within 1 hour, then we can do a lot of things (within
this 1 hour) right

An ^_^
AAAAAA only 1 minutes left!! Ohkura-kun!! I like you so much!! Please stay
healthy always!!! lol

It's true that one can do anything as long as one is healthy, right?

Shioya Ikumi
Only 1 minutes left to 1 pm. Lastly, without embarassment, please shout
your love to eighters,

Thank you always. From now on too, I will continue to deliver love

Thank you for this fun project! It was fun!

Me too! XP

Ohkura-kun!! Thank you for the hard work always!! Today I love you too!!
Surely I love you tomorrow too!!

The day after tomorrow too okay!

Eighters love eito
Eito loves eighters
Please remember this JK who loves nobody else but Tadayoshi-kun

From where did this JK come from!!

Thank you for the hard work of replying to the comments! I had so much
excitement thinking of what to ask. Thank you for the lovely time!

From now on, let's have more and more of wonderful time too...

Eighter desu
Just in time, safe! Thank you for the happiness always!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!

Girl who loves exclamation mark

Just by thinking of what to ask Ohkura-kun, I end up having so much fun!
Thank you!

Let's do it again in the future okay!

I will work hard until the day I get to meet Ohkura-kun!!!! I will be
reallly cute!!!!!! I love you!!!!

I will polish up more too~

Last minute safe! I wonder?! It's sad that I couldn't meet you
Even though I won the ballot for Dream Fest and 47 con, but Ohkura-kun and
friends are doing a lot of things so that we have fun so I'm happy!
Thank you!

It had been a matter of course sort of happiness back then, right.

What is the best moment of life?

The fact that I believe there's better moment after this

It's the 59th minute!! Did I make it to the last minute?


It's gonna be 1 pm soon, Kuraderella, let's meet again in the futur (_<)

Un... see you again

Thank you for the hard work of replying

I'm not tired, yo~

This is bad!!! There's no time anymore! First of all, Tada-kun, thank
you for always giving fun plans!! It heals me!!

I want to be healed too

Thank you for thinking of this Q&A project!! I don't know if you will read
this but I'm really happy!

I read it~~

Komechare, the timing is running out!! See you again! Bye bye!!

Bye bee

Please give us your impression of answering fans questions in real time.

It was great! It had been fun! We most probably couldn't responds in real time
but let's discover new things continuosly from now on

There's so many comments that had come right? I'm praying that this will be
the last one

As wished for, I grant it

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